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  1. Hey look, the same discussions happening over and over. Let's all grab a seat again
  2. @Prettyphile 3rd Box is here. Imma open the first one tomorrow or tonight There's nothing you can do about it
  3. Maybe I should get a spider too They're so lovely and amazing and seemingly low maintenance, minus I don't really have a good low light area for one
  4. "Why isn't Soda streaming?" "If you're up for 36 hours straight streaming you probably take the next day off..." REEEE Chat
  5. Limerlight

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    ^ Oh wow that's a cool song
  6. @toodarnhot I will take you out for dinner, and leave you with the bill after ordering an expensive steak
  7. That's enough Elsa for this week and it's only Monday
  8. Why people need to share every little thought on Twitter or other social media platforms is beyond me
  9. This could have some promise O.o
  10. Is there no Landlord tenant agreement as there is here? If that was here I'd be saying fuck this, and force them to put me in a hotel or another apartment until it's done, that's fucking dangerous especially prolonged exposure
  11. Why da fuck are you still anywhere near a place that has black mold
  12. @Stormbringer Camel is playing at the Royal Albert Hall 2 days before my birthday I'm fucking torn
  13. BZ says it's your birthday :flower: 

    1. Clauds


      It was indeed! Had a lovely day with my friends and family 

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