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  2. Yes. Photographer is Gilles Tapie. The full editorial is at Stephanie Seymour and guess also at Karen Wisbys topic.
  3. And here you hungry wolves is the left AMICA Italy 26. September 1985 #39 stuff: "ED E´SEMPRE GIACCA" + "IL TAILLEUR SI FA IL MAKE-UP" by Frank Hom Kim Williams? blonde Jeanette Hallen? unknown title - last page only "ANTEPRIMA TRUCCO" by Andre Plessel The first one is Marpessa Hennink.
  4. Best Face; Sofi Girich *** Sofia Reynal *** Sophie Gordon *** Stephanie Peterson *** Stephanie Rayner *** Sydney Melman *** Talia Richman *** Tamara Markovic *** - Vote each face from 1 to 10 according to your liking. No decimals, only half points. - You can vote for any missed round. Sofi Girich: Sofia Reynal: Sophie Gordon: Stephanie Peterson: Stephanie Rayner: Sydney Melman: Talia Richman: Tamara Markovic:
  5. From COSMOPOLITAN U.K. April 1987: ALEXON advertisement ALMAY Daring but Caring advertisement "WHAT´s new" ENRICO COVERI mare advertisement Monet advertisement
  6. Do you think she´s Jeny Howorth? Si-Naturelle Carneval ´84 advertisement - BRIGITTE Germany 22. February 1984 #5
  7. Dawn Gallagher Patricia Van Ryckeghem
  8. freemans FREEPOST postcard - COSMOPOLITAN U.K. April 1987 - also showing unknown
  9. Elizabeth Arden VISIBLE DIFFERENCE advertisement - COSMOPOLITAN U.K. April 1987
  10. SEVENTEEN US, Dec 1987 Photographer: unknown tumblr
  11. "YOU SPRING INTO SUMMER" BhS advertisement feature - COSMOPOLITAN U.K. April 1987 by Chris Dawes - also showing unknown
  12. Hermes 1988 Photographer: unknown some japanese website
  13. Gilmar 1989 Photographer: Sacha Vogue IT archive
  14. "NAVY BABY!" - COSMOPOLITAN U.K. April 1987 by Chris Dawes
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