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  1. Supposed to snow tonight maybe who the fuck knows
  2. Yup, you're right nah never touched snuff, other guys did wasn't my thing I always just drank (same still ) Sometimes when I was younger I did Or before I learnt what real cold was I did put them inside for a time it was kinda normal for us to do it most weekends... Letterkenny is pretty spot on for the hockey players I have buddies who still talk like that right now
  3. I like Grandlund but I'm still weary of him this is his "breakout" year but in a few years when we need him can he be the #1 centre if asked to move back there? Koivu is only getting older or will Granny play on the wing the whole time I liked him more as a centre but I'm just still unsure. Nino has proved himself as reliable already You know I'm a hockey player well i used to be I don't play anymore, can't afford/ work schedule sometimes not allow it
  4. @Sanni Koivu, Dubnyk, Steward, Nino & Suter More of a typical list but I think we'll lose Nino due to the contract and Grandlund means more Also if you're a hockey fan we'll go on a date rinnow
  5. Hold my maple syrup
  6. I'm going to Minnesota, there will be a pre-season hockey game on when I go (hopefully schedule isn't out yet) so I'll go watch the Wild play and visit around the area Always wanted to go
  7. Hailey bewb play- 6 3cute5me- 4 Really sexy face- 6.5 Pretty sure that's Hannah Jeter/Bride of Chucky lite- 2.5
  8. We've only sad that for years. MJ isn't going nowhere cept to the top We'd have a better time just getting our own together, paying Insta girls/ non high name models and make our own shoot
  9. +1 go curly hurr
  10. Yes that song I can't remember where I saw it or who showed it to me but it's wonderful
  11. ^^^ How this thread treats new pictures
  12. I like the chest