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Found 23 results

  1. Marie Claire is an international fashion magazine, created in France in 1937. It is published in these countries: - Australia and New Zealand (Since 1995) - Belgium, Flemish edition (Since 1990) - Belgium, Flemish edition (Since 1961) - Brazil (Since 1991) - China (Since 2002) - France (Since 1937) - Greece (Since 1988) - Hong Kong (Since 1990) - India (Since 2006) - Italia (Since 1987) - Japan (Since 1982) - Malaysia (Since 1994) - Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rica, Venezuela (Since 1991) - Netherlands (Since 1990) - Philippines (Since 2005) - UK (Since 1988) - Russia (Since 1997) - South Africa (Since 1997) - South Korea (Since 1993) - Spain (Since 1987) - Switzerland (Since 2003) - Taiwan (Since 1993) - Thailand (Since 2004) - Turkey (Since 1988) - USA (1994) Please share your covers and editorials from any edition of this magazine.
  2. Factice magazine models

    Factice a French Fashion Magazine (it deals with Fashion / Photography / Beauty / Style / Art / Design). It started in 2011. Please share here their covers and editorials.
  3. Elegant magazine models

    Elegant magazine is both an online and printed magazine. Please share and post here their covers or editorials. You have to know the name of the models (No IDs please)
  4. Det Nye Magazine Models

    Det Nye Magazine Model List NO IDS. First name and agency or full name needed.
  5. Wienerin Magazine Models

    Wienerin Magazine Models This is an Austrian Magazine.
  6. Blvd. Magazine

    Blvd Magazine Covers and Editorials. Please label if you can.
  7. She Magazine UK

    She Magazine was a women's fashion and lifestyle magazine in the UK. I am trying to find as many covers and editorials from this defunct magazine as possible.
  8. Eurowoman Magazine Models

    Eurowoman Magazine Covers and Editorial placed here
  9. Marie France Magazine Models

    Marie France Magazine Models Cover and Editorials NO ID REQUESTS. You don't have to know the name of the model for this thread.
  10. Mujer Magazine

    A list of Models who have worked for Mujer Magazine
  11. Style Magazine by The Sunday Times in London
  12. Damernas Varld

    Damernas Varld is a Swedish magazine first published in 1942.
  13. Telva magazine models

    Scans of Telva magazine cover models and editorial models. Telva is a women's fashion magazine published in Spain,
  14. Alt for Damerne Models

    Alt for Damerne Cover Models and Editorial Models. Must know full name or first name and agency to post.
  15. Femina Magazine Models

    Femina Magazine Denmark Cover Models and Editorial Models. Must know full name or first name and agency to post.
  16. In Mode Magasinset Models

    In Mode Magasinset Cover Models and Editorial Models. In order to post, you must have their full name or first name and agency.
  17. Henne Magazine Models

    Grethe Moberg @ Team Models Oslo
  18. Fur Sie Magazine Models

    Anita Olckers @ Clear Models Munich & PMA Models Hamburg
  19. Freundin Cover Models

    Britta Luber (formerly of Mega Models Hamburg/ now with MGM Models)