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  1. She certainly knows how to wear that gold dress. Can't wait for the photos to drop!
  2. {name}

    The Witcher

    I was pleasantly surprised by the show. I had high hopes beforehand which I lowered as Game of Thrones season 8 and His Dark Materials had stabbed me in the heart. So, I didn't want to get too excited and have it be rubbish. The major flaw of the season was the narrative. The timeline often not being clear, apart from little references to other characters that some people may not pick up on. I also get why it was this way. The short stories they adapted from are all over the place timeline-wise. Throw that in with them trying to introduce the main three— Ciri, Geralt and Yen. It also works well going forward to the actual main story of the books. We now know these characters. It also helped with setting up some side characters that will play a much bigger role going forward. The showrunner revealed before the show aired that the Nilfgaardian armour will be changed in season two. She said Nilfgaard is only just conquering, so they are going to get an upgrade as their power expands. Honestly, I didn't find it that horrible in motion. In the leaked pictures, yes. In the actual show, my focus was never solely on the ballsack armour. She's also said season two will have a more focused storyline. Which is to be expected. She's listening to constructive criticism people have of the show. As for the ghoul complaint? It's stated by Geralt one bite will kill a man. They are weak in the game because it's a game. They are the first enemy you encounter, they are supposed to be easy. Geralt only survives because of his Witcher tonic. The monsters of the actual Witcher world are deadly, it's why they needed to create Witchers because ordinary men couldn't do the job. The games make Geralt out to be a lot stronger than he is (unless you jump down some stairs to instant death), which works in that media of entertainment. The having two swords on his person also works in a game. It's convenient for random encounters with monsters. He doesn't need that in the books or show because the number of monsters isn't as high, it's why the need for Witchers is running low. Not all monsters require silver. Some can be struck down by iron, which is why he carries his iron sword because it can eliminate more threats to him. His silver is kept on Roach wrapped in an oil coated cloth. It's still a trademark of Witchers in the show as Jaskier notes him for a Witcher by his two swords. His signs are stronger in game than the books where they aren't often used. He uses Aard, like in the show. Axii on Roach, he also tried it in episode one on someone. He did also use Yrden. Igni he's used in the books mostly for personal use, not in combat. They just aren't as important as the game's combat system. I adore Witcher 3, I played it after reading the books but I'd honestly say... don't think of the way the game does things when watching the show. As the story in the books progresses, you'll get a Geralt completely different from what the games give you. If you focus too much on what the game does with Geralt, you won't enjoy it. Just think of the games and show as their own thing.
  3. Can't wait to see the final product! 😍
  4. Lorena continues to delight. That smile will one day be the death of me.
  5. {name}

    The Witcher

    If anyone is interested, someone worked out what short story each episode will be based on. https://www.reddit.com/r/witcher/comments/cffpdn/the_witcher_teaser_discussion_thread_spoilers/eu9nz3w/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  6. {name}

    The Witcher

    Freya Allan is seriously adorable. Can't wait to see more of her as Ciri and in other projects.
  7. {name}

    The Witcher

    Elena Satine resembles Geralt's sorceress mother more than Triss. There is still some hope as I don't believe that character is appearing this season.
  8. {name}

    The Witcher

    A blink and you'll miss her moment.
  9. {name}

    The Witcher

    Looks really good! Can tell they actually care about the source material, a lot of book moments shown. They are delving deeper into Yen's backstory, which I don't mind. Geralt, Yen and Ciri all look fantastic. Triss is still 'eh' for me, need to see more of her to fully form an opinion. I'm hyped for the next trailer as it's likely to show more without so many cuts. Got my fingers crossed we'll get the scene of Geralt and his mother. But still, this trailer is better than I expected. That final shot of Geralt is perfection. They nailed the look of how the elixirs change his appearance.
  10. {name}

