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  1. She is such a doll in this picture She is a perfect doll in this picture.
  2. Never mind please. Nothing to be sorry about. I learned thet two of my favorite models modelled longer than I knew, thanks to you 🌺
  3. Another surprise for me. This is Lisa Ryall standing in a red jacket. Thank you @RocketQueen.
  4. The first model on left is Jo Kelly and the second is Famke. I am surprised to see Jo in a 1988 advertisement. I thought she stopped modeling around 1987 or so... It is a nice surprise for me.
  5. Wonderful new scans @RocketQueenand @missparker7new to me .Thank you very much.
  6. Thank you Minerva. Great scans and totally new to me 🌺
  7. 1984 March Vogue UK Source is most possibly Justaguy on tfs forums
  8. Great editorial @missparker. Thank you so much. For years I haven't visited here because nobody ever posted anything. But now I see you added great pictures. The model in the first two pictures is Willow Bay I think. I like Willow Bay a lot. 🥰🌺Thanks again.
  9. The other model is Shawn Casey.
  10. Avon instagram 1978 1981
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