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  1. I think there are many models similar to Sadie that are much more attractive than her, and I would not even like to see them in VS. Sadie's height is not an excuse, she really looks like an ordinary girl you find anywhere. And that's precisely what bothers me, because if it's about that, any woman could go to a VS casting without having an appeal at all. Sadie's general problem is that her face does not stand out in any way. It does not seem ugly or cute, it's just ... idk. It does not even have a graceful personality or any charm. It reminds me of Victoria Beckham and her emaciated appearance, as if she did not take care of herself. There is a girl that I find quite similar to Sadie and I think that she at least has grace and a certain attractiveness.
  2. Girl, I understand that you like Sara but be more objective. If you do not like Sadie, she does not give someone the right to throw shit at her instagram, but Sara does not have the right to be as rude when she could have responded much better and not look bad herself. And actually, I'm sorry, but it's not enough for Sadie to walk to give her a chance; She does not excel in any way, she has climbed in the industry at the expense of her best friend, her attitude does not convince at all and she also lies in her recent photo trying to make it look like she has been trying for 10 years, wtf? a minimum of respect for all the models that really break their back working hard to get a '' no '' many times and keep fighting. Would you say the same if it were Kendall Jenner in Sadie's place?
  3. The guy who went to Sadie's instagram, was totally unnecessary, you like this girl or not. But Sara was not objective either, she knows very well that her friend is in VS for her help and at least she could have responded in another way; What she is doing is trying to fool us by making us believe that Sadie has burst her ass to get where it is being that nobody knew her before VS did that "bffs" nonsense. Things as they are, and Sara with her principles (from what I have seen, is a very smart girl), should not support nepotism and shamelessly deny it.