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  1. November 2018 Harper's Bazaar Story W/ Emily Baker https://www.behance.net/gallery/73325411/href https://www.fernandoforero.com/
  2. I want to do my bit to help you and give something back to show my appreciation of your help... please keep me up to speed on your upcoming rollout date... you have inspired me to get all my own image database loaded up to the cloud... btw which services are you using? ... I will probably go with google or dropbox...
  3. oh wow BA... this new model DB idea sounds great... I hope you get it launched ok... btw you are welcome to use any of my scans, if you wish... (note to self: I also need to upload all my fashion magazine scans to the cloud sometime)... anyway I wish you and RQ the very best of luck with the new project!
  4. another top ID thanks BA ... btw I adore that 80's Jitrois ad campaign... so hot and high octane!!
  5. thank you for scanning and sharing
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