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  1. i wonder how youre doing.

  2. hahhaahhah who thought of this? Buy u a drank- in my pants Fresh and clean- in my pants cold war transmissions- in my pants
  3. reunion reunion reunionnnn come to think of it, this whole time, megan and scooter werent part of any drama at all, they didnt even argue, they did grow together perfect partners. i wish nate had a different partner. <_< he would have won, hands down.
  4. {name}

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    Liquefy -- The Servant
  5. mmmhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm he's CUUUUUTE
  6. i gotta say, he looks pretty good with mathias in pictures.
  7. yummy in my tummy. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  8. only the best of friends, vince + danny.
  9. Gaspard Ulliel. is. the. sex. he actually makes his "job" cute in the hannibal series.
  10. {name}


    ^ absoLUTELY. mm i love that set of pictures. do you happen to have the rest by any chance? basically anything long, wavy, soft, shiny, brilliant, gorgeous.. sums it up. .. like your own head of hair, angie!
  11. armand basiiiii f/w 07: lanvin f/w 07: yves saint laurent f/w 07: - mhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmh x infinity. je l'aimmmmmmmmmmmmme comme un gros gosse aime le g
  12. mmhmm. i would eat him up if i saw him.
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