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    Collecting original stuff on Renée Toft Simonsen - I have many model stuff to give in return or will buy Renée stuff if it is new for my collection - my homepage: www.reneesimonsen.de
    Posted scans are my scans if not other quoted. Please, credit if you re-post my scans/photos. Thank you.

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  1. Another great find I do miss in my collection. But it seems to be the same picture than in the editorial from VOGUE Italy 1982. Thanks for it.
  2. I like it very much! Hope to get this one day for my collection! Thanks.
  3. No. The 3rd picture looks like her. There seem to be different models, but I´m not that expert. Maybe Larissa Fielding and Filippa Lagerback are some.
  4. "Sieg für Blau-Weiß" - petra Germany July 1993 by Michael Stave Thanks for the ID to fahad.s.
  5. "LASZIV WIE LOLITA" - petra Germany July 1993 by Pepe Bottella - also showing Bruce Hulse Thanks for the IDs to fahad.s.
  6. PIZ BUIN TRIPLE PROTECTION advertisement - petra Germany July 1993
  7. delial SONNENMILCH advertisement - petra Germany July 1993
  8. Vital advertisement - petra Germany July 1993 - also showing Angie Everhart
  9. HB Lights advertisement - petra Germany July 1993
  10. "Das kleine Weinmaleins" - petra Germany July 1993
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