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Found 22 results

  1. The Model Archives Of Marlowe Press https://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.php?list=wld&choice=Dehanne&year=all
  2. Imogen Annesley is an Aussie fashion model that worked professionally during the 80s & 90s and is one of the famous and popular Dolly Magazine (Australia) cover girls. She went on to become a successful international model and then a popular actress and director in Australia. She was represented by Chadwick's (Sydney) and Unique (London). "Like many young talented girls, Imogen is trying to balance to competitive world of modeling with the even more competitive world of acting- and she's getting somewhere! “I've been working on a film called Candy Ragentag by James Richardson which is about a prostitute. I play the role of Sasha, a middle-class prostitute who's always telling herself she'll get out of the game someday. It's a great script and I'm really enjoying it.” Before that Imogen was working on another movie called Vietnam (which also starred fellow Dolly/Aussie models Nicole Kidman and Francesca Raft) , but now that her first movie Playing Beatie Bow has been released, she's spending most of her time promoting it and doing interviews. Despite all this, Imogen hasn't abandoned modeling completely, she was on the cover of a bridal magazine recently which brought a smile to her eyes, “It's so funny. As soon as you put the clothes on you look the part, You know? I nearly died! I made a perfect bride to be!” She laughed. Old Dolly fans will probably remember Imogen from a story we did on her success in Playing Beatie Bow and, later how that led to modeling. For Imogen, trying to work in both those industries is a full-time commitment and a lot of hard work. “I really love acting and modeling. They're similar, but very different too.” " -Excerpt from Dolly Magazine "Imogen Annesley (born 28 May 1970) is an Australian actress and director who is perhaps best known for her performances in the films Playing Beatie Bow, Howling III: The Marsupials and Queen of the Damned.[1] Annesley made her feature film debut as a teenager, with the leading role of Abigail Kirk in the 1986 Australian film Playing Beatie Bow. A time travel drama based on the novel by Ruth Park and directed by Donald Crombie, it was a failure at the box-office despite a number of positive reviews of the film and Annesley's performance. The film proved more popular on video release.[2][3] Her television credits include: Families, Water Rats, Farscape, Above the Law, Blue Water High and East of Everything. Annesley is also the lady with the child in the Jimmy Barnes 1987 Australian music video, I'm Still On Your Side, filmed at Sydney's picturesque Hawkesbury River Train Station." -Excerpt from Wikipedia- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imogen_Annesley Additional links about Imogen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imogen_Annesley http://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.php?list=wld&choice=Imogen+Annesley&year=all&id= https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0030349/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Artist/Imogen-Annesley-693885714041307/ Height: 5'8.5" (1.74) Hair: Dark Red Eyes: Blue Nationality: Australian From Peter Marlowe Composites:
  3. Julie Feiten is a former international fashion and cover model from the late 80s and the 90s. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a bio on her. Cosmopolitan UK November 1989 online seller
  4. Carolin Föhr is the winner of the german miss VOGUE magazine 1988 model contest. cover miss VOGUE Germany August 1988 Source: online seller
  5. FORD model agency books 1984/85 1985/86 1987/88 1989/90
