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    Collecting original stuff on Renée Toft Simonsen - I have many model stuff to give in return or will buy Renée stuff if it is new for my collection - my homepage: www.reneesimonsen.de
    Posted scans are my scans if not other quoted. Please, credit if you re-post my scans/photos. Thank you.

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  1. "FACE PACE" (ULTIMA II) - Family Circle U.K. 30. October 1985 #11
  2. Unknown title - Annabella Italy 7. July 1984 #27 I kept only the cover and editorial of this issue. This is on the back of the last page of the editorial.
  3. Maybe Persephone or Sandra Freeman.
  4. Yes, I´m also not happy with the quality of the images from these magazines. But I´ve paid to much for it to throw all out (Renée Simonsen is on the cover - also a re-print). I can´t wait to see your scans in color and better quality here!
  5. Here it is with the editorial to help with the ID! cover + cover-look + "IL MARE PIU NUOVO E COLOR NEON" - Annabella Italy 7. July 1984 #27 by Mario Nodari
  6. Thanks, my dear. I also thought of Karen and have posted this cover in her topic a while back. Now someone said it´s not her. And at a closer look I saw this model has a mole under her eye. So I also think it´s not her. But who is it?
  7. "PER IL MARE MODA LIBERTA" - COSMOPOLITAN Italy May 1983 by Patrick Demarchelier
  8. cover + inside GQ U.S. July 1981 - also showing unknown Source: ebay
  9. Excellent work @[email protected] and @RocketQueen. Thanks so much!
  10. Pierre Robert New Skin Face Program advertisement - CliC Sweden March 1986 #3 Thanks for the ID to BlueAcadia.
  11. LUBIAM advertisement - CliC Sweden March 1986 #3 Thanks for the ID to BlueAcadia.
  12. Thanks. I also thought of her, but wasn´t sure.
  13. "TOWN & COUNTRY" - Living U.K. 2. November 1983 #11 by John Carter Thanks for the ID to BlueAcadia.
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