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  1. Click >>> ME <<< for models who can't be picked and updated chart results. Yara Khmidan is now available for nomination once again!
  2. ROUND 55 Yulia Rose VS Brooklyn Decker Let the voting commence! First to 10 wins! Yulia Rose [0] Brooklkn Decker [0]
  3. Alicia Medina [8] Cameron Rorrison [10]
  4. Elisha Cuthbert [8] Nicola Peltz [5]
  5. Julianne Hough Catherine Zeta Jones Evangeline Lilly Katie McGrath
  6. Thank you for the adds
  7. +1
  8. ^ It's only 200 million or so. I'm sure the republican voter base won't mind their info being mined and leaked to unknown factions of the vast World Wide Web
  9. No one should be surprised at what the RNC is capable of at this point when it comes to sheer stupid. I guess Hilary's e-mails are not the only things on a unsecured server? I smell irony
  10. Such a beauty!
  11. +1 She was quite the cute, lovely, and gorgeous one but she took a sudden right towards whatever you call her current look and persona
  12. What a body!
  13. Melania might of told him to take out the fan for the picture for shits and giggles me thinks
  14. U will never know that!