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  1. Vs has to many angel. Alexia, Stella, Jasmine & Leomie should get out.
  2. My store has lily, behati, and some new angels
  3. I meant the real models like Lais, Josephine Skriver, etc career model
  4. Can Anyone name all the models that are in this year issues?
  5. Georgia Fowler looks goood in her picture. I always like her. she would had been a better option as an angel than some they currently have. my perfect line up would had been Taylor, Sara, Shanina, Georgia, Bregje, Vita, Palvin
  6. SI is still doing magazine? i though they were done since 2 years good.
  7. who are the current angel now? is Candice still an angel or is she done working with them?
  8. Not trying to be rude but the trans-gender looks better than some of this women. Sad but true. Valentina is a very pretty man.
  9. RThe only new girls they have use lately is Ophelie. Taylor Sara Grace Barbara Leomie Lorena Ophelie would be a great vs angel line up. Seriously they have to many girls. and actually use them for everything. The holiday commercial is cute but not for a Christmas commercial. I wanted to see a white tree, models riding a white horse (grace, Lorena, ophelie, and Leomie) and would like to see (sara, palvin, and tay) sorrounded by wolves or huskies.
  10. Agnes Pimentel Morgan Shelley Sara Orrego Bregje Heinen Shanina Shaik Vita Sidorkina
  11. The only one from the current angels they have I like Taylor Sara Romee Palvin Grace Leomie Josephine
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