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  2. jri49msstate

    Sofia Jamora

    Stunning. She has made clear in social media posts she has no intention of ever losing weight for a gig. I love that.
  3. Anastasiak

    Isabelle Mathers

    Part 12
  4. jri49msstate

    Daniela Lopez Osorio

    What the hell is wrong with these modeling industry executives? They are some sadistic freaks. There is nothing attractive about near emaciated women. Daniela was/is perfect the way she was. They way nature intended her to be.
  5. secondaryemail999

    3 Leather Clad Lovelies

    Hello. I'm hoping someone can ID these ladies. The first is from Bebe: http://www.bebe.com/PETITE-FAUX-LETR-SURPLICE-DRS/101952.pro?selectedColor=blk&source=PJ_AD:Z:BEBE_BEBE&affiliateId=58012&clickId=2381407984&extid=af_58012&affiliateCustomUrl={deeplink}&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=EEAN&utm_campaign=58012&utm_content=1-6671&cvosrc=affiliate.pepperjam.58012&cvo_cid=2381407984 The second is from La Canadienne: https://www.la-canadienne.com/rose-garden/robe-patineuse-cuir-noir-irise.html The third is from Star by Julien Macdonald but I havn't been able to refind a high res pic like below Thanks to anyone who can help.
  6. Anastasiak

    Isabelle Mathers

    Part 11
  7. Cult Icon


    Christy is more beautiful than she told me, many moons ago!
  8. Anastasiak

    Isabelle Mathers

    Part 10
  9. neurovibe

    Anastasiya Scheglova

    Variations on old shoot (excluding the one which had already been posted): Ph.: Andrei Pugach • Date: shot Dec. 27 2015 • Source: his FashionBank & IG • Res.: 900px (yah, that sucks)
  10. secondaryemail999

    Linda Winkowski

    More Soft Surroundings
  11. ALPAT

    Julieta Miquelarena

    PEUQUE Jeans. Campaign 2017...
  12. selyoink

    Bellazon's Underdogs Competition.

    Celine Charlie Bridget Samantha Diana
  13. Today
  14. Anastasiak

    Isabelle Mathers

    Part 9
  15. anon14

    Free People model

  16. Silia

    Olivia Holt

    Olivia Holt - ESPY Awards at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles - Jul 18, 2018
  17. Ramses2

    Gigi Paris

  18. Anastasiak

    Isabelle Mathers

    Part 8
  19. It does appear that Quentin has them showing some interesting movies in his recreation of Pussycat Theater
  20. Yep, I just saw they changed the date, the sooner, the better.
  21. Marinebing Looks like the people at Sony heard your question about movie release date It is now July 26th
  22. Anastasiak

    Isabelle Mathers

    Part 7
  23. Anastasiak

    Isabelle Mathers

    Part 6
  24. Sunshiine

    Jean Campbell

    i-D Magazine Summer 2018 Angelo Pennetta - Photographer source: models.com
  25. Stromboli1

    Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    You're welcome!
  26. romyschonbergerfan

    Lily Jean Harvey

  27. PizzaPizza

    Stephanie Seymour

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