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  1. {name}

    Now Playing

    ^ Don’t blame you, it is a catchy song
  2. @peroxideblonde Would you still like this thread to be open? I know you asked me to close it but for some reason it is open again
  3. {name}

    Electronic Acts

    Went to Spencer Brown’s show a couple days ago. One of the songs he played;
  4. You know she will be back bc SI is the only thing she got going for her
  5. ^Maybe they meant swimwear from Candi’s line will be featured in the issue.
  6. Rose Bertram Barbara Rodiles Hailey Clauson Willow Hand
  7. {name}

    Electronic Acts

    I am not that into Synthwave but song is alright ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 shows, 4 weekends straight. It's going to be LIT #EatSleepRaveRepeat👐👐👐 This song cracks me up b/c it is SOOOOO campy
  8. Pretty sure Rajah is getting the boot soon. I thought Scarlet was annoying so I am glad she got eliminated They should just end the competition now and give Brooke Lynn the crown. She is stiff competition . Then again I could also imagine A'Keria coming out of no where and end up winning This meme sums up how I feel about Plastique: She is not delivering and I have feeling she is going to get the boot soon as well
  9. Tough Round... Luma Grothe Julia Muniz I know it is Ale's BDay, but I pick Liu Stella Trapsh
  10. Would be totally ok if “she” was in SI!!! @Clauds @uberglasses @Glamazonia
  11. Yara Khmidan Candice Blackburn Nina Agdal Anna Christina Schwartz
  12. Might be an unpopular opinion but I would be ok if VS stop doing shows , instead use that money towards an epic Holiday catalog shoot and commercials. I am not saying they should bring back all catalogs but they should at least have an Holiday catalog or look-book of some sort with beautiful photos. Also decent holiday commercials like they did in the 90's and early 00
  13. Although I think she is a bit too good for VS, I am SOOO happy Leomie is an Angel 😇 Let’s hope they give her decent outfits this year if there is a show😜
  14. {name}

    Joker (2019)

    So many haters online already ranting about the film I am actually excited to see this movie!!!
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