    The Witcher

    Witcher is a different genre of fantasy that I usually enjoy, so kind of like you, it opened the door for me. It's actually because of Witcher that I decided to give Thrones another chance. It would be special if we could get a Game of Thrones game done in similiar vein to Witcher 3. But I doubt we'd ever be so lucky to get one or so lucky to get an RPG as half as good as Witcher 3. Witcher 3 does do a good job of exploring Geralt's character, but the novels do the same. Just because the novels delve into other characters doesn't mean Geralt is a side character. There are three books based on Geralt, two are a series of short stories where you learn more about him in each story. The main series has five books, where Geralt continues to evolve as a character. Where you see, despite being a Witcher, he can be broken like any man - physically and mentally. Book and game explore him wonderfully, but it's hard to compare the two as both are completely different characters who have walked different paths. The games aren't canon, only to their version of Geralt who is older. While the books are canon with a younger-ish Geralt.
  11. {name}

    The Witcher

    I love the story Witcher 3 tells, it did become my favourite game for a while upon first play. But I also love the story of the novels. Geralt is more of a lone wolf in Witcher 3, getting some help when needed but still mostly alone. In the novels he travels with a group and I love the dynamic of the group. The game and the books both did a good job of evoking emotion from me. I think reading the novels beforehand enriched my experience playing Witcher 3. Because I knew the world, characters, references. And now I was getting to visually experience the novel through gameplay. Both are wonderful in their own right. But, if I really have to pick, I got to go with the novels. I love the story it tells more because it's not just about Geralt. You have Ciri's side of the story, which is more vast and complicated than the game. Yennefer, the Lodge of Sorceresses, Emperor Emhyr and fake Ciri, Leo Bonhart, Vilgefortz, The Wild Hunt. The world builds around all these characters. All these tales intertwine, save for The Wild Hunt who are only really Ciri's issue.
  12. I can't deal with Victor and his constant teasing!
  13. {name}

    The Witcher

    A recent interview with Vladimir Furdik, mostly known as the Night King on Game of Thrones. He worked on a lot stunts throughout Thrones and is now working on The Witcher. https://redanianintelligence.wordpress.com/2019/07/05/watch-vladimir-furdik-on-excellent-henry-cavill-and-the-witcher/
  14. {name}

    The Witcher

    The author doesn't actually hate the games. He has no interest for gaming in general. He saw artwork for the games and praised it, but he just doesn't consider these games to be part of 'his series' which is fair enough. They are their own thing, fan-fic, but as you said, excellent fan-fic. He is part of the Netflix team as a creative consultant. I think it's his own fault that he underestimated how popular gaming was, especially when made by the right team. He probably hasn't made that much money from the game deal he made all those years ago. But he's lucky that CD Projekt are one of the nicest in the gaming industry and they did offer him some royalties.
  15. {name}

    The Witcher

    The Hexer is awful. Worst thing to ever happen to the Witcher series (unless the Netflix show goes south). Even the author of the books hates Hexer. Triss is actually harder to cast because she's not a redhead bombshell like everyone fancasts her. She is supposed to be attractive, which the actress playing her isn't to my actual tastes. But she's not actually a redhead. There is a hint of red in her hair but it's pretty much brown. She doesn't wear it up either, that's a big no. For a woman in this world, wearing their hair down is a sign of freedom. Triss is famed for her hair. People who don't know her by face, know who she is because of her beautiful hair. When that is burned off in the battle of Sodden, people assume Triss is one of the dead, and Yen is blind so she can't confirm Triss alive. She also doesn't wear revealing clothing, while the scar from the battle healed she still deals with it mentally and prefers not to wear anything low-cut. I think the biggest issue with the show is and it's not their fault, is that the games are more popular than the books, at least outside of Poland. So people only know of these characters through the game. It's not the fault of the show or audience. I didn't know it was a book series until after I saw the game. People just need to be more open-minded because these characters aren't really the ones we see in the books, looks and personality wise. Yen is close, I never liked her while reading the book or playing the game. Geralt struggles more with being a Witcher in the books, which aren't even about him being a Witcher. He even briefly gives up at one stage, which Witcher 3 Geralt wouldn't, especially as saving Ciri and Yen is his main goal. He doesn't travel alone either, he has a whole group fighting with him. Either way, they are going to have a hard time pleasing everyone.
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