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  1. I'm not either, but they were such a cute couple and I like it when they are happy.
  2. They definitely photoshopped out Hailey's nipples. How did they go from "do my nipples offend you?" to "nipples are offensive".
  3. I was excited for Duckie Thot, but her shoot isnt that great imo.
  4. Is she and Rianne together? I haven't seen Rianne with Freja in a long time. But Rianne is so insanely sarcastic its hard to tell.
  5. Its funny you unironically use that term, and you only come out every year with some sort of double speak for bigotry. Get some real priorities in your life.
  6. Also if it anything like the previous two years, why would somebody want to pay 8 dollars for a collectors item that falls apart on the shelf.
  7. I guess they do. This brand has been shuffled between 3 different companies in the past 4 years. Who knows what is going on. What is for sure is the prevailing attitude is sexy cant sell anymore. Even though anybody with a brain can push boundaries using sexuality. But it so much more simpler to appear vaguely "progressive".
  8. I wonder if its really MJ. Shes been with them like what since 2013 or before that? The direction change has to be coming from above her.
  9. What a damn joke? Between Kim Ks child labor and wage theft, and Musk's emerald mines. "pay with change" amirite?
  10. All things considered its an improvement over the last few years I think. Some of these pictures are actually sexy for once. I didn't expect those photos of Lorena Duran.
  11. Looks fine to me, all of them are experienced models. Dont see much of what is wrong here. And the chinese campaign is an example of wokeness? Good lord goes to show nobody who uses the word woke has no idea what they're talking about. I'm quite disappointed about the open racism exhibited here. Poisons the well of reasonable discussion here.
  12. So she gets pregnant and falls of the public face of the earth. A shame, but I hope she's happy.
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