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  1. Me too and shush!
  2. Indeed it is! What sane person would relate a extruded meat product which is then wrapped and fired in a oven comparable to innocent children bundled up in a comfy blanket?
  3. ^ How morbid of u! And to @gotportugal, I too love piggies in a blanket And @Stromboli1, thank you for that link!
  4. Thank you for the adds
  5. Sara Sampaio Josephine Skriver
  6. ^ Fair enough, u cool Emily Didonato [5] Gisele Bundchen [8]
  7. Clara Alonso [7]Hailey Outland [6]
  8. Portland is getting their ass kicked! @Stormbringer
  9. Plz do not change the format
  10. Click >>> ME <<< for models who can't be picked and updated chart results. Jasmine Tookes is now available for nomination once again!
  11. ROUND 39 Emily DiDonato VS Gisele Bundchen Let the voting commence! First to 10 wins! Emily DiDonato [0] Gisele Bundchen [0]
  12. Bryana Holly: 8/10 Anne de Paula: 8/10
  13. Clara Alonso [2] Farah Holt [0]
  14. Yara Khmidan Lais Ribeiro
  15. Not big...yesh!