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  1. Candids

    Ig story
  2. General Discussion

    she may didnt knew who gaved her the gifts. some models designed their own Solid and striped swimsuit and send it to their Modelfriends. I have seen many models thanking their Model "designers" on the Ig story for the gifts. just one.
  3. Candids

    Ig story
  4. Candids

  5. Candids

  6. Candids

  7. Nadine Leopold

    ^ What did nadine said at 42:15 when she started crying?
  8. General Discussion

    Yes it was the same person. Loved your post from that project. Nice words. I like the idea too, to go back and disconect and to regain energy or spirit. Thats what candice does in brazil when she leaves NY. But adriana lives in miami and she said she loves it because it has a lot of brazil. yes she said her kids speak portuguese, same as serbian.
  9. General Discussion

    Maybe she left brazil already?? It seems Andrea left also yesterday if you look at her ig story. Its strange that adriana would not go to the second night at the carneval.
  10. General Discussion

    Wow shes really happy. Its cute that she responded. It seems it really meant something for that girl. @nhlovesadriApparently the one who told adriana about the fanproject is the same person who showed adriana your bday video. Is it me or did she had more interviews last year at the IWC event as this year?
  11. Nadine Leopold

    Model Squad S01E01 | Model Squad S01E01
  12. General Discussion

    Short interview in portuguese about the carneval and may moving back to brazil. Imagine a 'turning point' in your career? Think about working with something else? No. I love my work. I will continue to model and host a show in the United States called American Beauty Star. We finished the first season and are now working on a second. It will come. Rest here: http://cultura.estadao.com.br/blogs/direto-da-fonte/nunca-vi-nada-assim-diz-adriana-lima-do-carnaval-no-rio/
  13. Motion

  14. Candids

    Yes i noticed that too. When she starts once shes really into it. Lol i loved Malcom. Ah ok thanks. I have never watched it before but now it sound good. May i start watching it too.
  15. Candids

    Insta story