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  1. It's not you, it's another member from here. It was nice from you @nhlovesadri to post them. I hope next time someone wont use this situation for himself. Well Nicole's IG account is private now too. Strange it was always private before.
  2. When the game was first announced few months ago, Adrianas friend tagged her and Chris for the game in Miami. He watched few football games with Adriana the last years at the stadium. Wondering if they go. Chris is even Ronaldo fan, but i think Cristiano wont be there. He has some tax fraud Problems in Madrid during that time.
  3. ^ Lol, even some news sites wrote it's her. Im surprised IG didn't deleted it yet. No Pirelli for Adriana next year. I wish she would be back again. I know she was already on the Calendar few times, but i liked it everytime. The Pirelli 2018 Edition features for the first time only black Models on the calendar. http://www.thefashionspot.com/runway-news/757553-2018-pirelli-calender/#/slide/1 Does someone know when VS starts with the Holiday Commercial??
  4. cute, how old is she there?
  5. her IG Story, wondering what kind of work? 19152764_757315974440477_2710886978169077760_n.mp4
  6. one more Sportmax
  7. ^ thanks