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  1. Now the magnitude has been corrected to 6.9...
  2. I'm so waiting for this game!!!
  3. Another earthquake.... Much stronger than the last one... 6,7 apparently
  4. Luma Bryana
  5. New one! Thi is by Chuck Berry, true King of Rock N' Roll JOHNNY B. GOODE In a rather Heavy version
  6. I had exactly the same issue on some questions.
  7. I just did: I'm quite surprised by it...
  8. Oh, her legs!!
  9. Kyra Santoro - 7 Miranda Kerr - 4 Blanca Padilla - 5 Anna Ewers - 4 Liu Wen - 5 Elyse Knowles - 7.2 Jac Jagaciak - 5.5 Jacqueline Oloniceva - 8
  10. 1. Heidi Klum 2. Marisa Miller 3. Alice Peneaca 4. Lara Stone 5. Bryana Holly 6. Rachel Mortenson 7. Brooke Buchanan 8. Gigi Paris 9. Adriana Lima 10. Sandra Kubicka 11. Rayanne Bitancourt
  11. Clara Alonso [1] Hailey Outland [1]
  12. I remember taking this like 10 years ago
  13. So beautiful in those b&w pics!! Thanks @aguusmaltes!
  14. Usually we don't even use the Spanish word for "earthquake" if it's lower than 7
  15. Emily Didonato [3] Gisele Bundchen [5]