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  1. pBvKiR1DAjuD?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1afsia90k9bai.mp4
  2. Ig story 55523088_1948449471949100_7176687984994403757_n.mp4
  3. 55501408_187847958854436_2781637960049111275_n.mp4 54530353_414804739296846_6133772096114019638_n.mp4
  4. Issue Nº10 - Black Pool 2013 Heat wave Photographed by Jean-Philippe Piter https://purestbarth.com/magazine/issue-10/#20 Can someone post the full photoshoot please.
  5. Model Citizens, Yara, for the January and February issues of Ocean Drive Mag.
  6. Isn't she working with VS anymore? Same for SI... sadly after two castings they never picked her for sports illuastrated.
  7. Can someone post the full shooting of yara with cameron hammond? Could not find it.
  8. Well finally! Surprised her agency wrote it in her bio days before it was even officially announced. Now that barbara is an angel, are the chances higher that she could get the SI cover 19? can we also dream of that?...Would be great too.
  9. pBvEqWtUg3ZR?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=15sxkedqb6tz2.mp4
  10. Instastory/ ricardoneves.photo 55355563_1392772894197209_1065668887578957155_n.mp4 54529878_2259223337631989_8947236977793727031_n.mp4 54529878_2259223337631989_8947236977793727031_n.mp4 54342343_112218719758651_310693752366041031_n.mp4 54702587_325870624941578_4417838946194750485_n.mp4 55355563_1392772894197209_1065668887578957155_n.mp4 55556136_855261504840069_2331924094305664289_n.mp4 54702587_325870624941578_4417838946194750485_n.mp4 55355563_1392772894197209_1065668887578957155_n.mp4 54529878_2259223337631989_8947236977793727031_n.mp4 54342343_112218719758651_310693752366041031_n.mp4
  11. From her IMG website Bio: In March 2019 she was contracted as a VS Angel...... is that true and the big announcement??? https://www.imgmodels.com/barbarapalvin
  12. Victoria's Secret Model Kelly Gale Busted for Having Sex on a Plane Victoria's Secret model Kelly Gale revealed she and her boyfriend were once caught having sex on a plane. The 22-year-old, who has been in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Johannes Jarlsince high school, shared the story during a radio interview on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Wednesday. When asked if she's ever joined the mile high club, Gale admitted "yeah," before sharing that she and her boyfriend were busted coming out of the airplane bathroom. But the model said it wasn't awkward and the couple just "laughed" it off. Gale also shared details about their relationship with the radio hosts. "We've been dating since high school," she said on the show. "He chased me and then I chased him and then he chased me again. It was on-off for a while." Gale shared that Jarl is her first love and when asked if she thinks they'll get married she replied, "I don't know, I mean, in the future." "He's amazing," Gale went on to say about her boyfriend. https://m.eonline.com/amp/news/913896/victoria-s-secret-model-kelly-gale-busted-for-having-sex-on-a-plane Feb. 14, 2018
  13. Kelly Gale at the Australian Open in Melbourne 27 Jan 2019
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