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  1. Marie Claire, Hors Série "Respirations", Spring/Summer 2022
  2. Editorial in Femme Actuelle, 23 May 2022
  3. Good choice. The RTX 3060 is a pretty solid GPU. Nvidia has decreased its prices over the past months, especially for the RTX 30 series (they're preparing the market to the new RTX 40 series, which are pretty much going to be absolute beasts). The RTX 30 series is a very good generation of GPU, with performant ray tracing capabilities. You're going to be able to play Cyberpunk with great graphics!
  4. Is that her? She rocks! https://currypsychology.com/therapist/dr-shannon-curry/
  5. This is hilarious I wasn't expecting her to be creative... but, with all her money, she could've, at least, hired her own writers to shape her lies. But that's what happens when everybody rolls out the red carpet for her... it made her lazy.
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