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  1. Super Identity

    Lovely Alyce Paris model with fair skin and dark red hair

    OK, both of your pictures are in this album when you click further (with almost invisible (>) signs on the right, if you hover over the picture) on Emilie Waters Instagram page. Case Closed! Emilie Waters.
  2. Super Identity

    Lovely Alyce Paris model with fair skin and dark red hair

    @justwastingtime Hi! Technology (and my eyes) propose Emilie Waters. https://www.instagram.com/emiliewaters/ https://www.pmtm.com/models.php?id=391&Emilie-Waters I'm not familiar enough with both. What do you think? I believe it's very likely because I found your picture 2 was for the brand "Alyce" (It's on this website) https://madamebridal.com/alyce-paris-60031.html and Emilie Waters has worked for them too - see this picture. If this is correct this would be just another success for my method. Took like 3 minutes or so this time. Gonna make a video about this once I finished my trailer music album.
  3. Super Identity

    Who is she? (Asos model)

    Cool, Thanx! Gonna have to make a video about this "method" at some point. Quite easy actually but doesn't seem to be used a lot otherwise a lot of those posts wouldn't exist. Maybe it can be a tip on a stable place or so... 6 serious attempts - 5 successes. I'm quite excited.
  4. Super Identity

    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Hi! I'm testing a way of identifying unknown models and gave 2 or 3 Model ID threads a shot - just to make it difficult on me. Now, I'm just curious - I'm not at all sure about this one case here, so I would be happy if you'd let me know whether you think she is identified or not. (can you see the link?) I personally had great success with it and found 2 models I was searching within a few minutes. I have to use technology (and nerves, haha) because I know nothing about the whole fashion and model thing and how others get their infos. Thanks!
  5. Super Identity

    Who is she? (Asos model)

    @Monij I could be Katerina Svetla. Not really sure though... https://www.instagram.com/katasvetla/ https://blowmodels.com/model/katerina-svetla/
  6. Super Identity

    Zalando models ID

    You're welcome. Ended up also wanting to find her pretty bad. Wasn't entirely sure, but it seemed to be her to me and you also agree - so all good! A major cutie indeed... I guess if we would've went in the same class (as German fellows haha) I would've been rendered into an entirely incompetent dreamer and gotten even worse grades than I do, haha... That search thing is actually a bit complicated (or I'm to tired to be able to simplify it, haha): I was using mainly this page: https://www.prepostseo.com/reverse-image-search (select Bing as search engine when it asks you after upload is completed) When Bing opens with the image search you can also click on the little magnifier/loupe symbol that is on the picture if it is fully uploaded. Then you can for example select that you only want to search for the face (roughly) and if you get it right it might give you pictures of the same person. But then you still have to find out who it is. That is the annoying part. You'll have to click through a bunch of the suggested pictures and see where they come from because some might be from a model agency, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc etc or a magazine that reveals the name of the model on the picture. You can also exclude some adresses, as for example Zalando or others that merely try to sell a product will most likely not have such information. But if it's the same girl on a picture that comes from Pinterest, a fashion spead or (Jackpot!) a model agency it is likely that you will find some information. I also tried that with many different images (including new ones of the same model Bing found for me) because some images produce more interesting (or at least different) results than others. Then I was also using https://pimeyes.com/en/ for direct face recognization. It wasn't much more usefull in that case here (just lead me to more Zalando images) but in other cases it might directly find picture of the same model coming from a source that tells who it is. That site shows you the similar pictures (sorted in order of accuracy) with Url (the source where the picture comes from) I came up with all this stuff just days ago because I searched a model I had photographed from an ad at Midnight in the city. Was sucessful after minutes when (Bing) came up with a picture of the same model that was from her agency. Easy game in this case. I tried your other model a bit but had no sucess... maybe you will though. If any f this makes sense - Didn't sleep the last 24 hours and am still busy, haha I'm gonna make a video about that at some point where I can show this all much better and post it here (maybe someone even puts it in a sticky thread because I now already had 2 great sucesses with this and it doesn't seem a popular method - most people don't seem to now that Bing is a nice face search engine - especially if you reduce the search field to the face by clicking on the magnifier/loupe symbol and then selecting the area...).
  7. Super Identity

    Zalando models ID

    Hi! @Isseyriot First of all - dam you! Now I'm having mini crush on the first one and want to find her as well! I'm not quite sure but it could be Tijana Becker. https://www.instagram.com/tijanabecker/ Some pictures look more similar than others... At least she looks very similar, face and figure wise. And has her hair curly and straight... like the girl on the pictures. And she is German, just like another Zalando model I knew from Germanys Next Topmodel. Since both models (if they are not the same) have a bit of a "normal" and not so unusual face (although super adorable!!) I'm not really sure. I got all my results with stressful picture and face recognization research and also found plenty of pictures that should also be her. Most of it is Zalando as well. And 95% should also be her. Here comes the load!
  8. Super Identity

    Paulina Frankowska

    Unknown origin. All from Premium Models Portfolio.
  9. Super Identity

    Skylar Tartz

    Oh man, she has such a special look. I want to write a cinematic, poignant James Newton Howard style theme if I see her... Unknown Vogue Japan - Go West (April 2018)
  10. Super Identity

    The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Ahh... I just stumbled across this and am... confused. Read the text under the picture. Here's my confusion: I'm 97 percent sure that if I were a woman watching this I would be depressed. I mean... if one almost invisible stripe and... what ever more (truly considerable) "imperfections" there are supposed to be on this picture is anything of serious note then... ... ... oh, oh... no, really. I personally would not think "hu - what does this weird, raw looking picture do here" if it would appear in a fashion mag. It also didnt strike as considerably raw as I just saw it. If any non-model woman feels better after seeing this - great! But I'd find that very confusing... As an average guy I would be pissed if a tall, ribbed, shimmering model guy would approach me at the pool and say: "hey, do you see this (almost invisible) stripe? And this tiny hubble on my arm? We're all in the same boat, mate"... *walks away at his gig for Calvin Klein* How could I have a problem with people ahem - women feeling good in their skin. And I don't - at face value. And yet this body positive stuff almost always bewilders the hell out of me and strikes me as deeply incoherant. Especially if it comes from models...
  11. I think they are models. They could also be actresses but... propably both. They also look pretty similar, but are two individuals I think. They appeared in seperate episodes of a german TV show called Galileo. Maybe you know them - thanks for watching regardless!
  12. Super Identity

    In search of some lovely models

    Oh, right - it's four not five... Thank you for the three!
  13. Super Identity

    In search of some lovely models

    Hi! Initially I searched 4 models. Three have been indentified, now only number 1 in this video is left. Thanks for stopping by.
  14. Super Identity

    The Political Correctness Haters' Club

    They learn that LOL is already a meaningful contribution to a conversation.
  15. Super Identity

    The Political Correctness Haters' Club

    Yea, but they still keep discussing. They actually have no plan and aren't really interested in anything but keep discussing things - they just want to put themselves on moral highgrounds by being hyper progressive or deliberatly try to be offensive and controversial by being overtly right leaning.* I call this pop-politics. *