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  1. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I know a lot of amputees personally who are very sexy!!!
  2. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I think she didn't know what suits they were going to give her so she didn't want anything that might clash with her outfits. The safest bet was use a basic prosthesis so she went with the Black one. If she went with a Nude color one it might not exactly match her skin tone which would look weird on camera, and if she went with a designed one it might look too tacky. Besides, it takes a awhile to get new a prosthesis made and you need to get used to them. She probably went with the black one b/c she has already adjusted to it. Not only that, prosthesis are expensive and getting coverage & reimbursement from insurance is complicated.
  3. American Model Competiton

    Alexis Ren Face: 3.75 Hair: 4 Body: 7.75 Sexiness: 3.75 General: 3 Stephanie Seymour Face: 8 Hair: 8 Body: 8.75 Sexiness: 8.75 General: 8 Taylor Hill Face: 8.25 Hair: 9 Body: 7.25 Sexiness: 6.5 General: 7
  4. Celebrity Scoop IV

    1. Valentina Sampaio (0) 2. Cécile de France (0) 3. Teresa Palmer (0) 4. Alicia Aylies (0) 5. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (0) 6. Lily James (0) 7. Alecia Morais (0) 8. Faretta Radic (0) 9. Lily Easton (2) 10. Teresa Moore (1) 11. Mini Anden (16)

    Poland vs. Australia 1.5 Each Olga Nowotarska vs. Stephanie Rayner = 2 x 1 1.5 Each Netherlands vs. USA Rianne Ten Haken vs. Hailey Clauson = 2 x 1 1.5 Each Daphne Groeneveld vs. Sofia Jamora = 1.80 x 1.20
  6. Best Eyes Competition

    MODEL 1 - Color: 8 - Shape: 6.75 - Overall: 7.5 MODEL 2 - Color: 8 - Shape: 9 - Overall: 8.5 MODEL 3 - Color: 5 - Shape: 3 - Overall: 5 MODEL 4 - Color: 6 - Shape: 7.5 - Overall: 8.25
  7. Elisabeth Giolito [7] Barbara Rodiles [3]
  8. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Round 1 Anthea Page Barbara Rodiles Kelli Seymour Natalie Roser Neta Alchimister Round 2 Anne de Paula Bregje Heinen Carmella Rose Vita Sidorkina Yulia Rose
  9. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Some people wanted me to post Round 1 ASAP instead of waiting for the AM. To set the posting of rounds more consistent I posted 2 rounds within 24 hrs. It should be more regulated from now on -------------------------------------------- If you don't see your nominees this Phase please don't panic. There is a reason why. I will let members affected know via PM Also, if a certain nominees don't make it onto the next Phase please be too don't worry. It might not be the last you will of them
  10. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Ok, maybe for the next round I will have larger thumbnails (I think the largest Imgbox goes to is 350px) and with names on top of each set of thumbnails
  11. Should I send in my photos templated already? When is the deadline again? Thanks!
  12. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    I understand. If the rounds were "easy" then it wouldn't be fun, and some of the more popular models will most likely make it to the final line-up which wouldn't be fair to some of the lesser know models who have just as much potential.