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  1. RocketQueen

    Mae McKagan

    Happy 18th birthday, Mae!
  2. RocketQueen

    Ingrid Seynhaeve

    Thanks a bunch!
  3. RocketQueen

    Kristina Semenovskaia

    Oh, that's exactly what I meant! It's always difficult for me to tell if it is Viola or Tatiana.
  4. RocketQueen

    Kristina Semenovskaia

    I'm not sure about the Herve Leger ad - could also be Viola Haqi - I'm conflicted. Anyway, thanks so much! Do you buy your issues from ebay?
  5. RocketQueen

    Korina Longin

    Thanks, @sanja!
  6. RocketQueen

    Ingrid Seynhaeve

  7. RocketQueen

    Joanna Rhodes

    I have these two from the same ed. unknown source
  8. RocketQueen

    Rosemarie Wetzel

    Wow! Thank you so much! Is it possible that you have photos of Ingrid Seynaheve from these two shows: Ralph Lauren RTW F/W 1995 Herve Leger RTW S/S 1996 I saw her behind Rosemarie and also, on her left in the Ralph Lauren show. Thanks!
  9. RocketQueen

    Cheryl Tiegs

    Wow, she looks great!
  10. RocketQueen

    Melanie Thierry

    This girl was amazing back in the day.
  11. RocketQueen

    Roberta Chirko

    I can't thank you enough, @missparker7!
  12. RocketQueen

    Patty Sylvia

    Definitely not her.
  13. RocketQueen

    Daniela Pestova

    Giorgio Armani 1994 by Peter Lindbergh (+Emma Balfour) my scan
  14. RocketQueen

    Emma Balfour

    Giorgio Armani 1994 by Peter Lindbergh (+Daniela Pestova) my scans
  15. RocketQueen

    Beri Smither

    Macy's 1994 by unknown my scan