  6. First Name: Gurus Last Name: Segovia Nationality: Spanish Ethnicity: Spanish Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Date of Birth: 1974 Place of Birth: Alicante - Spain Height: 5'9" ; 175cm Measurements: (US) 34-24-35 ; (EU) 86-62-89 Dress Size: (US) 4 ; (EU) 34 Shoe Size: (US) 8 ; (EU) 39 Agencies: Bookings Models London Noviembre Cool Spain PMA Models Hamburg Talents Model Management Munich/Berlin Formerly of Ace Models Athens Group Model Management Barcelona Mega Model Agency - Hamburg/Berlin Munich Models Option Model Agency Zurich Ford Models - New York Advertisements: Armani, Dior, El Corte Ingles, Jesús del Pozo, Josephine & Co., Pollini, Revlon, Roberto Verino, Toypes, Magazine Covers: Germany: 'Für Sie' - November 2006; 'Brigitte' Spain: 'Ragazza' - July 1994; 'Ragazza' - April 1995; 'Woman' - January 2001 Fashion Shows: Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1995 {Christian Dior} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1997 {Antonio Pernas, David Valls, Givenchy, Guillermina Baeza, Jesús del Pozo, Oscar de la Renta} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1997 {Antonio Miró, Esteve Mujer} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1998 {Angel Schlesser, Antonio Pernas, Kina Fernández, Laura Biagiotti, Veva Medem} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1998 {Angel Schlesser, Antonio Miró, Antonio Pernas, Jesús del Pozo, Josep Font, Kina Fernández, Palacio & Lemoniez, Peter Aedo, Roberto Torretta, Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1999 {Antonio Miró, Antonio Pernas, Carmela Rosso, Debota & Lomba, Duyos Paniagua, Lluís Generó, Mª Jose Navarro, Pedro Morago} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 1999 {Angel Schlesser, Armand Basi, Joaquím Verdú, Lluís Generó, Nuria Mora, Roberto Verino, Roger O., Victorio & Lucchino} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2000 {Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Dolores Cortés, Hermes Govantes, Montesinos Alama, Juan Duyos, Peter Aedo, Roberto Verino, Valentín Herraiz} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2000 {Andrés Sardá, Armand Basi, Dias Rojos, Esteve, Hannibal Laguna, J+G, Joaquím Verdú, M&T, Peter Aedo, Roberto Torretta, Toypes} Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 2001 {Esteve} Ready to wear - Autumn/Winter 2001 {Juan Duyos} Notes: - She appeared in 'Larios Calendar' in 1997.
  7. I can´t believe she still has no topic!!! cover COSMOPOLITAN Italy April 1988
  8. The Model Archives Of Marlowe Press 1984 https://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.php?list=wld&choice=Sarah+Hays&year=all&id=
  9. Katharina Preser is a model from the 80s and 90s that was represented by FAM Paris & Click NY. She is NOT the Katharina (no surname) from Pauline's and Crystal Agencies that Marlow Press put together with her. Two different models. Height: 1.78 Bust: 86 Waist: 63 Hips: 93 Shoes: 39 Hair: Venetian Blonde Eyes: Blue Nationality: German An excerpt from: The Washington Post, By Nina Hyde Feb. 3rd 1985 "It never occurred to me that I looked like Grace Kelly," said Katharina Preser, the Click Agency model whose look has been sought after in New York and Paris as well as in her native Germany. "I never think about it." Preser -- whose mother Hannelore Preser was a well-known Ford model and whose father is photographer Gerd Preser -- says she's aware of the Grace Kelly look and posture "because I love Alfred Hitchcock movies." And while others boned up on the Grace Kelly look before the shooting session in Newport, R.I. -- which produced the beautiful Grace Kelly-look spread in Mademoiselle, with photographs by Elizabeth Novick -- she purposely didn't. "I didn't want the thing to be fake. I wanted to be myself," she says.
