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  1. Anna Bayle

    Thanks so much, @séve! These are pretty rare!
  2. Lida Egorova

    Thanks, @sanja! I love it!
  3. Jenny Wong

    Thanks, @Minerva13!
  4. Anika Friebe

    I have no idea but judging on her name, she must be German.
  5. Nadine Hennelly

    Here's one posted by @jOEh back in 2009.
  6. Carina Axelsson

    I believe this is Carina. unknown source
  7. Bénédicte Loyen

    "as a doll" VOGUE ITALIA, FEBRUARY 1993 Photographer: Steven Meisel lylascans (I think)
  8. Bénédicte Loyen

    VOGUE ITALIA, JULY 1992 Photographer: Steven Meisel unknown source
  9. Bénédicte Loyen

    HARPER'S BAZAAR US, 1993 Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier unknown source
  10. Bénédicte Loyen

    Bénédicte by Claus Wickrath, 1994 unknown source
  11. Bénédicte Loyen

    DOLCE & GABBANA S/S 1993 various sources
  12. Barbara Minty

    VOGUE FRANCE, JUNE 1974 Photographer: Mike reinhardt ciaovogue
  13. Ayumi Tanabe

    "garden variety" VOGUE US, MAY 1998 Photographer: Steven Meisel justaguy
  14. Ayumi Tanabe

    "ayumi tanabe богиня восходящего солнца" TOP MODEL RUSSIA, DECEMBER 1996 I believe I downloaded this from a TOP MODEL thread here on Bellazon
  15. Avalon Hodges

    "sweet nothings" VOGUE UK (?), mid 90s Photographer: Francesca Sorrenti unknown source