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  1. Candice overstayed her time with VS because it was comfortable and that did work out for her for a while, like a few high profile events here and there, the shoots, the exposure the brand and the show had, being one of the favorites, and she had one of the biggest contracts in VS after Adriana and Alessandra at the time, so I do agree with Clauds, Candice would still be with VS if things didn't went the way they did. Now, don't get it twisted, Candice have a pretty decent career and she still somewhat relevant, but she could have done a loooot more, like, she was getting big contracts in 2011, but VS saw how successful she was getting and probably decided give more and more shoots (which was a great move business wise, but for her career wasn't that smart), Candice got herself waaaay to absorbed in VS which was ok but exploded in her face at the very end. Candice had a big ass potential, you could see it but she got limitated with the VS contract, and after that she got kind of lost but she seems back on track now, and I love to see that.
  2. So, do this mean we're to be a bunch of bitches and complain about everything again? Because I really missed that, lol.
  3. Candice seems to be heading a new direction with her modelling work and I'm really excited about it, because this is everything I ever wanted from and for her. Ali Kavoussi did not lie when he said they're working hard to fix everything that went wrong with her career.
  4. If this is came out, that means the fragance we were told about is also coming soon!
  5. More Or Less Magazine - Issue 06 In case you missed them, here they are. Honestly, this makes me think that the ex angels miss this status as much as we do.
  6. They really gave people what they wanted, lol.
  7. Well, this is about to be a lot of fun, lol.😂
  8. VS really got it all wrong, they had to keep the fantasy the brand was they just had to diversify the line-up and keep the exclusivity of the angel contact, so they could keep the old costumers happy and bring it the new era of costumers. The concept inside VS wasn't all bad, they just had to turned around and instead of being a "fantasy for men" they had to go with "fierce women power", but maybe they had to bring everything to the ground to rebuild it again, idk I don't have a business degree, maybe they do know better.
  9. Well, that's smart since the internet loves Bella.
  10. So Behati (and Adriana) were on the Savage show and Behati did an interview on the red carpet, she said a couple of interesing stuff, maybe that's just me reading to much into it, but tell me what you think. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUQsPn8JZGp/?utm_medium=copy_link
  11. Daaaaaamnnnnnnnnn, this thread went nuts... Candice looks gorgeous tho.
  12. Bridget really said "screw you and your fake woke brand" and I'm here for it, call them out.
  13. I can't believe we're witnessing the fall of Victoria's Secret... Honestly, they had it coming, we been saying this for quite a while and they used to make fun of the fans, there you go, dummies, we were right.
  14. So, Irina posted these on her stories and tagged Candice, I'm wondering if it isy VS related since it's lingerie and Irina was seen working with them. The lingerie seems waaaay to sexy for 2021 VS tho.
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