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  1. Irina Shayk Adriana Lima Mariama Diallo Blanca Padilla
  2. Hahah, Hannah is clearly a fav in the competions. I think it's funny to see that the House of Diamonds clearly (for me) are really the most beautiful girls so we voted right 😁 Thank you for the competition PinkCouture!
  3. Mariama Diallo Xian Mikol Adriana Lima Vita Sidorkina
  4. Oh ofcourse that makes sense. I also really hoped she would end higher Thank you for you answer.
  5. To be honest I really don’t understand this.. maybe someone is willing to explain it to me? 7 people voted that Sara would ‘beat’ Alexina, 1 more than Emily, then why is Sara dropped to tier 23 instead of 12?
  6. Alina Kirchiu Robin Holzken Mariama Diallo Bregje Heinen
  7. Josie Lane vs. Juli Mery 10x0 Margaux Brazhnyk vs. Olga de Mar 8x2 Gertrud Kiisa
  8. Valeria Rudenko V Daniela Lopez Osorio Sara Sampiao Robin Holzken
  9. Melody Le vs. Sara Orrego 3 x 7 Colleen Cole vs. Solveig Mork Hansen 5 x 5 Lily Easton vs. Vika Radchenko 5 x 5
  10. Robin Holzken Alexina Graham Bella Hadid Rose Bertram
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