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  1. I would really appreciate if you could tell me if this Music Style Tree Diagram is correct.
  2. i would really appreciate if any of you would help me find straightforward advanced test.. i find them but then i have to be registered in the website and after i do the procedure i have to pay.. is there anyone that can help me?
  3. wow, me is the one who last commented here haha.

    Happy Birthday :)

  4. Hi Genta's friend :p

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  5. because you're my best friend and it's going to be a surprise
  6. here is something i did these days, im going to take part in an exhibiton
  7. it depends sometimes i like wearing earrings, rings, necklaces but not all of them in the same time. i like more to buy myself jewellery because i don't like a lot of things. next week im going to buy a bracelet
  8. Yeah, I was surprised to see you back here! And in Jewellery thread, thanks for posting there :P

  9. ohhh i miss the snow, it looked so great, i think it will snow again, soon thanks genta for posting my pics that was taken by you :%
  10. thank you for wishing my bday to me. i haven't oppend BZ for a long time these days i saw it

  11. thanks for wishing me my bday (K)(K)

  12. hahahahhaha we have to buy to you babies rings so they can fit to you Genta (just kidding you know me)
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