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  1. https://www.halens.se/ These guys used to have pictures with her all over the place! I will call Stefan Löfven and tell him to order them to hire her again. I'll say that the WHO asked for it
  2. @Matt! The world needs more photoshoots with Andrea. What is Sweden doing and can I send a formal request to Stefan Löfven?
  3. Lucile Woodward is a French fitness teacher and sports coach on YouTube and Instagram. She runs the most visited fitness blog in France and hosts a weekly fitness part in the TV show "Les Maternelles" on France 5. Her fitness videos on Youtube have so far generated nearly 30 million views.
  4. Elle Trowbridge Georgia Gibbs Bojana Krsmanovic Xian Mikol
  5. It's been a while since we haven't seen some new work from Andrea. She's still one of the most professional models we know, IMHO. It's a shame that there aren't more of her work out there.
  6. Well, you're welcome. If we can still find some ways to smile in today's world, that's great.
  7. ^ also, I'm shocked that they didn't go to the galaxy far far away to find the actor that played Anakin..... Wookies should be played by wookies and E.T. should've been played by E.T. Dogs in cartoons should be dubbed by dogs. Ain't that dogphobia if they aren't?
  8. This world is absolutely ridiculous. Now, it's forbidden to act. BTW, I'm shocked that they didn't ask Churchill to play in his movie in 2017. Only Churchill can play Churchill. Well, the same goes for Ghandi, Freddie Mercury, Napoleon or Nicholas II. Why didn't they ask them? Gee, I really wonder why When people bow down before the bullies, things get ugly. Being compassionate should not be incompatible with using brains... Soo, it's all about power.
  9. RIP Ennio Morricone, one of the best of the best. 🎼 🎶
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