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  1. Happy Birthday. :)

    1. daharsh


      I cannot log in to my original account (daharsh). May you please allow me to reset my password. Thank you.

  2. Happy birthday hun :) hope u have a good one!

  3. Andrea, you're a mod. you shouldn't be hiding. there's trolls everywhere. they need to be cut. go get that knife of yours. yes i remember. happy birthday too

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a good day, wherever you are...

  5. Happy Birthday A, Where've u been? :)

  6. Happy Birthday Andrea!!

  7. The third time to say Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a great one :D

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    SPAO soshified.com
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    SBS Inkigayo togino at soshified
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    Run Devil Run Fansign Event at Busan Center City mokochan at soshified.com