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  1. The only clothes that I keep buying is the PINK line. The sweatshirts and sports pants are the only thing that so far seem pretty, I do not know why the main line of VS can not do things like that or an aspect that can be nice. I also have a pair of yoga pants from VSX but I still think that the price is very high for the quality they offer lately. There are other brands that make better designs at a more reasonable price. Definitely VS would recover some money if they bring back the line of swimsuits.
  2. The groups are pressuring Ed to include trans and large women in the company. Clearly they want to destroy the stereotype of '' perfect thin woman '' that VS contracts and promote different sizes and include oppressed sectors to make women feel more secure of their bodies, but right now you can not make a drastic movement without consequences. In other words, even if the world accepts different bodies and races, it will always be strange for them to see, for example, a XXL size on a famous catwalk and the jokes will continue to exist at least until a few more years have passed and people can already have a broader vision in this regard. Ed's problem is that he did not know how to direct his words adapting to the current movement. I think that it is necessary to change the image of Victoria's Secret executives, bringing a fresh mind that can handle this in an intelligent way and that does not harm the company even more. It is inevitable that with these comments from Ed, the prestige of VS will fall. lower.