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  1. Nominations for lists are closed. We are sitting at 370 models which is impressive.
  2. Laneya Grace Grace Boor Alesia Noka Katrina Svetla
  3. Yours are already taken care of There is really no need to send more, but if you want to that's fine. I've been working on the pictures sent to me the last few days, so I'm not ignoring your PM's, I just have a lot images to work on.
  4. Taya Krav Ray Marie Morris Faith Anne Schroder Lisi Witt
  5. I'm completely blown away by the amount of submissions we have. We're sitting at 345 individual models with I'm sure more to come, so at some point I'm going to have to cap this and today is the day. From today, you have till June 4th (Sunday) to get me your full list/submissions & edited lists. If you are sending me pictures, please give me between 10-25 of them, or I'll find them myself. Please note that there are many models who are on multiple people's lists, so if you're all sending me pictures I'll have to figure out which images to post based on quality, the same pictures being sent by multiple people, and how easy it is to resize them, You'll have till June 17th to get me your images.
  6. I have a lot of PM's I'm getting to slowly. Going to be working on images and updating the list for awhile
  7. Kristina Pimenova Avry Justis Katerina Bespalova Olivia Taylor
  8. Dasha Gordenko Taylor Morland Dorit Revelis Anna Zac Kuzenkova
  9. Sofia Razuvaeva Jolee Gilmore Jaedyn Alexandra Ball Lucia Bramani
  10. A week or so? I'd say 2 weeks tops to be safe
  11. Thank you for reporting all the spammers, we're trying to stay up on them and ban them as we get your reports.
  12. Thank you Pheno for sending in your list. I'm going to wait till others submit so no one knows who your girls are.
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