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  2. İmagebam cannot be reached so We cannot see your photos @Lyle134
  3. The second picture is also Christie, not Elle.
  4. No, she isn't. She is Asley Richardson.
  5. More Shein. There was supposed to be one more but it disappeared before I could get it. 🙁
  6. Eucerin advertisement - Marie Claire Spain December 2000 #159 scanned by missparker7 thank you for the ID model @tarsier41
  7. Cosmopolitan (UK) June 2002 Smart / Casual Photography by Donja Pitsch
  8. I googled that name because I ASSUMED the ID was correct. Should have done more of my own research.
  9. Well, she is definitely NOT Emrie Brooke Foster. I can't find much more about this "Dana Waters".
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