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  1. Adriana Cernanova
  2. PEROXIDE BLONDES vs WHO'S YOUR GRANDADDY?. Megan Irwin vs Josie Canseco: 3 x 2 Riley Keough x5 Britt Maren vs Georgia May Jagger: 2.50 each Taylor Howard vs Daisy Lowe: 3.50 x 1.50
  3. Melodie Vaxelaire Rubina Dyan Herieth Paul Frederikke Winther
  4. Alexandria Morgan - 2.25 Alena Blohm - 2.50 Izabel Goulart - 2.50 Candice Swanepoel - 3 Hailey Outland - 2.50 Victoria Lee - 3
  5. I think your's added up to 51 so you need to take a point away
  6. @PrettyphileI think your's added up to 52 instead of 50 so you need to take 2 points away
  7. Always giving me hard time! I will take points away from the top 3 then
  8. Candice [10] Taylor [7]
  9. THE INITIAL C vs FLAXEN GODDESSES. Candice Boucher x5 Chrishell Stubbs vs Lada Kravchenko: 3 x 2 2.5 each Catalina Otalvaro vs Daniella Almeida: 1.5 x 3.5
  10. Jasmine LaLaLand
  11. Annie Ericson - 1.25 Emma Stern - 2 Lindsay Ellingson - 3.75 Edita Vilkeviciute - 5 Natalie Morris - 2.25 Camila Morrone - 3
  12. Cayley King Fernanda Ly Gisele Bundchen Rosie Tupper
  13. PHASE IV: The Tipping Point You have 50 points to distribute among the 14 Angels. Each Angel must be given at least one point (in others words no "0's"). If an Angel is given a "0," a point will be deducted from the highest scoring Angel, given to the "0" scoring Angel and so on. Use whatever criteria you want in your scoring. Here are some ideas: - Attractiveness - Mass Appeal - Overall Work for VS - Ability to Promote VS Effectively - How Good of an Angel Adriana, Alessandra, Behati, Candice Elsa, Jasmine, Josephine, Lais Lily, Martha, Romee, Sara Stella, Taylor Templated Photos Gallery Videos ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy & Paste the following onto a new post to score: Adriana: Ale: Behati: Candice: Elsa: Jasmine: Josephine: Lais: Lily: Martha: Romee: Sara: Stella: Taylor:
  14. Why don't you make it 350 so it is a round number?
  15. Candice very likely. Adriana...not so much. Her popularity seem to be decreasing. Where is the full list of competitors?