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    Collecting original stuff on Renée Toft Simonsen - I have many model stuff to give in return or will buy Renée stuff if it is new for my collection - my homepage: www.reneesimonsen.de
    Posted scans are my scans if not other quoted. Please, credit if you re-post my scans/photos. Thank you.

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  1. O.K. Thanks for the information Chirkomania. Do you know who she is?
  2. Thanks Minerva13! I´m pretty sure you´re right. ID-queen!
  3. Also beautiful. Thanks Chirkomania!
  4. #110 is maybe Sonia Klein. Chances are good when this is from an australian magazine.
  5. Great ID-work! The ones I could ID are already noticed.
  6. Torie Steele boutique ENRICO COVERI advertisement - VUE INTERNATIONAL U.S. May/June 1986 by Bill King
  7. cover + cover-look VUE INTERNATIONAL U.S. May/June 1986 by Phillip Dixon
  8. cover + cover-look DONNA Germany January 2020 by Frank Widemann
  9. content + "Easy Chic" - DONNA Germany December 2019 by Frank Widemann
  10. Hi Dayrell! VOGUE says the other girls first name is Charlotte.
  11. COSMOPOLITAN en espanol August 1990 cover (photo by ebay-seller)
  12. BETTER HEALTH & LIVING U.K. Spril 1987 cover (photo by ebay-seller)
  13. Chadwick´s of Boston U.S. Spring 1988 cover (photo by ebay-seller)
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