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  1. Daaaaaamnnnnnnnnn, this thread went nuts... Candice looks gorgeous tho.
  2. Bridget really said "screw you and your fake woke brand" and I'm here for it, call them out.
  3. I can't believe we're witnessing the fall of Victoria's Secret... Honestly, they had it coming, we been saying this for quite a while and they used to make fun of the fans, there you go, dummies, we were right.
  4. So, Irina posted these on her stories and tagged Candice, I'm wondering if it isy VS related since it's lingerie and Irina was seen working with them. The lingerie seems waaaay to sexy for 2021 VS tho.
  5. They got Irina now? That paycheck must be REAL GOOD.
  6. Candice is literally sooo pretty, I love the spread, she looks gorgeous.
  7. They did it for shock value, and they shocked us but then it backfired because people couldn't remember most of these newbies, heck, they had trouble remembering the previous angels and out of nowhere they overwhelmed the public with new girls. People were used to the previous generation, they should have introduced the new girls in an organic way as they used to: pairing them with the older angels but no, they paired them with each other and the public wasn't really interesed.
  8. If she was only hurting herself it would be her problem, but since she's contributing to this GLOBAL pandemic to keep going because she's encouraging the other bunch of idiots to do stupid things like she does it becomes my problem too and she's not only being dumb but insensitive as well. So no, it's not "her problem".
  9. No, she's wrong for the science point of view, as well and it doesn't matter if she thinks she's correct, she's not, she's spreading BS. She can have whatever dumb opinion she wants BUT she doesn't have to make it public in the middle of a damn pandemic, spreding misinformation and hurting her own image in the process.
  10. When they signed 10 girls at the same time they had us talking TALKING... Raise the bar, DROP EVERYONE, SIGN 20 GIRLS, SIGN EVERY NEPO GIRL, GIVE US SOMETHING, LOL.
  11. I really miss the good ol' days, we used to fight a lot but it was fun, lol.
  12. I hate that I like the VS pictures so much, lol.
  13. Did she quit modelling altogether?
  14. Do you know why is it so easy to cancel a model whitin the industry and the general public as well? Because they're the ones in the spotlight and if your social media game/public image isn't clean, brands won't contact you because they won't want to be associated with you, and Doutzen isn't done fucking up her own image. You may say "well, no one in my country knows anything she's saying" and you may be right BUT the people whitin the industry know each other and those people talk, they ask "hey, why you don't work with model?" "well, she's a crazy woman and she isn't good for business" "thatk you, we won' work with her either", it's just one call/text/email/coffe date away. And be honest with yourself, Doutzen isn't to say Taylor Swift that can get away with a lot of thing because she has a huge fanbase, heck, I loved her and I had to stop following her because she got on my nerves. And you know why the real bad people whitin the industries keep working even when they're human trash? Because they're not on our faces telling what they're doing, we can suspect it, rumors can be going around about it but it most people won't take it seriously because, again, it isn't in your face. Anbd Doutzen is in our faces with the nosense, it's not that she believes it because I'm pretty sure many other models believe it (even when it's stupid), it's that she has a huge folowing and is sprending misinformation about a very serious and sensitive topic. And now mix getting her public image dirty, with the fact she, most likely, won't get vaccinated, the fact that she isn't getting any younger and most of her contracts are finished= recipe for disaster in the industry game. And yes, the fashion industry is cruelly superficial and that's why your image and reputation is EVERYTHING and her image and reputation is on the ground rn, she's the crazy lady now and no one would want that for their brands.
  15. I'm guessing we'll never see Candice for Agent Provocateur or Intimissimi then...
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