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  1. I thought it was funny
  2. ^ At least you are entertained
  3. I think it is often the mockery, especially of something sacred to a culture, that upsets people. There is a fine line between mockery and inclusion & embracing of cultures that people often miss b/c they don't fully understand the situation. Not necessarily their fault. Certain things are often not clearly explained and defined so many people are confused what exactly they did "wrong." That was the most basic response to a more complex and deeper topic
  4. Because I am too tired to go into an explanation ATM, and it is one of those things you either get it (or want to get it) or you don't. I am not here to educate anyone. If someone wants to fully understand the topic there are tons of resources out here. I am also not sure is this one of those topics in which our point of views would be easily changed b/c our social experiences are very different. I could imagine it getting ugly b/c of misunderstandings. However if you are genuinely interested in having an open discussion and understanding why said what I said, perhaps we could do it via PM
  5. I like most veggies except for kale and broccoli. I am sure there are more but those 2 are the ones I could think ATM. My favorite veggies include cucumbers, zucchinis, squashes (summer and butternut), arugula, spinach, just to name a few
  6. This is one of those situations we will agree to disagree
  7. Moment of Silence... Now back to The Celebrity Appresident Fired Board...
  8. You are right. They do look alike but I think MJ is slightly better-looking
  9. Is she associated with anyone famous or well-connected? That is the only reason I could imagine them letting her be one of the top 15. Her face is already tough to look at but when she speaks she comes of as irritating. NO!!!!
  10. I am ok with her body (i know many here will dislike her body), but the face and personality Really SI!?
  11. Could they at least blurred out her face!? #ICant