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  1. Donald is going to be done and gone after his first term. He is much too compromised with multiple investigations, scandals, inability to control his impulses, complete lacking and understanding of basic government functions and powers, and the list goes on and on with his lies and rhetoric. His cult base will and shall stand with him regardless of what he does and it's pointless to pander to them in any way to convince them of Trumps wrongdoings. Plus, the dynamics have changed significantly with the way Trump has alienated many conservatives and those who voted for him the first time around before all the skeletons started coming out of the closet. Anything is possible but Trump's chance of scoring a 2nd term have diminished greatly in my option and many others due to how he carries himself on a daily basis. The democrats have learned A LOT from the last election without question! A viable democratic candidate will be put forth to take him out assuming Trump goes for the 2020 run since he flip-flops and is so unhinged he might drop out for all we know. The fact we have many people running in the democratic party is a plus since this is a good time to get a few fresh faces but more importantly, qualified individuals including those we have yet to see. Remember, Obama wasn't even a blip during his first term run and he sort of came out of left field to win. I'm very optimistic that the dems will take back the white house with the way Trump keeps sabotaging himself, I'm not even worried about it.
  2. It was quite the scathing testimony into the kind of horrid individual Trump is. A simple Google search and a few minutes will confirm this to anyone willing to actually do their homework on him. I shall wait for the multiple investigations currently underway with his financial dealings and the all too well known collusion case to see what skeletons come out of Trumps closet. There is almost NO DOUBT this man will face some sort of prosecution, just a matter of time! Trump is much too compromised of an individual to get away scot-free this time around. Although, we will have to wait after his first term for any prosecution because this man will not have the same variables lining up to give him a 2nd term with what's known and only his cult base is left and they will support him regardless of what he does, no point in trying to meet in the middle with these groups of blathering buffoons... ignorance isn't bliss!
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