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  1. Sportmax
  2. lol Marko Adriana Lima Slashes More Than $1M Off Price of N.Y. Pied-à-Terre http://wwd.com/eye/celebrity-real-estate/supermodel-adriana-lima-slashes-more-than-1m-off-nyc-condo-10893861/
  3. +1, and that rap was lame . many people commenting on Singer Paulina Rubios twitter because she made a mistake today and confused Adriana with Ariana Grande sending her condolence because of Manchester.
  4. Agree. Maybe they got all an invitation, because i read Ana Antic will be there and she's also an ambassador for IWC same as Lewis who has a race there. About the Singer,lol he follows her and like every other VS Model. Didn't knew he has so many Followers on IG. They went both to the Super Bowl this year. the lyrics https://genius.com/G-eazy-maximum-lyrics
  5. she followed him once last year.
  6. Sportmax
  7. Wondering why she left cannes so early. She looked great this year. Would have been nice to see her at the amfar. She followed the Prince she dated once, again on ig.
  8. Will she attend the Monaco GP this weekend? Lewis and Ana wil be there too. carmenjordaHaha love u so much girl!! See u very sooon!❤️🏁👯🏆🙌🏼
  9. Saw that comment too, but im wondering if Marko is also there? He posted on his IG Story, pics of the girls. It's cute if they are with her.
  10. Happy shes in cannes. Surprised she went already to the first week and not the second. I'm wondering if she will goes to the amfar next week on thursday. She's not on the list yet. http://www.amfar.org/CAA24/ Has someone the new Love mag Editorial from today?