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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the answer
  2. Well done, buddy! And congratulations!
  3. She has the potential to become a star (if she knows how to use it).
  4. Oh no... so sad to see the woke simpletons from Hollywood in the midst of a collapse Goodbye, dear NPCs
  5. @Cult Icon What are your favorite knights' tales? (regardless of the context: it can be historical, fantasy, modern, futuristic, sci-fi, etc.)
  6. I found her on the interne. I'm pretty sure I know this model (probably active around 5-10 years ago). Any idea? Thanks in advance friends
  7. Meve is a really good "strong female character", unlike most of what Hollywood has produced in the past decade. She has merits and she is followed because of her actions, not just because she's a woman. She's not a Mary Sue and she has strong principles, she's not a superficial character like Captain Marvel, Michael Burnham and all these very forgettable characters. Polish and Japanese writers are way better than American writers now (the Murican writers might get replaced by AI pretty soon )
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