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  1. {name}

    House, MD

    i liked the part when he was like do you drink? Yeah, why? You're the right age maybe we can drink together at the same place, maybe even eat dinner.
  2. {name}


    haha, i was going to capture that one lastnight
  3. {name}

    House, MD

    im hoping for some love triangle this season btwn cuddy, house and cameron....i personally would go with cameron
  4. {name}

    House, MD

    well it was more wilson not cutty. he has a point that house does need to hear "no" more often and that he cant always get what he wants (no pun intended ) I did feel bad for House though because most of his cases are solved by pure luck but now that he isnt crippled he cant be trusted so to speak.
  5. hey i read it as the way i deduce it so when you said 100% sex i was like hell fuckin yeah!
  6. as i say she oozes sex....maybe he meant along those lines?
  7. {name}

    Your funeral song!

    dammit you stole my song, preferable sung by frank the tank ha i win *FRANK THE TANK, FRANK THE TANK, FRANK THE TANK*
  8. {name}

    Your funeral song!

    Dust in the Wind by Kansas....you're my boy blue!
  9. i think im going to have to call some of my hook ups to get PS3 for 2/3 of the price that its going to be offered.....thank god for hook ups....i got my ps2 for 100 bucks when it was still like 300 bucks
  10. well i prefer sony over microsoft....so i have to have a sony before microsoft
  11. PS2, Xbox, game cube (for having purposes) next on the list is PS3 and then Xbox 360.
  12. {name}

    House, MD

    starts tonight and house runs 8 miles!
  13. you're 3 hours ahead of me
  14. I just got it 5 minutes ago. I had to go to school first
  15. {name}

    Amy Smart

    she good looking in person? I her eyes you know it, she's hot in person!
  16. {name}

    Brooke Burns

    another example of a blonde looking better as a brunette
  17. {name}

    Amy Smart

    she bought glasses from us like 2 months ago, I was walking in as she was getting ready to leave
  18. smoked, quit for 3 years now
  19. the worst thing to ever happen to the miami heat was when they lost jessica, she was their head cheerleader in 2001
  20. {name}

    Jessica Biel

    single you say?!??! :brows:
  21. Some sources claim that Antin first began exploring the idea of a modern burlesque troupe in 1993 with her friend Christina Applegate; the troupe's first performance was in 1995. During this period they performed with numerous guest vocalists (see list below), with a repertoire of '50s and '60s pop standards, performed in lingerie and/or old-fashioned pin-up costumes. Antin reportedly drew inspiration from the choreography of Bob Fosse (Sweet Charity, Cabaret, Chicago). They secured a Thursday night residency at Los Angeles nightclub The Viper Room, where they stayed from 1995
  22. yes, the redhead has been apart of pcd since pcd started in 94/95, hence why shes the oldest.
  23. shes the only member in pcd that from the original group that started in 94/95 so she's in her 30's while the rest are young....dont know why they kept her but they did
  24. maybe if angle of the first picture matched the second picture and her boobs looked more like the first picture than the second picture and i saw her 7 months after the second picture/video was taken not exactly like the first picture but way, way, way smaller than the second picture even though i saw her months after that pic was taken... obviously i voted no
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