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  1. Made it to the top 5!! Thanks for the comp @Prettyphile ! VERY interesting results!
  2. Leeeeeegs! Thanks @KarolinaLover !
  3. Stormbringer

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    Eargasms 🇨🇱
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    Chilean music for this 18 of September 🇨🇱
  5. I'll go with Smash Mouth! (RIP Steve Harwell....) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 399: Iron Maiden against themselves with Prowler As originally released in their 1980 debut album with Paul Di'Anno on vocals: Re-recorded in 1988 with Bruce Dickinson on vocals:
  6. There's a 'Miscellaneous' thread. That's, in my opinion, the most appropriate place for these kind of pictures to go.
  7. New stuff with my clones! This time turning the mega-hit THE LOOK by Roxette into Hard Rock I hope you like it!
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