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  1. Babs and Alexina seem to get along and would be great combo. I know many people would disagree
  2. Either there are too many games/competitions or barely any @lostdiadem & @peroxideblonde you gals need to start something again soon!!!
  3. I think that's part of the reason they gave her a contract b/c she appeals to a slightly older target and they are the ones who could afford VS' products.
  4. That and the fact Kendall has a lot of fans (shocking I knows )
  5. Most people would probably prefer Kendall over Alexina so I could imagine the reactions would be more of a mixed bag.
  6. Imagine if they gave Winnie a contract. The number of ppl with aneurysms...
  7. I was just thinking of Megan and whether or not she has a chance
  8. They are really into Brunettes (and redheads) it seems
  9. Madame Figaro (April 2019) PH: Richard Ramos
  10. As in her lips look like she were sucking something?
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