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  2. Valentino SS 2005
  3. at Cannes Lions Festival 2017 in Cannes source: gotceleb
  4. 2017 amfAR generationCURE Solstice in NYC source: gotceleb
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  8. Thanks Umfa. First two and third last of the post right above this, don't recall them, so amazing bigger version please
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  10. Valentino SS 2005
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  13. Curvisa Nightwear
  14. ^^ the better it is for one of the "good men" to air kiss you, while sniffing your perfume (pro-tip)
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  16. 8. Zhanna Brass 7. Alina Boyko 6. Celine Farach 5. Michele Maturo 4. India Gants 3. Chelcie May 2. Dalianah Arekion 1. Daisy Lowe
  17. Candice Swanepoel 9/7.5 Clara Alonso 9/8 Georgia Gibbs 5/6 Tanya Mityushina 8.5/8
  18. Valentino SS 2005
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  20. Of the People, by the People, for the People
  21. Unlike a lot of posters, I kind of overlook her face. It's not 'inadequate' enough for me to get over her 10 out of 10 body.. I suspect that she's like you; high estrogen, puts on weight easily but she manages it by exercising a lot. Otherwise, her boobs would have become even bigger!
  22. She's dating him!
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