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  1. Jolijn Spek

    Amazing find! These not-so-popular magazines contain eds that feature such beautiful models, and apparently some of the biggest ones.
  2. Alek Wek

    Awesome cover!
  3. Stephanie Seymour

    Still looking good. And still picking horrible outfits.
  4. Michelle Eabry

    I think I see Karen Alexander.
  5. Catherine Roberts

    Random images from iconicfocus.com.
  6. Cathy Fedoruk

    Random covers from iconicfocus.com.
  7. Akure Wall

    A few from iconicfocus.com
  8. Rosemary McGrotha

    Thanks, @PLL, very rare!
  9. Vendela Kirsebom

    Hey, @missparker7, the unknown model in the September'87 issue of Amica is Jo Kelley. Thanks for all the scans!
  10. Linda Evangelista

    Rare! As always! Thanks so much, @missparker7!
  11. Carmen San Martín

    Carmen San Martin for Matisse 1989 vogue italia archive
  12. Carmen San Martín

    Carmen San Martin for Contatto 1988 vogue italia archive
  13. Carmen San Martín

    Carmen San Martin for Contatto 1989 vogue italia archive
  14. Carina Wretman

    "fashion" NEW YORK US, 29 JUNE 1992 Photographer: Chuck Baker google books
  15. Carina Wretman

    Various covers/editorial images. fmd