  10. Mickey Monroe is an international fashion model from the 1980s, 1990s and is still a popular model today!! She was with modeling agencies Syncro (London), Storm (London) and today she is represented by Grey Model Agency (London): https://www.greymodelagency.com/mickey "Mickey started modeling at the tender age of 17, and soon earned the name Baby Face because of her cherub-like features. She featured on teen magazines covers like Honey and Blitz and her bleached blonde hair and edgy look made her stand out from other models; she was and still is gorgeously unique. After modeling she travelled, married and had three lovely sons, before successfully re-inventing herself as the Commercial Director for a handbag company. Clearly still too young at heart though, Mickey eventually took redundancy - “I couldn’t stand the idea of going into work on a Monday and wishing it was Friday”, With that same fearless attitude, Mickey took the bull by the horns and walked back into her former modeling agency Storm, convincing them that they needed her back! Seeing she was absolutely right, they duly re-signed her. Sitting with Mickey you can’t help but want to look as amazing as she does; she oozes the ultimate cool look effortlessly. We have no doubt that she’ll be in huge demand, “I still feel 21, and we shouldn’t be seen as wild, we should be seen as normal!”, she told us. We love Mickey’s philosophy, encompassing everything in which Beautiful Thinking believes. She wants women to stop being sold an impossible dream; “just because you feel amazing, maybe you don’t look amazing, and just because you look amazing doesn’t mean you feel amazing”. She describes this time in her life as a “crusade’, and we have no doubt she’ll succeed." Excerpt from the Beautiful Thinking Blog: https://www.beautiful-thinking.com/blog/mickey-monroe "Meet Mickey Monroe... Excelling as a model and a businesswoman. A multifaceted force of nature. Mickey is dismantling all preconceptions, and life is ever more exhilarating as she sits in the driving seat and masters her own success. From Glasgow to London aged 17, Mickey worked as a successful model in Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, New York and London. In this high octane playground, she fronted the covers of iD Magazine, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan and the closing copy of iconic magazine Honey; and graced fashion campaigns shot by Toscani, Sacha, Steve Hiett and Jacques Olivar, to name but a few. It soon grew into a diverse career within the fashion industry both behind-the-scenes and beyond, from assisting photographers Eddie Monsoon and Grant Fear, to starting her own fashion production company with her then husband. Working for designer streetwear brands and clients Maharishi, Silas & Maria, Addict and Vans, would be Mickey’s gateway to working in High Street Fashion Brands.Working within various departments across prominent fashion companies including ASOS, Miss Selfridge and Topshop; she developed not only her working knowledge of the fashion business, but excelled in the field, taking on a commercial director role in her last major position in a handbags and accessories brand. But turning fifty provoked Mickey to reflect on her work, and more importantly, to contemplate her future." Excerpt from the This Girl is on Fire Blog: https://www.thisgirlisonfire.com/partner-directory/mickey-monroe-active-pada/ Height: 5'8" /1.73 Hair: Light Blond Eyes: Brown Nationality: Scottish (from Glascow) From Peter Marlow Press Composite Cards:
  11. The Model Archives of Marlowe Press https://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.php?list=wld&choice=Mieke&year=all
  12. I think she is a very interesting model and hope there will be more to come! Posted by RocketQueen: VOGUE IT, Feb 1989, shot by Ellen von Unwerth. vogue italia archive
  13. Stina a former top international fashion model that worked professionally during the 1980s & 90s and was represented by top agency Mademoiselle (Paris). Additional links about Stina: https://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.php?list=wld&choice=Stina+Fry&year=all&id= ** Please note the model "Stina Fry" is a different model with brown hair, this topic refers to the blonde model in the first 2 comp cards- known as only "Stina" Height: 5'9.5" (1.77) Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue-Green From Peter Marlowe Composites:
  14. Beth Assaf is a former international fashion model that worked professionally during the 1980s-90s and was represented by Viva (Paris), Paris Planning (Paris), Premier (London) & WE (Paris). Additional links about Beth: https://www.modelscomposites.com/getlist.php?list=wld&choice=Beth+Assaf&year=all&id= Height: 5'10.5" (1.79) Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Nationality: American From Peter Marlowe Composites:
  15. Angelique Bennet is an Aussie fashion model that worked professionally throughout the 90s and is well known as one of Dolly magazine's cover girls- a very hip and popular teen magazine in Australia in the 80s & 90s. She was known as the Australian Linda Evangelista and branched out into international modeling, having a very successful career in Europe. Hair: Dark Blond Eyes: Blue Nationality: Australian
