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  1. Trumpland U.S.A

    Are you a Russian troll bot?
  2. Trumpland U.S.A

    Enjoy your WW3
  3. Trumpland U.S.A

    ^ Actually yes they are! Do you even pay attention to policies enacted by many Republican elected officials over the decades? Let's just say there is no equivalency of the two! One is the clear winner of shit for brains ideas!
  4. Josephine Skriver

    I was sooo waiting for you to come here and start your usual bit
  5. What did you last buy!

    Yesh, that is some serious storage for SSD Too bad that sole piece is worth the laptop itself
  6. What did you last buy!

    Not a bad one at all! I just can't wait for SSD storage tech to range in terabytes and at a cheaper price!
  7. What did you last buy!

    ^ And @Prettyphile what kind of gaming computer is it?
  8. Best Australian Model;

    Beauty: Shanina Shaik Body: Holly Arabella Boobs: Gigi Midgley Butt: Olivia Mathers Legs: Jessica Hart Sexiness: Bridget Malcolm
  9. Trumpland U.S.A

    So much of what is highlighted in the clip above is known and this is very unsettling and frightening for his possible run in 2020! His cult supporters will always stick with him! Dems need to and be the party FOR THE PEOPLE once again and delve into issue that matter and I am seeing this in regional races where candidates are doing the such and turning the map blue! But funny enough, Trumps "collusion" with Russia will not be his undoing so much as his business practices with how things are playing out now. Too many are waking up to what the Trump brand is and if that translates to getting people out and voting then Trump will have no chance in 2020 with what is known now compared to his campaign begins in 2015. Plus, the fact he is outright incompetent along with his revolving door administration leaves me to worry much less about him having any chances in 2020 even if anything is possible. The stupid will vote accordingly as they always have, we just need the moderates to offset those votes and completely take over the treasonous republican party platform!
  10. Best Australian Model;

    Beauty: Gemma Body: Fernanda Boobs: Cheyenne Butt: Gabby Legs: Caitlyn Sexiness: Kendal
  11. Zhenya Katava. Noor Schauten.
  12. Best Eyes Competition

    MODEL 1 - Color: 8 - Shape: 7.5 - Overall: 7.5 MODEL 2 - Color: 9 - Shape: 8.5 - Overall: 8.5 MODEL 3 - Color: 9 - Shape: 9 - Overall: 9 MODEL 4 - Color: 9 - Shape: 8.5 - Overall: 9 MODEL 5 - Color: 8 - Shape: 8.5 - Overall: 8.5
  13. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Taylor Hill Beauty: 7.5 Body: 7 Sexiness: 7.5 MA: 7.5 SIB: 7 Vita Sidorkina Beauty: 7.5 Body: 8 Sexiness: 9 MA: 8 SIB: 9 The Wevers Twins Beauty: 1 Body: 1 Sexiness: 1 MA: 1 SIB: 1 Yara Khmidan Beauty: 7.5 Body: 8 Sexiness: 8 MA: 8 SIB: 8.5 Yulia Rose Beauty: 9 Body: 8.5 Sexiness: 9.5 MA: 8.5 SIB: 9
  14. Survival of the Fittest - New Faces Edition

    Agathe Teyssier [10] Lada Kravchenko [6]
  15. Candids