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  1. Phew, thank goodness Candice did not hit #1
  2. Looks like u need the tissue now and not me
  3. Hehe, this one is my fav by far
  4. Booty peak!
  5. ^ Really love this shoot Thank you for the adds!
  6. Good gosh that body...
  7. Alexis snagged a huge spot this year for a NE!
  8. Not happy about today but we shall see how things go for the next 4 years
  9. Quite amusing too
  10. I need to get that book on Amazon when it comes out How was the chili?
  11. ^ How about she starts the NO BIKINI BOTTOMS trend?
  12. Boob moles!
  13. Dat body!
  14. ^ Good gosh that body!