  16. Hello! I'm looking for her name! Does anyone know?
  17. Tatjana Patitz Tatjana Patitz (born in May 25, 1966, in Hamburg, Germany and raised in Skanör, Sweden) is a German fashion model, who is known as one of the original five supermodels along with Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington. She, along with her other four supermodel peers, was featured in the cover of the January 1990 Issue of Vogue that introduced the world to the elite group of the "Supermodels." January 1990 Issue of Vogue US Shot by none other than the legendary fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, this issue of Vogue catapulted a generation of celebrity models, who were further added into the supermodel status, including the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Stephanie Seymour, Helena Christensen, Yasmeen Ghauri, Karen Mulder, Carla Bruni, Nadege du Bospertus, Kristen McMenamy, Nadja Auermann, Eva Herzigova, Stella Tennant, Shalom Harlow, Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, Carolyn Murphy, etc. Tatjana, along with the other four original supermodels, was further featured in George Michael's music video of his 90s hit single "Freedom! ‘90" which remains till this day one of the most iconic moments in modeling history. George Michaels’ “Freedom! ‘’90” George Michael - Freedom! ’90 (Official Video) - YouTube Among the late 80s to early 90s supermodel generation, Tatjana was the only one who can best rival the "Fashion Chameleon" Linda Evangelista in terms of print work (though Kristen McMenamy was no slacker either). Arguably, they were the greatest muses of the supermodel generation. Linda was a very Italianate beauty: melodic, elegant, and sophisticated, yet spontaneous and full of vigor and drama. Tatjana, on the other hand, was a very Germanic beauty: edgy, cool, and steely, yet hypnotic, intense and sinfully seductive. Comparing the two is like comparing the beauties of Sophia Loren and Marlene Dietrich, or the musical geniuses of Verdi with Wagner. Just an endless debate on who is the better artist, but regardless both excellent and masters of their own craft. Linda Evangelista Tatjana Patitz What makes Tatjana Patitz so great? For starters, Tatjana was extremely photogenic and magnetic in front of the camera lens. She possessed extremely well defined cheekbones with dangerously hypnotic blue eyes. Though not a conventional and mainstream beauty, as she didn't fit the mold of perfection like the "Classic Beauty" Christy Turlington, Tatjana possessed an imposing yet mesmerizing charm that demanded its own category of attention. For me, every time I stare at an image of Tatjana, it is a transcendental experience. Note that I don’t say this often about models, as few models ever had this impact on me. What Tatjana possessed were eyes that had the perfect combination of fire and ice. A smoldering seductive gaze like fire juxtaposed by those icy cold blues. Just like Tyra Banks teaches young models the importance to smile with one's eyes or "smize," Tatjana very much understood and applied that philosophy, as one's eyes are truly the windows to one's soul. When one sees a photo of Tatjana, one can't help but stay transfixed at her eyes. The versatility in her expressions with her eyes was her very arsenal that made her such a great fashion model. At times, the gaze could be intense and magnetic, drawing the viewer inward, almost as if she casted a spell of hypnosis, yet at other times, it can also be soft and vulnerable, drawing sympathy from the viewer, or at other times, it could be mysterious like a true poker face. The command of expressions she had with her eyes was quite astonishing. Here are some examples: Hypnotic gaze Intense gaze Soft gaze Seductive gaze Intimidating gaze Confident gaze Disillusioned gaze Bored gaze Happy gaze Clueless gaze High gaze Suspicious gaze Mysterious gaze Regretful Gaze Sad Gaze Hopeful gaze Distraught gaze Mellow gaze Often, a lot of breathtakingly gorgeous models can leave you impressed and blown away with their sheer perfection, yet still leave you feeling empty inside. When perfection becomes the standard, it starts to become overused, predictable and boring. You feel nothing but sheer perfection. In the words of Charles Wuorinen, "In