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Found 230 results

  1. Hey, guys! I'm starting a new thread about all the models I can't id. I don't want to spam the general vintage ID thread. Here's the first batch of models I'm not familiar with (please, click on the photo to see bigger images). They are all from ALLURE, ANNA, BRIGITTE, CLEO AND COSMOPOLITAN issues, as well as a Basile catalog, ranging from the early 80s to late 90s. I can provide more photos of a certain model if you wish. I'm counting on you, I know how good you are at naming lesser known models. @Minerva13 @Chirkomania @missparker7 @Dayrell @VogueGirl @kimflorida @90sModels @sanja @fumi @ArianaVSCouture @nightowl
  2. Anne Neil is a 70s/80s model, represented by Paris Planning Women, Paris. Height: 1.73 Bust: 88 Waist: 64 Hips: 89 Shoes: 39 Hair: Brown Eyes: Chestnut
  3. Elle Russia December 2003 ''Favorite Mistakes Yohji Yamamoto'' Photographer:Friedemann Hauss Stylist:Francoise Bernard Model:Norina Sandra Make-up:Phophie Mattias/Marie France Hair:Cyril LalouScanned by me
  4. VOGUE Germany September 1997 "Eigensinn" Photographer:Jacques Olivar Model:Jenny Knight Scanned by missparker7 warning:Nudity
  5. Hello, friends! I've been wanting to create such a topic for a very long time. A place for all of us where we can share info and ask questions about all things vintage. I'm gonna start with wishing you health and prosperity in these hard times. Let us all dive into our vintage passion in order to distract ourselves. I just got an e-mail from VOGUE IT, saying that their archive is free for the next 3 months!
  6. Lisa Ramos is an 80s model, represented by Karins, Paris and Elite, LA. Height: 1.74 Bust: 86 Waist: 56 Hips: 86 Shoes: 39 Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel
  7. Cara Leigh is an 80s model, represented by Elite, New York. Height: 1.72 Dress Size: 37-38 Bust: 86 Waist: 64 Hips: 89 Shoes: 40 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue modelcomposites
  8. Kim Harris is a 70s/80s model, represented by Petal, London. Height: 1.76 Bust: 89 Waist: 58 Hips: 89 Shoes: 38 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
  9. Leslie Stratton is an 80s model, represented by Elite, NY. Height: 1.74 Bust: 84 Waist: 61 Hips: 89 Shoes: 40/41 Hair: Brown Eyes: Breen
  10. Kristine Oulman is an 80s model, represented by Elite, NY. Kristine was almost 12 in 1979 when a woman in a store told her that she should be a model. A few days later, Eileen Ford, of New York's largest modeling agency, got an envelope in the mail. It contained a photograph of Kristine, taken by her uncle. Eileen Ford telephoned the enclosed number and demanded Kristine came to the agency. That happened a few days later when Kristine was sent to Francesco Scavullo who photographed her and sent the pictures to Linea Italiana in Milan, to VOGUE and another Manhattan magazine which have Kristine her first cover. Born: December 14, 1967 Ramsey, New Jersey, USA Height: 1.68 Bust: 77 Waist: 61 Hips: 77 Shoes: 37-38 Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Blue
  11. Gina Korfhage is an 80s/90s model, represented by Elite, NY. Height: 1.80 Dress Size: 38 Bust: 81 Waist: 58 Hips: 89 Shoes: 40 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
  12. Suzy Amis is an 80s mode, represented by Elite, New York. Height: 1.73 Dress Size: 37-38 Bust: 86 Waist: 61 Hips: 86 Shoes: 39 Hair: Strawberry Blonde Eyes: Blue-Green modelcomposites
  13. Marie Lindfors is an 80s model, represented by Karins, Paris. Height: 1.78 Bust: 88 Waist: 61 Hips: 90 Shoes: 40 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Hazel modelcomposites
  14. Diana Taylor is a 70s/80s model, represented by L'Agence, Paris. She is a fashion and modeling consultant, and a talent scout, for Tiger Tale Companies. She is internationally known as a cover girl and runway model for leading fashion magazines and designers around the world. She is a television spokesperson, both in Europe and the United States. In fact, you may have seen her work with Alex Trebek on “Classic Concentration”. Beginning in New York City as a teen, Diana worked as a model while she studied acting. She is a licensed cosmetologist and professional make-up artist, greatly enhancing her professional skills. For twelve years, Diana made Europe her home, and she became fluent in multiple languages, spoken in television commercials. She has also worked the runway and written magazine editorials for top international designers. Some of her favorites include Armani, Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Karl Lagerfeld, and Versace. An actress with an eye for talent, Diana currently spends her time scouting and promoting films and stage productions, both in the United States and abroad. Her enthusiasm for the “happenings” at Tiger Tale knows no boundaries! Height: 1.76 Dress Size: 38 Bust: 85 Waist: 61 Hips: 83 Shoes: 39 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue
  15. the-aop.org
  16. clivearrowsmith.com
  17. iconicimages.net
  18. artsper.com OFFICIAL SITE http://jeanjacquesbugat.com/
  19. mgross.com
  20. hamiltonsgallery.com
  21. Lindsey Thurlow is an 80s model, represented by Bookings, London. She is currently a psychotherapist in London. She is often referred to as "the bride of Comme des Garcons". Born: 1965 UK Height: 1.73 Bust: 86 Waist: 61 Hips: 86 Shoes: 39 Hair: Brown Eyes: Grey
  22. annenbergphotospace.org
  23. Isabella (also known as Isabelle, Isabel) Cowan is an 80s model, represented by Riccardo Gay, Milan. Born: London, UK (However moved to Australia and did a lot of VOGUE work there.) Height: 1.74 Bust: 89 Waist: 61 Hips: 88 Shoes: 40 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel
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