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  1. Someone stretched her face as a youth and it never un-strechted. Similar to how your slinky becomes unravelled and now it's broken forever. Pretty can continue to vote for me if she wishes, it doesn't bother me either way. /Lurk
  2. This edition is going to be bad bad bad. Lurking now.
  3. @Prettyphile Happy world goth day. Back to the shadows now for me.
  4. Actually leaving now as I have to drive now
  5. It's also a mix of members who actually voted throughout and stayed on, as Pretty eluded to earlier, the "superfans" generally don't leave their threads so some ladies such as Babs, Dri, Candice etc... Might've actually placed higher on a COMPLETE member scale where everyone is voting not just the ones who come to the competition, plus I personally had not seen probably 3/4 of these girls before this comp so it was interesting to see some new faces I had not seen. Yet you can just tell how certain people will vote based on the women that will be up, and their previous voting/girls they frequent around. That being said, how the hell leather mom (Doutzen) finished top 20 is beyond me. Xenia Deli placing anywhere above bottom 10 confuses me to no end Michea continues to just glide along no-one notices her and she usually does really well (she won one competition before) TMH just does her thing everyone can usually find something they like about her and that's why she was the top IMO
  6. Thank you again muffin for all the hard work and a wonderful comp Even if I only voted maybe 30% of the time without giving you my scores in advance Pretty will vote for me/send me the models while I'm away again (just so it is written here) if there are any other comps
  7. Yet, you look at the Avs with all the firepower they SHOULD have, and they SHOULD be in borderline playoff team, I don't know if they secretly hate each other or what
  8. Since i got all my chores done before I leave for 3 weeks Yes I watched, I hate the avs so I love it. The canucks lost again which really is that any surprise? I know a lot of people including friends are really unhappy but what did you expect? It's a gamble, the only way to fix it is do what the NFL does and if you're last you get #1, certain years such as the Mcdavid draft year would've been a lot less exciting but it could be the only decent way. Though, I am a fan of the draft lottery totally.
  9. You need help
  10. World class Putin tits
  11. So out of the "posted" results I'm the only one so far that is on the right. Though I agree with Cult, the test isn't totally accurate as to actual beliefs/standings as more BZ'ers I think swing further left and a couple swing a lot more right then the "left" score indicates
  12. I've seen the first three episodes, I like what I see so far