any medium, entertainment is that which we can receive and enjoy passively, without effort, without our putting anything into the experience. Art is that which requires some initial effort from the receiver, after which the experience received may indeed be entertaining, but also transcending as well. Art is like nuclear fusion: you have to put something into it to get it started, but you get more out of it in the end than what you put in. Entertainment is its own reward, and generally doesn't last." So many models can look strikingly beautiful upon initial sight. There is no effort required to acknowledge their beauty. One simply accepts it subconsciously, and that is because we have been conditioned by the society to think that they have the desirable features that make a perfect beauty. Their beauty is impressive and enjoyable to watch and admire, very much like entertainment is. It is consumed passively and involuntarily simply because it is enjoyable and easy to watch. Their beauty offers an instant yet evanescent sense of pleasure that often does not stand the test of time, because, as mentioned, when perfection becomes the norm, it becomes predictable, common, and boring. Tatjana, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Her beauty was not meant for the masses. It was to be consumed and understood by only a select few who had an understanding and appreciation for the distinct and the unconventional. Initially, she may not be strikingly beautiful for the average straight male or even the average female, but when one puts the effort to study and analyze her appeal, one is rewarded with more than he/she initially invested in. She was not perfect, but she was invigorating and exciting to look at. She left you in awe because her images told a story. She was a model with substance. Ms. Patitz's eyes not only connected with the camera, but would penetrate through the lens and pages of a magazine, and directly affect your soul. She left you feeling moved. She left you amazed. She left you with an "emotion." That is what separates an average model from an excellent model. Tatjana’s images transcend the pages of a photo and persist in the realm of reality, thriving in the viewer's mind. This image, thus, becomes a source of inspiration and admiration. That is why she was a muse to so many designers like Karl Lagerfeld, photographers like Peter Lindbergh and Herb Ritts, and fashion editors, including editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour, who considered Tatjana one of her all-time favorite models. The ones knowledgeable and educated enough to recognize her beauty dedicated their careers on creating timeless pieces of visual art. That is why, for me, Tatjana Patitz is one of the greatest supermodels of all time. TL:DR: Sorry for the lengthy post. But clearly, I am a very big admirer of Ms. Patitz. As a reward, here are some quotes and images that showcase Tatjana’s beauty and talent as a model. But be warned, it is a shit ton of pictures. Shot by Herb Ritts "Her features are a bit off; she's not a typical, commercial beauty, but when I shoot her, I'm never bored. Her looks have power, strength, intensity," Herb Ritts. Daughters of Poseidon Lost Siren Beached Siren Serene Death Birth of Venus Rise of the Bombshell Bedazzled Temptress Sylvan Nymph Amazonian Goddess Woman Underneath the Veil Darkness Consumes Au Naturel In Bathing Suit Shot by Peter Lindbergh “I admire Tatjana because she always stays herself. She's very soft, but at the same time she's very strong and knows how to stand up for what she thinks, and it's always very enriching to be with her. It's impossible not to admire her and over the years not to be just a little bit in love with her,” Peter Lindbergh. Morning Coffee in Paris Morning Stroll in Paris Desert Bandits Disillusionment Rough & Disheveled Humble Beginnings at Modeling Seductive Wet Look 40s Interbellum Fashion Strike the Pose Vedette by the Beach In Foreign Lands Morning Coffee With Doggy The Supermodels Gangs of New York The White Shirt Campaign Reunited and It Feels So Good Behind the Scenes Gone Is the Youth But Love Is Forever Shot by Nick Knight Madame Patitz Jil Sander Campaigns Shot by Terry O’Neill Midsummer’s Night Dream Shot by Patrick Demarchelier “It's hard to get a bad picture of Tatjana. She's very photogenic, which is very rare, and she looks different in every light. While some models develop one look, she has many," Patrick Demarchelier. 