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  3. ^ Gorgeous !
  4. Labld-clothing
  5. Allie Silv - 6.8 Thais Oliveira - 7 Denise Schaefer - 6.1 Natalia Borges - 6.3 Isabeli Fontana - 8 Kyra Santoro - 7.5 Michaela Kocianova - 7 Lydia Simonis - 6 --------------------- Bojana Krsmanovic - 1 Jessica Clements - 9 Rachel Mortenson - 4 Gracie Carvalho - 5.5 Margaux Brazhnyk - 6.5 Juli Mery - 8.8 Lily Donaldson - 8.3 Natalie Morris - 9
  6. as far as I can tell candice lips are fake too
  7. Vogue Paris 1979
  8. It's a bralette. If it's like nothing they've ever done before, it's a bralette. Lulz. Or, every Angel gets one at 1 million a piece.
  9. Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - August 16, 2017
  10. Zuleika Ponsen pour Mugler
  12. i-D Fall 2017 by Karim Sadli source: fattongue
  13. Vogue Paris 1979
  14. Just keep thinking you are beating me little fella
  15. ^ editorial source: fattongue
  16. Thierry Mugler 1988Model Anna Bayle Photographs by Niall Mcinerney.
  17. Go a head and be childish and immature @Schemer looks great on you I can shame more on Elsa's face but i won't do (except if you want/push me to point out all her bad things in here i be more than ok with it but then let's take it to PM) at least, if you dare. I find Candice better and i know the most of people agree with me so there's that. Also take notice now; this would be a fair face battle. It all depends on taste. I find Elsa fake, her lips the most. I don't like her smile since it makes her nose wips up weird. She has the same nose as Eniko, just look it up. It's not pretty IMO. Her biggest no in her face is her lips(as of lately), smile and nose. Candice on the other hand i like completely. I love that her gums shows, for me it's not too much. She has perfect teeth and she looks cute. I love her smile. I like her nose too. People say it's to big but i find it suits her face perfectly. Better then a tip-tilted nose that Elsa have i find. But that's just me. Just like the ass, i don't like it, it looks flat. It's my opinion and the photo's show it as well, deal with it Now you go a head and responce on me and go shame on Candice again i'm the mature and honest one here i only laugh at your silly troll comments about Candice.
  18. Helena van der Veen, 17 August 2017
  19. Helena for Femmes d'Aujourd'hui, 17 August 2017
  20. I still am but I gotta support Elsa in her thread (and beat Candylicious).
  21. Thierry Mugler 1988
  22. Elisabeth Bungeneers, Flair Belgium, 16 August 2017
  23. Elisabeth for Flair Belgium, 16 August 2017
  24. THE EDIT AUGUST 17TH, 2017 Photography: Stefano Galuzzi Styling: Helen Broadfoot Hair: Astor Hoxha Make-Up: Michiko Ikedo source: awake-smile blogspot
  25. Thierry Mugler 1991
  26. By Luigi Miano Nudity
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