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  1. Tier 6 Xian Mikol V Yulia Rose Emily Deyt-Aysage V Elle Trowbridge Kelly Gale V Lea Mohr Annie Morrissey V Hailey Outland
  2. Model Focus - Kelly Gale Matches Played
  3. Results Elle Trowbridge 11 V Georgia Fowler 8 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 7 V Hailey Outland 12 Lea Mohr 10 V Alessandra Ambrosio 9 Yulia Rose 10 V Robin Holzken 9 Tier 7 Hailey Outland Elle Trowbridge Lea Mohr Yulia Rose Tier 8 Robin Holzken Alessandra Ambrosio Georgia Fowler Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (You can view the full Top 101 here)
  4. Tier 7 Elle Trowbridge V Georgia Fowler Rosie Huntington-Whiteley V Hailey Outland Lea Mohr V Alessandra Ambrosio Yulia Rose V Robin Holzken
  5. Model Focus - Elle Trowbridge Elle was nominated into the Top 101 in June last year, and hasn't left the top 50 after jumping up in July. Since December she has been steadily climbing higher, and is currently at an all time high ranking of #26. Matches Played
  6. Results Robin Holzken 10 V Anna-Christina Schwartz 9 Colleen Cole 9 V Alessandra Ambrosio 10 Hanna Edwinson 7 V Georgia Fowler 12 Vita Sidorkina 7 V Hailey Outland 12 Tier 8 Georgia Fowler Hailey Outland Robin Holzken Alessandra Ambrosio Tier 9 Colleen Cole Anna-Christina Schwartz Hanna Edwinson Vita Sidorkina (You can view the full Top 101 here)
  7. Tier 8 Robin Holzken V Anna-Christina Schwartz Colleen Cole V Alessandra Ambrosio Hanna Edwinson V Georgia Fowler Vita Sidorkina V Hailey Outland
  8. Model Focus - Robin Holzken Matches Played
  9. Results Georgia Fowler 12 V Chandler Bailey 8 Alessandra Ambrosio 11 V Maggie Rawlins 9 Anna-Christina Schwartz 11 V Celine Farach 9 Doutzen Kroes 8 V Hailey Outland 12 Tier 9 Georgia Fowler Hailey Outland Alessandra Ambrosio Anna-Christina Schwartz Tier 10 Maggie Rawlins Celine Farach Doutzen Kroes Chandler Bailey (You can view the full Top 101 here)
  10. Tier 9 Georgia Fowler V Chandler Bailey Alessandra Ambrosio V Maggie Rawlins Anna-Christina Schwartz V Celine Farach Doutzen Kroes V Hailey Outland
  11. Model Focus - Georgia Fowler Matches Played
  12. Results Mariama Diallo 7 V Maggie Rawlins 13 Kelsey Merritt 9 V Celine Farach 12 Sarah Stephens 10 V Chandler Bailey 11 Alina Kirchiu 4 V Hailey Outland 17 Tier 10 Hailey Outland Maggie Rawlins Celine Farach Chandler Bailey Tier 11 Sarah Stephens Kelsey Merritt Mariama Diallo Alina Kirchiu (You can view the full Top 101 here)
  13. Mariama Diallo Kelsey Merritt Chandler Bailey Hailey Outland
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