50s Swimswear Meditation by Pool Princess Tatjana Breakfast in Cairo Hookah Afternoon Archeologist in Full Fashion Vogue’s 100th Anniversary Issue: The Supermodels Shot by Arthur Elgort Life in the Wild West Shot by Mike Ruiz Tatjana Enterprise Shot by Helmut Newton Biker Girlfriend Shot by Sante D’Orazio Lady Under the Robe Sun-Kissed Glow Shot by Djeneba Aduayom Etherial Look Shot by Max Vadukul Noir Film Star My Curls Don’t Lie Shot by Bruce Weber Steamy Versace Versus Campaign Shot by Mikael Jansson A Typical Life in Winter Siberia Shot by Gianpaolo Sgura Chic Beret Shot by Fabrizio Ferri Back to the Manor Shot by Andrew Macpherson Portrait Sultry Look Shot by Ellen von Unwerth A Tale of Two Women Shots by Philip Dixon Inside the Queen’s Lair Shot by Pamela Hanson Life in New York Shot by Kurt Markus Equestrian Bombshell Here are some of her runway looks, though I admit that her runway walk was not particularly good. Azzedine Alaïa (Fall/Winter 1990–1991 Ready-to-Wear) Chanel (Fall/Winter 1991–1992 Haute Couture) Dior (Fall/Winter 1991–1992 Haute Couture) Valentino (Fall/Winter 1991–1992 Haute Couture) Chanel (Spring/Summer 1992 Ready-to-Wear) Dolce & Gabbana (Spring/Summer 1992 Ready-to-Wear) Prada (Spring/Summer 1992 Ready-to-Wear) Chanel (Fall/Winter 1992–1993 Haute Couture) Prada (Fall/Winter 1992–1993 Ready-to-Wear) Dolce & Gabbana (Fall/Winter 1992–1993 Ready-to-Wear) Jil Sander (Fall/Winter 1992–1993 Ready-to-Wear) Jean Paul Gaultier (Spring/Summer 1994 Ready-to-Wear) Versace (Spring/Summer 1994 Haute Couture) Prada (Spring/Summer 1994 Ready-to-Wear) Vivienne Westwood (Fall/Winter 1994–1995 Ready-to-Wear) Calvin Klein (Spring/Summer 1995 Ready-to-Wear) Donna Karan (Spring/Summer 1995 Ready-to-Wear) Chanel (Cruise 2010) Etro (Fall/Winter 2019–2020 Ready-to-Wear) More Quotes: "In pictures, her sensitivity is what comes through; something delicate, fragile, exciting. It's a strange mixture of lazy sensuality and moments of intense emotion,” John Casablancas (former President of Elite Model Management). "I look for more than beauty. There must be a memorable quality. Tatjana has it more than anyone else. She sticks in your mind. There's a depth, an emotional quality to her that's truly extraordinary. She's very dear, charming and extremely feminine. She's very open and her priorities are natural things - animals, the sea, the environment. That's what's so interesting about her. She's not what she seems,” Matthew Rolston (American fashion photographer). “At just shy of six feet tall, Teutonically self-composed, and dominating any room she cared to walk into [sic], Tatjana was the biggest beast in the seething jungle; Vogue amplified the comparison by fixating on her lynx-like eyes, impossibly blue and curved around the temples like a cat's,” Vogue magazine. “Like other famous beauties before her, Tatjana Patitz possesses a certain extraterrestrial quality, an aura of exquisite otherworldliness only too effortlessly capable of freezing mere mortals in their tracks...She's the fitting embodiment of the nineties ideal: a cool customer who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Rarely have blonde hair and blue eyes managed to look quite so exotic - with her trademark world-weary gaze and her loose-limbed aristocratic bearing, Patitz often seems as if she's just been awakened from a divinely decadent dream,” ELLE magazine (April 1990).
  18. Petrina Khashoggi Formerly of Models 1 London Premier Models London IMG Models Storm Models
  19. Wendy Both Nationality Duth Ethnicity: Dutch, Indonesian, Indian Height: 5'9" / 175cm Bust: 36C" / 91cm Waist: 26.5" / 66cm Hips: 38.5" / 96cm Dress: 6 Shoe: 9 1/2 / 41 Hair: Dk Brown Eyes: Green Agencies Iconic Focus Models New York Formerly of Ford Models New York Metropolitan Models Paris
  20. Gloria Wong height:5' 10" bust:34 waist:25 hips:34.5 shoes:7 hair colour: Brown Dark eyes:Brown formerly of Storm Models London M4 Models Hamburg Covers Canada: 'Style' - April/May 2000 New Zealand: 'Pavement' Singapore: 'Harper's Bazaar'
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