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  1. Candids

  2. News

    Watch This: The 14 Best Movies and TV Shows Airing This Week Thursday, September 21 American Beauty Star: Adriana Lima hosts this reality competition show that pits the best hair and makeup artists in the country against each other for one top prize. Beauty bloggers, lipstick aficionados, and people who just love seeing a good lewk should tune in. 10:30 P.M. EST on Lifetime https://www.glamour.com/story/best-movies-and-tv-shows-airing-week-of-september-17 Any chances that we can see it?
  3. General Discussion

    Well dont act like it is. I dont have to report you. I respond already to you, that should be enough for you to understand it. If you express yourself to people that kind of way dont be surprised if others react to you the same way.
  4. General Discussion

    lol keep doing it. No one say you have to agree with others nor you can't bring your own opinion. I never talked about your responds to her opinion about Adrianas relationship. Because we dont have to agree all, same as she can say what she want and you can respond about her Opinion. But you could disagree without bringing up her english in that way. Lol, like many of us know it, that it isnt our first language. If you dont understand it than express it in a different way. Like you said you can write what you want, so i will too if you respond like that.
  5. Candids

    Well than dont cry over it when people write what they want. As if you would know much more than the others. Just because you dont agree with her opinion you dont have to bring up her english that way. 1+ i love that too, wish more would do that.
  6. Candids

    Thanks. For me it works. Are you using IG on google chrome or on your phone?
  7. Candids

  8. Candids

    Dont be rude. You can express your opinion in a different way. Its true, going after him is childish but responding that way even more. Change, how you react to others opinion. It seems we here probaly never will like her bfs she's dating. But like souled out said we never should have cared about that topic in the first place. At the end people can share their opinion but time will tell if he is the right one. I hope he isnt using her. Because many of her friends are wishing it, that it works this time.
  9. Candids

    lol no. We definitly didnt saw in those first three months a lot about Joe. Except paps pics. She waited like 10 months before she posted something on IG with him. Obviously there are more pics with her and Joe than with her new BF because they dated much longer but those things you mentioned came much later from Adrianas IG. At the beginning even her friends deleted pics of her with Joe.
  10. Miscellaneous

    Love that people choose her Face for decoration, tattoos or inspiration for their artworks.
  11. Miscellaneous

  12. Candids

  13. Candids

    Why you think that? Any chances she will walk at the london fashion week? or at least in italy if its not at the same time as her new show on tv.
  14. Candids

    Well it seems he wasnt with her at the events but i think he was still in ny. About the unfollow/follow thing we may reading to much into... she did the same with sebastian and he unfollowed her too.
  15. Candids

    Lol and? He can follow who he wants.