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  1. What even in the hell is this round? Liz Wood Ageing ------------- Throw these girls in a blender who fucking cares: Liz Saw Core Riley Julie Loki ----------------- Crappy VS Blonde
  2. Reckful just can't handle his shit
  3. Thanks for the read Muffin, I'm gonna re-read it after when I'm not so fucking exhausted but going home Tell me more when we talk next!
  4. Right on Mr. Right on, maybe i'll use Hillary's medical team for the help I may or may not need, they seem to do a fine job with her. Also, don't come at what someone may or may not understand Mr, other's have a different view, try seeing both sides, try gathering facts to make an informed opinion on things, not follow the herd mentality as such is a common by-factor of today's society. But that's all I'll say
  5. I haven't read it all but the first three collected editions do vary especially now That's only as far as I've gotten but it does vary a lot, though the show is very well done as I said in how they have this new path
  6. K Can it be done sooner than later, the excitement is killing me. I just need to know the list.
  7. Looks good lately Real good
  8. And that's fine Mr, but "unfit" people also have kids and are responsible for human life that they create, get custody of take into foster care etc... People that are also "unfit" get thrown into other roles that they may not be ready for and it's really sink or swim, just never know what will come out of it. Such is life Life is nothing without a gamble here.
  9. It gets better! How they have done it has been really good, I know some people @Michael* included had concerns about Seth Rogen and his involvement but he seems to be doing a wonderful job
  10. The problem is that the world and everything else won't even let him breathe. Yes he's controversial, brash all those things more whatever you wanna say, but he's tied up in hearings, court things, other accusations etc.. Any other place to work if you immediately put the new guy into your job's equivalent of what Trump goes through on a daily basis only one of two things will happen: 1. He quits 2. He comes out stronger Just let the man do his thing for a bit, that's why there is always an election in a few years
  11. The same man that had to hire lawyers for possible bank fraud due to an investigation from the FBI? Sounds like a dam fine time to be in Canada
  12. Many bad idea's
  13. Still waiting on my pm Kiki Or shall I just do it