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  1. Maggie Rawlins Isabelle Mathers Vika Radchenko Hailey Outland
  2. Sara Sampaio: 8 Sarah Snyder: 3 Sarah Stephens: 9 Sasha Luss: 6 Scarlett Leithold: 5 Shanina Shaik: 9 Sienna Raine: 6.5 Sima Jakuleviciute: 5
  3. Maggie Rawlins Isabelle Mathers Vika Radchenko Hailey Outland
  4. Me and my friends screaming at a goal during the football match: Our neighbours:
  5. The market capitalization of Amazon is close to $1.7 trillion. It was $900 billion before Covid. Because this douchebag Jeff Bezos feasted on the corpses of small businesses. There he is...
  6. The Amazon stock price has gone up massively since the COVID (like never before). The little scavenger called Bezos has earned shitloads of money, while small businesses have been shutdown everywhere. Was it fair competition? Of course not. So, what the fuck are they waiting to nuke Bezos' stinky oligopoly? This asshole has an ace up his sleeve: he just licks the boots of the PC cultists (by repeating their talking points like a NPC), which gives him immunity. Screw this guy.
  7. Romy Schonberger: 6 Rose Bertram: 5 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 2 Roosmarijn De Kok: 3 Ryann Murphy: 3 Sandra Kaczorovska: 6 Sandra Kubicka: 4 Sara Orrego: 7
  8. Irina Shayk TaHailey Outland Daniela Lopez Osorio Nina Agdal
  9. @Cult Icon you seen this game? I don't remember if we talked about it already. It's really a Souls like game but in a shooter mode. I played it last year. I liked it, it's low budget, but with astute techniques they made it really look good. It was a bit too short for me and I'd have liked more story background - but the gameplay is awesome.
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