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  1. I had some food poisoning on Sunday into Monday, was forced by the government to stay home until today cause MIGHT BE COVID, so now I'll lose bonus money from work as my goal was to take no sick days and that affects my bonus
  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Celebs come and go too fast now, staying power isn't as much of a thing as it used to be
  3. Another week of crappy shit at work gonna drive me insane
  4. You know, it surprises me even in a global fludemic, the camerazi is still out there. She looks good tho
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    @Stormbringer Have you heard this? I really love the electronic drums here, they add such a huge depth
  6. They sure do a hell of an editing job vs the candid photos
  7. I didn't think she was even relevant anymore
  8. Good lookin' instagram girl, that's for sure
  9. Christen I have a crush on, she's a good looking gal.
  10. Thanks, it'll be okay, I just won't go shopping in the early hours unless i need to, by mid day it should be okayish. Plugging the truck in though
  11. Who needs doctors or beauty pageants when you have social media. That's the biggest downside now, if she gained even .01% of muscle mass social media would be all over her.
  12. Water Is Wet? Can you prove this, or do you get wet while the water gets dry?
  13. Limerlight


    Hey Michael, yes I know. Trinity was just. Oh man, they picked the perfect character for Trinity as well, I think you would be hard pressed to say there was a better saga as a whole then that, I completely agree. The ending of the ending is what really annoyed me, it was a neat idea, it had some room to grow, and yet no. I wish that would've been a mid-season plot twist instead.
  14. Limerlight


    The final was... uhh. Yes. I would be excited to see though if they can use that as a springboard and if they can make that good then people might forgive a bit
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