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  1. Recordings Of You Guys

    Something original! This is from my last album Fuego Y Sangre Dark Magic
  2. Best Vogue Cover Competition

    Cindy Vogue UK January 1990
  3. European Models Tournament

    Marloes Horst Rozanne Verduin Fabienne Hagedorn Hanna Verhees
  4. Now Playing

    ^ Never heard of him... sounds good.
  5. I Am...

    Wishing all the disgraces to the pair of fuckers who gave dislike to this
  6. Best Magazine Photoshoot; Celebrity Edition.

    Emma Watson; Vogue Italia 2008. Sophie Turner; Town & Country UK Magazine January 2015.
  7. 2018 SI Swimsuit

  8. Alexina Graham

    I actually have no idea who is she I only know she's not Alexina
  9. Alexina Graham

    ^ That's not Alexina...
  10. Best Magazine Photoshoot;

  11. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    I hadn't listened to this song in years! Yes, I like it. -------- I'm MUCH LESS tired than I thought I would be. The wonders of training!!
  12. Alexina Graham

    She's so hot....
  13. European Models Tournament

    Doutzen Kroes Rianne ten Haken Sylvia Geersen Loren Kemp
  14. Recordings Of You Guys

    Thanks!! It's been a LONG time since I did a song by Led Zeppelin actually... Thank you! This was by far the most complex cover I've done till now. So many different instrumental and vocal parts on this song.
  15. Best Magazine Photoshoot;

    Barbara Palvin; LUI Magazine December 2016 Not even close