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  1. If she's still considered a bombshell then there's a lot wrong with VS
  2. @Prettyphile will be voting for me for now
  3. Ranchers watch lone beaver herd curious cattle on Sask. pasture
  4. With all the talk of bombs going on lately great PR move to call it bombshell
  5. Thread is not dead and again has good BJ eyes back
  6. Still waiting on my PM there madam. Jus' sayin
  7. The fact people still go to Buzzfeed/ listen to what gets posted out of their blows my mind.
  8. Not a chance- 1.5 Boring boring- 2 nah- 2 eyes- 2.5
  9. FTFY I suspect Dubnyk has a shoulder injury by the lack of movement in his glove shoulder. The rest just aren't showing up Suter is playing terrible, not much else to say
  10. She stills talks to me and I have yet to take her to dinner
  11. Fish- 2 Looks like a 1970's movie wife that gets hit on by all her son's friend's- 3 Kinda pretty face- 3.5 Gin N' Tonic- 2
  13. I'd wonder how drunk I was that my dick ended up inside one of them (minus Taylor and Lais) and proceed to drink more Or was that not what you meant?
  14. Some porn stars are amazing (aside from the sex skills) Abella Anderson is wonderful with all her curves