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  1. Teen Vogue https://www.teenvogue.com/story/arctic-national-wildlife-refuge-quannah-chasinghorse
  2. Calvin Klein Photos: @brianadamsphotography DP: @ashadamsphoto
  3. I’m very honored and excited to cover the Georgia Edition of @vmagazine’s V127 voting initiative, created in collaboration with @inezandvinoodh and @plus1vote to raise awareness about the Georgia Senate runoff elections! Head to the link in bio to learn more about the Senate runoff! ✨ — Photography by @inezandvinoodh Interview by @gautambalasundar For more information, go to our V IS FOR VOTE hub on vmagazine.com<http://vmagazine.com>, created in collaboration with @plus1vote! Need a ride to the polls? Plus1Vote is partnering with Uber to provide free rides
  4. Pt. 1 📍TONGVA AND KIZH LANDS ( Yaangna - so called “Los Angeles” in Tongva ) Hollywood’s misrepresentation of indigenous peoples all over is what we have to diminish and rise from. We are constantly breaking and healing from inter generational trauma and those harmful stereotypes that were set in place since first contact. As we see more indigenous peoples being uplifted and included in the industries, it can be hard, exhausting, traumatic, and so tiring because it takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to constantly educate and relive some of the trauma we work so hard to heal from
  5. CAHUILLA LAND Pt. 2 This art piece is so powerful. The word “Indian” was used throughout history to diminish and undermine indigenous people all over turtle island. But this piece is a reminder that everywhere you go, you are on stolen land. That we can turn something that was meant to harm us, into something beautiful and powerful. As indigenous people, we don’t like to be referred to as “Indians”, but this is a good representation of our resilience. As we move forward in this growing society, we are reclaiming so much that was lost. Including the land. Most people are confused
  6. Part 1:Traditional Tattoos🖤✨ I am from the Raven Clan of the Han Gwich’in tribe from my mother. I am Oglala Lakota from my father. Traditionally Han Gwich’in women wore facial markings in the form of Yidįįłtoo(tattoos). Each Yidįįłtoo(tattoo) done in ceremony, represents a rite of passage, becomes part of our story, and has powerful, significant meaning. However, due to colonization a lot of Indigenous culture, ceremonies, practices and teachings were stripped from our people. One of the first things colonizer’s quickly identified to erase from our culture was the practice of tattooing ac
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