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  1. Candids

    yes it seems from today in turkey. Her mom and adrielle are back in miami.
  2. Candids

  3. News

    i agree with you both, but maybe because she started as model. Now i only hear from her because of her tweets or because of her husband. I cant remember other Model work except SI from her. But than does Kate Upton still count as model. Or is she more an actress now??
  4. News

    it is strange. and why is chrissy teigen above adriana? is it because of the lip sync show she's in? Still great for adriana shes every year top. Also good chances that her last post will get 1mio likes. Its already the most liked from her IG Edit: lol just read why chrissy is nr.3 still surprised...
  5. General Discussion

    I think she looked beautiful. The outfits were good but i think because adriana wore it. She can make everything look flawless. The other models can look up to her, because everytime she walks she owns it. Thats how you do it. Feel sad for Ale, she was a great VS Angel and it will be strange without her. Love that adriana wants it to do longer, no matter what some others said. Havent seen the afterparty dress good enough to say how it is. Im wondering when she posts something. But im glad she was happy and enjoyed it. I still think she would have looked better in the goddess segment. Maybe the meaning and the look of a greek goddess lets me think that. Here were the models walking the goddesses segment. posted by pretty
  6. Candids

  7. Candids

    Why do you mean? She said she wants to walk more. and if then she would bring her kids with or not?
  8. Candids

  9. General Discussion

    Well thats true. I dont have high expectatios from VS the last few years. And this year the same. Its annoying they can't use the potential of her. Every year they mess up something. Its frustrating as fan. But then again the others don't look much better. So i think its the brand that need some changes. Some People who work there should be replaced.
  10. General Discussion

    I don't agree with that. She doesn't have to move on. I love that she has the determination to walk the show until shes 40. If she still loves it why not. At the end its her and VS who have to decide. Most fans say that every year that she should quit , but are the first who scream when they see her walking at the show. At the show she still gets the main focus from social media and all that.
  11. Candids

    i loved her look
  12. Amber Heard

  13. Amber Heard

    From Justice League
  14. Candids