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America's Next Top Model


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lol....lluvy is from modesto.  :laugh:  :laugh:  :laugh:  

i wonder if she is assyrian.

My husband and I just bought our third home in Sacramento, there are quite a few assyrian's in the area so she could be.

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Ooo, see I didn't know her irl name..

Yanno what's kind sad.. I had no idea what an assyrian person was till we bought the home in Sacto :blink: :( I grew up in the Wine Country with a bunch of wealthy, uptight, 50 year old, country clubbin, old money people.. About the only people I ever saw or met growing up were "White" prep kids or Latino kids.. It wasn't till I was a junior in High School that I even spoke to an African American.. :huh: :blink:

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