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  1. Amber Heard as Queen Mera in Justice League
  2. Amber Heard to Hollywood's Closeted Men: Come Out, Already Heard just wishes more male actors would follow suit. "If women can do it and we can change the way that this conversation is had on a large scale, then men should be able to do it with as much or more efficacy," she said. "With all of the power and authority and representation—I mean, women are so severely underrepresented in film as it is, and that’s just white women, I’m not even speaking of other minority groups—if white men can’t change this, then I don’t know who can.” “I think, If every gay man that I know personally came out in Hollywood tomorrow...we’ll have a day of it, national ‘you know who you are day’—if all of the gay men I knew personally came out tomorrow, then this would be a non-issue in a month.” Heard's comments will undoubtedly lead to a bundle of think-pieces, reaction posts and tweet threads parsing her view. It certainly would help the situation, for instance, if Hollywood cast an already out actor in a primetime straight leading man role (Neil Patrick Harris in The Smurfs doesn't count, but who wouldn't watch him in a rom-com opposite, say, Reese Witherspoon?). So the current situation isn't squarely on the shoulders of closeted actors, but a noted name who regularly plays straight roles opening up about their personal lives would go a long as well. As Heard put it, "while my private life is valuable to me, I knew that being in Hollywood I had a particular responsibility, the burden was on me in a different way than if I had a different kind of job that had less public attention around it. And I saw myself as being in this unique position, and as with any unique gift, it comes with a unique responsibility.” http://www.wmagazine.com/story/amber-heard-to-hollywoods-closeted-men-come-out-already
  3. Amber Heard on Coming Out as Bisexual: ‘Everyone Told Me It Would End My Career’ “Well, I always say in response — when I hear someone comment about me coming out, I think it’s funny because I was never in,” she said. “In part because I was very stubborn, I guess, and also in part because I just didn’t feel it was wrong.” she didn’t think her sexuality was a big deal, but learned otherwise when she took her then-girlfriend Tasya van Ree to an event in December 2010. “I was always out. I was an activist. I went to protests. I refused to not bring my partner at the time, but no one ever asked me about it,” Heard said at the event. “And an outlet specifically asked me who I was there with that night and who that person was to me and I just answered honestly, the way I always answered had there not been a tape recorder on me.” Heard and Ree dated for four years before splitting in 2012. The actress recalled the moment she opened up to the reporter, noting that it “definitely was a big deal.” “Then I saw I was attached to a label … I never have myself defined by the person I’m with,” she said. “I never saw myself defined as one particular thing or not. So, I watched as I quickly became not actress Amber Heard, but out lesbian Amber Heard.” She said Hollywood officials warned her that embracing her sexuality could negatively impact her Career. “It did impact my career, it was difficult. It was not easy. I was the only one working in this way, so it was definitely difficult because no one had done it,” she said. “I did that even though everyone told me it would end my career, without a doubt.” She said some directors questioned whether, as an out actress, she could convincingly play a straight woman in a “romantic lead” role. “I rolled my eyes at that. And I said, ‘Watch me do it,’ ” she explained. “And I did it.” http://people.com/celebrity/amber-heard-coming-out-journey-lgbtq-summit/
  4. Amber Heard at the LGBT rights pride and prejudice summit conference in New York 23.3.17
  5. Sara playing volleyball with Adriana, Jasmine and Romee in Miami 21.3.17
  6. March 13th, 2017: Amber Heard Meets Up with Tasya Van Ree in Los Angeles, CA Amber Heard USA (@amberheardnews)
  7. Amber Heard attends the Planned Parenthood fundraiser