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  1. Looks accurate to me. My image search methods also lead me to her. @kimflorida Your knowledge of models is supernatural! 🤩 Here is another portfolio of her - another one than the one linked in her Instagram description. http://www.newmodels.com.tr/index.php/woman-mainboard/galeri/mainboard-woman/maja-d/ And here I cool shooting with her I came across. http://inaseyerphotography.blogspot.com/2013/08/sapphire-and-steel.html Oh, and an old model book. She isn't on the m4models site anymore, also not the individual pictures, but this file still exists. https://www.m4models.de/models/2100/pdf/Maja-Dejanovic-modelbook.pdf
  2. Nice!! Feeling better about my extremely rare reverse image failure. She not a model at all, but literally the photographers sister or so... Would've been so easy if she'd liked the image posted by the photographer. He insta account (private, but just 22 pics) literally uses the same picture. https://www.instagram.com/valentine.reygaerts/?hl=de
  3. There is a kinda rare "butt-look" that I'm obsessed with. 😛 I have looked through many pages here and haven't such a butt, like for instance that of Josephine Skriver or Karlie Kloss. I know only very few others - HELP plz! 🙃 I'd love to find more models with this... I don't know of a term... it's some shape, some kind of definition.. Not just a round peachy cheek but some "toning", often kinda subtle. I guess my term is "toned butt" then, haha. I'm not talking about some over the top fitness models or injections. Just all natural models with that kind of edge. Josephine Skriver is the very best example I know of at the moment. *these shadows really help bring this toning out. Gets more subtle towards the right. Ah, and here a little montage feat Karlie Kloss and 1 unknown model with "toned butt" thingy. 😄
  4. Hmm... perhaps this is the origin? A stockfoto for free usage. https://www.maxpixel.net/Model-Person-Fashion-Portrait-Beautiful-Grass-1844724 ** Would make sense, since her picture is used in many different places for many different things. Ads, articles etc... no more info though, not even on who published it. That will make it a pain to find her via image search, since all sorts of random places will use her picture. **Attention! Trying to download the picture leads to a money grab advert site. But you can still download the image... I'll simply post it here so noone has to go through that mess. HQ. I'd suggest you upload a face only cut (easy cropping tools on the internet) to yandex.com's picture search. Then check the results. A ton of websites who used the pictures, but perhaps also some interesting results. That method worked really well in 90% of searches. I can't spend more time on her ATM. PS: But I'll also note that she is intriguingly similar to a model I've been searching... Alyona Petrusha. She was almost unfindable.
  5. I do!! Also in magazines, where sometimes everything up to earrings are credited but not the model. You could do the cumbersome work of checking all accounts that liked the image. Click on likes to see them... Perhaps she left a like. I already checked some but didn't find her. Perhaps you will...
  6. Enchanted beyond words once again... I sometimes wonder how any human can be so beautiful...
  7. If you're really passionate you can go to their instagram and scroll through their freakin' millions of posts till you see a picture of her. Just a tip, in case noone knows her and you're extremely desperate. It's a pain to do. https://www.instagram.com/citybeachaustralia/ And then check if they tagged or mentioned her. They often do that with models. I found some models like that, but if a brand has so insanely many posts... it's a pain. I also sometimes check likes... perhaps the model liked and I recognize her profile. But in this case you have an average of 3000 likes... trouble.
  8. Ahem... is that perhaps her? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6757371/ Then she is a porn actress. But hey... possible. Why shouldn't a porn actress do some modeling here and there?
  9. Here are some pictures I found online via reverse image search (yandex). She seems to be very prolific in the asian industry. She appeared in lot of asian campaigns. Which makes sense, since there is some evidence that Alyona was in an asian model agency, but is no longer there now. So, I guess it's all her. She also appeared in these videos (at the end) And here
  10. I think that could be her. Alyona Danilova. https://modelnyeagentstva.com/novosti-modelnyh-agentstv/modelyami-ne-rozhdayutsya-modelyami-stanovyatsya-blagodarya-pravilno But good luck finding more of her online. Her instagram page doesn't work and model agencies usually list first name only (annoying). And there are a million models named Alyona.
  11. I think the chances of missing jobs because of tedious "Alice Model" etc searches which noone has time for are much greater than being stalked. You can't even stalk someone just because you know their full name. My name is Lionel Schmitt, I expect you on my door tomorrow afternoon haha... A serious stalker will also get your full name based on your first and a picture + your job (model - public). Even I manage that (it's just annoying) and I'm not even a stalker haha... But a potential client doesn't have time for that. The models themselves almost always note their full name on Instagram (or other platforms) so probably not really something that is in their interest.
  12. *Rant* What's the thing with models last names being withheld? 99% of agencies (Elite being a nice exception) are like "Ksenia" "Jana" "Mandy" "Alice" etc... or sometimes they like to play and give away the first letter "Alice B" or "Mandy L". Same with catalogs. Photographer: John Manson Makeup: Jennifer Lynn Model: Alice. Drives me crazy haha... usually reverse image search is more effective than searching for "Ksenia Model" or god help "Alice model" haha...
  13. @CarlosLuciano Perhaps (a younger picture of) Christian Jorgensen? I don't have a good eye for male models. Just thought I try my search methods on a dude, for fun. http://hayleyatwel.blogspot.com/2011/04/christian-jorgensen.html https://scoopmodels.com/models/men/christian-joergensen/
  14. I'm very deep into reverse image searching. And because of that I luckily found one the models now - the one I wanted to find the most. It was insanely complicated, but worked. Via reverse image search techniques and further investigation. I just thought there may be some agencies that feature primarily stockphoto models. Basically go-to places of photographers. This could be rather helpful in some cases. I have no idea about the modeling business itself...
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