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  1. Love the commercial
  2. Marie Claire Japan 1994/02 eBay
  3. by Brian Bowen Smith
  4. IG: thylaneblondeau
  5. Victoria's Secret is evil!

  6. Happy birthday Thylane!
  7. I made a new gif
  8. http://riscattonazionale.com/sara-sampaio-profana-svenire-calendario-dellavvento-poxxno-video/
  9. 👑Angel Adriana Lima👑

    Adriana Lima-vecinitas.jpg
  10. I get all my makeup at the drugstore. The more simple the better. Just some concealer and some pencil eyeliner.
  11. Ok
  12. Yeah but its best to just keep the pictures where they belong.
  13. What? I think they're the opposite. These ones feel exactly as they're described. They're matte but creamy at the same time and very light on the lips. Feels like a dream and the color pay off is great. I would recommend.