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  1. @Barnicky How about the the incredibly elusive model Anastasia Rasch Murphy? Was quite a difficult trip - I personally didn't care much about finding her but I get pretty obsessive when I start investigating anyway. 😛 If it's her you are probably in bad luck - the only thing around from here on the web seems to be a private instagram account under the same name and a few left over pictures when searching on google. However when uploading the pictures you posted on Yandex reverse image search you'll still find a lot of images. Well, hope it's a good find at least. Can't be sure! (Anastasia pix for reference)
  2. And some moar.. Instagram & 1 or 2 unattributed.
  3. Tash Wolf She is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Australia/Sydney, 21 (in 2020). Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tashwolf/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcBlJq-SafDY6kPGbeBlVjQ/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tashwolfy/ Some years ago (around 2015 plus/minus) she did some modeling (The Agency and maybe some others) but seems to have completely stopped at this point. Instagram selects. 3 & 4 from unknown shoot. By the way, I cannot believe that she didn't have a BZ page yet! I've been searching 5 times or so, because I just didn't buy it haha... she has about 350.000 followers on Insta. How's that possible she hasn't been here till now?
  4. Hi there! I'm looking for a background dancer, so it's not 100% a "model ID" thread but I had no idea where else to post and a lot of dancers are doing some modelling as well - and she has the look for it IMO so it might still be right. She was on stage with Dua Lipa at a live performance on the OnePlus festival in 2019. She was always fairly blurred out somehow, despite the video being in HD, so I did some odd sharpening. Gives the pics a rough look but also makes her more recognizable. Many thanks for any tips or of course her name. 😊
  5. Oh, didn't see the comment by Kimflorida. We agree then. 😛
  6. @mzY 3 is probably Courtney Johnson. https://www.instagram.com/courtneyjohnson1223/?hl=en She also has a YT channel by the way. https://www.youtube.com/user/courtibug12/videos
  7. 2 is Rachel Moore. https://www.model-management.de/book/mai/rachel-moore-1248 By the way, this should be in the general Model ID thread. I don't think the images have anything to do with Celdweller.
  8. @caesar0-1 1 and 4 are hard to identify with one making a funky face and the other's face being very distant, blurred by hair and sideways. I still found number 1. Julia Almendra. https://www.instagram.com/julia.almendra/?hl=en The picture is even on her Instagram.
  9. Hi! I'm luckily 95% of times able to identify models I search on my own, even some non-models. But this one is part of the outliers that I just cannot find. The reason here is probably that her face is never entirely visible in any of the pictures that I saw of her. It's always half covered by her hair. That's probably why all image search engines fail to "understand" her face and find more of her, which would then lead to a name. Of course she might additionally be very unknown. I find her look very fascinating + she has certainly the prettiest nose I've ever seen. So, I hope someone can identify her...
  10. Looks accurate to me. My image search methods also lead me to her. @kimflorida Your knowledge of models is supernatural! 🤩 Here is another portfolio of her - another one than the one linked in her Instagram description. http://www.newmodels.com.tr/index.php/woman-mainboard/galeri/mainboard-woman/maja-d/ And here I cool shooting with her I came across. http://inaseyerphotography.blogspot.com/2013/08/sapphire-and-steel.html Oh, and an old model book. She isn't on the m4models site anymore, also not the individual pictures, but this file still exists. https://www.m4models.de/models/2100/pdf/Maja-Dejanovic-modelbook.pdf
  11. Nice!! Feeling better about my extremely rare reverse image failure. She not a model at all, but literally the photographers sister or so... Would've been so easy if she'd liked the image posted by the photographer. He insta account (private, but just 22 pics) literally uses the same picture. https://www.instagram.com/valentine.reygaerts/?hl=de
  12. There is a kinda rare "butt-look" that I'm obsessed with. 😛 I have looked through many pages here and haven't such a butt, like for instance that of Josephine Skriver or Karlie Kloss. I know only very few others - HELP plz! 🙃 I'd love to find more models with this... I don't know of a term... it's some shape, some kind of definition.. Not just a round peachy cheek but some "toning", often kinda subtle. I guess my term is "toned butt" then, haha. I'm not talking about some over the top fitness models or injections. Just all natural models with that kind of edge. Josephine Skriver is the very best example I know of at the moment. *these shadows really help bring this toning out. Gets more subtle towards the right. Ah, and here a little montage feat Karlie Kloss and 1 unknown model with "toned butt" thingy. 😄
  13. Hmm... perhaps this is the origin? A stockfoto for free usage. https://www.maxpixel.net/Model-Person-Fashion-Portrait-Beautiful-Grass-1844724 ** Would make sense, since her picture is used in many different places for many different things. Ads, articles etc... no more info though, not even on who published it. That will make it a pain to find her via image search, since all sorts of random places will use her picture. **Attention! Trying to download the picture leads to a money grab advert site. But you can still download the image... I'll simply post it here so noone has to go through that mess. HQ. I'd suggest you upload a face only cut (easy cropping tools on the internet) to yandex.com's picture search. Then check the results. A ton of websites who used the pictures, but perhaps also some interesting results. That method worked really well in 90% of searches. I can't spend more time on her ATM. PS: But I'll also note that she is intriguingly similar to a model I've been searching... Alyona Petrusha. She was almost unfindable.
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