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  1. So I've just realized that she had a twin sister, and now I wonder how many times I've seen what I thought was Ruth but it was actually May.
  2. Honestly if its him I dont agree with it. We are a lot less mature when we are 15, when you this young the amount of changes you go through is a lot and you change very quickly. Teenagers are stupid.
  3. Not sure whether to just laugh at what this issue has become, or just be happy for the guy.
  4. Well I concede. I was so very wrong. Congratulations to our queen and her king.
  5. Shes killing the white walls
  6. Confirmed not pregnant. But in all seriousness shes probably take a little bit of a break to spend time with her husband. Even Vittoria Ceretti's flow of work has been slowing down since she got married as well.
  7. The previews thus far do not look bad. I truly thought they were dead after last year. I mean I know since they are leaning heavily on what are effectively not models with the swim search this year but whatever. I'll move SI Swim up to life support status.
  8. Harper's Bazaar Vietnam has been putting out unexpectedly good editorials lately in what I assume is a very minor edition.
  9. She's got such an amazing and unique look, I wish she had more work.
  10. You should just watch the entire miniseries, pretty good.
  11. So far it has appeared her only definition of being on a special path and being her true self is in denying science.
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