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Took me over 7 years to get here :ermm: mostly because of 2-3 long hiatuses inbetween but that's not the point.


As one of the more "controversial" members here (I won't deny this) I've still had a lovely time getting to 20,000 posts with people here. Members that some might forget/never know & that I remember but aren't around anymore :/ . Breaks inbetween for me were usually family/work related or I just didn't want to be around BZ for long times for other reasons (NOPE) but somehow I always ended up back here :hang:


Members like @frenchkiki, @PinkCouture, @SympathysSilhouette,@phenobarbie,  @ILUVAdrianaLima (who used to do baby blue text that's how old I am around here :ermm:) I've known mostly from the start of my time here, to more robust group of members I usually associate with like @Stromboli1, @Stormbringer (we'll get you a spider for your birthday), @elfstone, @Clauds, @toodarnhot, @Sunshiine, @RIP_Cabrini_Green, @HitchcockBlonde, @Kevork89, @RafSecret


@Sanni, @Siemgi, @Kells., @lostdiadem,@Cult Icon, @FashionDream, @CandleVixen, @Pith_Possum, @RebelleFleur, @gotportugal,@Michael*, @AnaBBarrosFan, @BAGGOT, @Candylicious., @sarnic, @Syria, @DanniCullen @katchitup, @Berno  @foofur16 @maddog107 @peroxideblonde @MarVS & more i'm forgetting (I apologise!) that I like to see post or have known/not around as much. Thank you all, it'll be a pleasure to continue posting/seeing with everyone listen in the two paragraph's above (and again whoever I forgot)




Finally she may/probably will kill me for singling her out (too bad deal with it woman.) A special thanks to @Prettyphile who I've known here since about my start as well & has been my best friend on the forum for years and I know/talk to outside of BZ as well :hug::wub: :angie::hug: 


In closing thanks to everyone for being around/ doing your thing. And again if I'm not your cup of tea, here's a cat with yarn: 




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Are there any cool (secret) perks for the 20k club? If so I might take the next year off of work and try and join ya.


Congrats to my favorite Canadian other than Danielle Knudson, Kate Bock, Ashley Hackman, Jonathan Toews, Corey Crawford, Duncan Keith. But after all them, I love ya to pieces Limer. muah!

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1) Congratulations to your 20K in posts, @Limerlight!  :actor:
2) Thank you for thinking of me to share with you in this achievement. :hi_wft:

3) How's the new place settling in?   
4) I always look forward to your posts. They usually make me laugh or at least smile. Sometimes I even giggle.   :hug:


And I like the kitty too. 

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:hug:You are essential to BZ.

I wish I could be you green fairy

Because you are like absinthe : you make me feel happy & you are making me laugh.
You are a good person and don't let anyone in here or else where telling you otherwise.
I am waiting for an invitation to ur new place. Next winter because me like the snow & the cold.





Almost 10 years for me and look at the number under my avi :D









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