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  1. JoJa Restock | montages @Bettina Saw-Morgan I hope you don't mind me piggybacking off your post with some larger additions and with montages. 😁
  2. Instagram [2022] | Cannes Flashbacks | montages
  3. Way-Back Wednesday! Behind the behind the scenes triple threat. Elsa, Jasmine, or Jo?
  4. That dress must have had some strong tape to avoid an inadvertent exposure! 🧐
  5. @vatras Wow... 3 hours... that's some dedication! And I thought the roughly 1/2 hour I spent to manually edit the urls, download the original size, and then upload them in 4 parts was a significant yet tedious effort. 😁 Kudos for your efforts! πŸ‘ I think the reason behind the white borders and 2 portrait sized pics per page by Cameron (or his editors) is so the pics are presented in a sort of modelling book fashion, which makes sense from their perspective. My hunch is that Cameron may release an actual book of his photos if there is a business case to support one... kind of like what Russell James has done with his shoots and books.
  6. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit [2020] | montages
  7. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit [2020] | montages
  8. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit [2019] | montages
  9. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit [2020] | montages
  10. @[email protected] and other Bikini Lover converts... Here's the original source in case anyone is interested: https://cameronhammond.com/bl-x-elsa-hosk @vatras you'll have to issue the complaint of the "stupid white borders" up with Cameron. I want to see Cameron do a BL shoot with Taylor next. πŸ™
  11. Victoria's Secret VSX [2013] - Behind the Scenes | montages
  12. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit [2013] | montages
  13. Maxim [Sept/Oct 2021] coalesced and cropped/resized to 4K, suitable for use as desktop wallpapers HQ (no text) Digital Print
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