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  1. Is Leo DiCaprio To Blame For Best Film Oscar Gaffe?
  2. 1. Elizabeth Olsen (0) 2. Jasmine Tookes (3) 3. Abigail Spencer (0) 4. Esti Ginzburg (0) 5. Anne de Paula (1) 6. Rayanne Bitancourt (0) 7. Christen Harper (2) 8. Grace Slick (0) 9. Caitlin Ricketts (1) 10. Jordana Brewster (0)
  3. Candice Boucher Milou Sluis Georgia Fowler Niamh Adkins
  4. SEXY BLONDES vs ICED BRUNETTES. Scarlett Leithold vs Anna Christina Schwartz: 3 x 2 Elyse Knowles vs Xenia Tchoumitcheva: 2.5 each Frida Aasen vs Kassi Smith: 2.5 each Abby Champion vs Gigi Midgley: 2.5 each
  5. Chelcie May Gintare Sudziute Candice Swanepoel Bojana Krsmanovic Kelly Rohrbach Alena Blohm
  6. The attention Sara is getting here is more than Hall & Oates or Starship has ever given her Sara if you are reading this...SMILE!
  7. PART I: BEST PHOTO Phase I: Vantage Points (Round 2) Aly Raisman, Bianca Balti (A), Kate Upton (B) Lais Ribeiro (A), Vita Sidorkina (B) Rate each photo on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the "best" score). In addition to how the model looks please also consider: - The aesthetic of scenery & setting - The mood, feeling and tone of the image - How the photo was shot (camera angle, editing, visual effects, filters, etc.) - How memorable and iconic is the image NOTE: Some rounds may have the same model appearing multiple times. Please note the letter tag in parentheses after the image to indicate how you will enter your vote. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Copy & Paste the following onto a new post to rate Aly Raisman Bianca Balti (A) Kate Upton (B) Lais Ribeiro (A) Vita Sidorkina (B)
  8. Barbara Palvin (A) - 7.5Kate Upton (A) - 8Kate Bock (A) - 7Rose Bertram (A) - 7Vita Sidorkina (A) - 7.25 ------------------------------------ Voting over. A new round will be posted soon All scores and rankings will be posted at the end of the competition. Thank you!
  9. People are really salty about this!
  10. Do you really think that? At this point with all the ridiculousness and BS I wouldn't be surprised. Kimmel said there was suppose to be one more joke involving Damon (he was allegedly backstage ready for it) but bc of the mix up there wasn't enough time. I am a bit skeptical bc during but the whole incident the camera did show Damon in the audience. Unless he cloned himself there was no way he could have been in 2 places at the same time. I see what u did there!
  11. Sad but true I am glad it was corrected bc considering the nominated movies there was no way La La Land was Best Pict. If it was you know it was rigged. You see how Warren threw Faye under the bus???
  13. Bonnie & Clyde hijacked the #Oscar and Clyde ended up throwing Bonnie under the bus! First it was Miss Universe, then the Election, now the Oscars *smh*
  14. Marina Laswick [4] Ditta Kucsik [2]