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  1. National Parks are too white now? I give up. America's national parks face an existential crisis over race So it's white people's fault that POC don't visit Yellowstone more often because they feel out of place..... and scared KEKW? It's not the whites you need to be scared of.... Mother Nature who can turn on a dime is a big problem, and Mrs Grizzly Bear with her Buffalo, and Moose friends can fuck your day up pretty bad. How fuck does this make sense... I'm just fucking done...
  2. I'm going to need your lists of whom you would like to see potentially in a team. If they aren't on a list, can't complain if they don't show up. You've got a couple of weeks to get me your girls, so no hurry, also if please post them here rather then PM, it'll just make it easier. If you know where they are born also add that, if not I'll so some research. Also, I know I said you guys could make your teams, but the majority seem to like the element of surprise, so please let me know what you guys want to do. Make your own teams, or let fate do it for you. Eventually I'll run a poll just so we can figure it out. ----- Happy early 4th of July (also Happy Canada Day!) Be safe, be healthy, and have fun ❤️
  3. I pulled about 85 pages of models from BZ, so that was about 1700 models, then I went to all the big agencies and started pulling girls in development, but it still wasn't enough to cover areas that I wanted so I began to look at specific countries and their modeling agencies and went from there. At one point I was short like 40ish Oceanic girls so going to places like Chadwick was very helpful. Getting models from Africa was difficult, but I found a lot of agencies in places like Egypt, South Africa, and even morocco that really helped me in the end. By the time I was done I had a list of about 2455 models, from there I had to figure out where they were all born which took about 3 weeks, then came making the teams, that was another week, then a month of pulling pictures, resizing and setting up the templates. At one point it was like pulling teeth to even look at models, and my level of anger was 12/10. I was sitting on Skype with @Stormbringer swearing at models for having unusable pictures and not being able to do their jobs correctly.
  4. I was pretty shocked as well, but the entire team just killed it from the start. I didn't know people liked the girls on the team that much. You have Annie is a legit unknown model, Hannah who is an on and off model that most people on BZ don't really follow (save her super die hard fans). Same thing with Isabelle. Clara seems to have had a major random resurgence and when was the last time anyone paid Marina any attention?.... The girl can go years without her name being brought up. There was so many potentially strong teams that could of done super well, but the people just didn't vote in favor of the models. @Stormbringer - I loved the dynamic handicaps/bonuses. It was a good call to change it up because it left so many models within strike range the entire time. Yes you had your Samantha Harris' who everyone basically loathed... but even the models who were scoring 70/80 point range were able to kinda keep up with the models who were pulling 140 points. I'm super pleased with the results overall
  5. #05 TEAM 50 [SA] Sara Orrego 116 [EU] Vika Radchenko 108.5‬ [NA] Britt Rafuson 106.8 [NA] Bridget Satterlee 106.3 [EU] Millie Hannah 99.6 Final Score - 537.2‬ --------------------------------- #04 TEAM 46 [EU] Vika Bronova 115.3 [EU] Robin Holzken 108.8‬ [NA] Jasmine Tookes 108 [SA] Anna Avila 107.7 [NA] Hailey Carlson 107.5‬ Final Score - 547.3‬ --------------------------------- #03 TEAM 37 [EU] Zhenya Katava 119.8‬ [NA] Taylor Justine Howard 114.1 [NA] Scarlett Leithold 113.7 [SA] Denise Schaefer 107.9 [EU] Kate Svetla 100.4 Final Score - 555.9 --------------------------------- #02 TEAM 42 [OC] Renee Murden 119.9 [EU] Tanya Kizko 114.4 [EU] Valeria Rudenko 113.9 [NA] Saige Peterson 112.9 [NA] Aubrie Williams 106.9 Final Score - 568
  6. #10 TEAM 14 [EU] Thylane Blondeau 107.6 [NA] Celine Farach 107.5 [EU] Anna Christina Schwartz 106.2 [OC] Miquela Vos 106 [SA] Cindy Mello 101.2 Final Score - 528.5 --------------------------------- #09 TEAM 13 [NA] Xian Mikol 114 [EU] Sima Jakuleviciute 106.6 [AS] Ming Xi 103.3 [NA] Bella Hadid 103 [OC] Sarah Stephens 101.8 Final Score - 528.7 --------------------------------- #08 TEAM 49 [EU] Lorena Rae 116.3 [EU] Nicola Cavanis 106.4‬ [OC] Melody Le 103.5 [NA] Gigi Paris 102.5 [NA] Kailey Hsu 100.9 Final Score - 529.6‬ --------------------------------- #07 TEAM 19 [OC] Charlie Austin 114.3‬ [NA] Daniella Beckerman 108.2 [AS] Neta Alchimister 105.9 [SA] Simone Villas Boas 102.7 [SA] Bruna Lirio 101.9‬ Final Score - 533 --------------------------------- #06 TEAM 40 [NA] Cameron Rorrison 113.3 [OC] Victoria Lee 110.9 [EU] Niamh Adkins 109.5 [EU] Leomie Anderson 104.1 [NA] Haley Kalil 98.4 Final Score - 536.2
  7. #15 TEAM 20 [OC] Shanina Shaik 115.9 [NA] Lorena Haliti 104.1 [NA] Meredith Mickelson 101 [EU] Bella Oelmann 100.7 [EU] Vanessa Moe 100.4 Final Score - 522.1 --------------------------------- #14 TEAM 8 [SA] Luma Grothe 108.7 [SA] Cintia Dicker 107 [EU] Angelina Boyko 104 [EU] Yara Khmidan 101.6 [OC] Gemma Ward 101.6 Final Score - 522.9 --------------------------------- #13 TEAM 60 [NA] Baskin Champion 109.2 [NA] Elizabeth Sawatzky 107.2 [EU] Ben Simons 104.2 [OC] Isla Dowling 102.7 [EU] Celine Alroe 101.3 Final Score - 524.6 --------------------------------- #12 TEAM 58 [NA] Michea Crawford 115.3 [EU] Maja Strojek 103.4 [NA] Anna Louise 102.9 [EU] Yana Dubnik-Garcia 102.8 [SA] Veridiana Ferreira 101.4 Final Score - 525.8 --------------------------------- #11 TEAM 57 [EU] Sylwia Butor 107.3 [EU] Margaux Brazhnyk 106.6 [NA] Grace Elizabeth 106.4‬ [OC] Caris Tiivel 103.8‬ [NA] Ashley Arre 102.2 Final Score - 526
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