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  1. My current favorite so far Sara, Taylor, Grace, and Palvin. For the rest I don’t care.
  2. Doutzen Kroes [9] Adriana Lima [3]
  3. You all complain about no Asian, but are okay with No latinas or middle eastern models. Latina models are hot especially the Colombian Daniela Lopez, Carla Ossa, Catalina Otalvaro, Sara Orrego, Karen Carreño, etc. Israelí women are very beautiful too Shlomit malka, yael shelbia, bar refaeli, esti ginzburg, etc.
  4. Yes yes yes Bregje has a hot body, she’s sexy, compare to the other are more adolescent. Bregje looks more womanly, sensuality, she is my favorite blonde model. I like Frida too, but she is to skinny for my taste. But she can pose sexy and look hot. I prefer frida over Alexina. Another blonde I like is Vita she is hot, and her booty is nice and sexy. Latina girls are sexy especially the colombianas. They are curvy. Sara Orrego, Catalina Otalvaro, Daniela Lopez (before she lost the weight), Carla Ossa, and many more.
  5. @Mary17 I would love to see the trio. I will die to see that happen.
  6. It was about time they made Palvin an angel. Why they took so long? Were they really waiting for Adriana to leave. The perfect line up would be Palvin, Sara, Taylor, Lorena, Lais, Grace, Kelsey and a blonde. For the other girls they have to go. Ps. They can make Palvin a red head, she looks great w/ dark red hair.
  7. I Would like to see VS doing something like this
  8. . Ciara Renée (0) 2. Megan Irminger (1) 3. Maggie Rawlins (0) 4. Madonna (0) 5. Valeria Lakhina (0) 6. Marisa Tomei (27) 7. Stephanie Peterson (0) 8. Yasmine Bleeth (2) 9. Stephanie Claire Smith (0) 10. Kelsey Merritt (3) 11. Clarissa Bowers (21)  12. Maya Stepper (1) 13. Megan Irwin (0)
  9. Georgia is looking gorgeous
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if the SO end up looking nicer than the FB. I already want to see the SO and who is going to wear it. Hopefully is someone I like. I already dislike the model that got the FB.
  11. Not trying to sound rude but why does VS favorite Elsa, Jasmin so much. And the other one like they could careless.
  12. Hope when Taylor Hill get to wear the FB it would be worth 30million.
  13. You all still complaining. Did some of you said less is more. They listen and make nice simple fantasy bralett. Now the complains that is too plain. I kinda like it, is not that bad. Glad it wasn't Behati.
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