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  1. I would really appreciate if you could tell me if this Music Style Tree Diagram is correct.
  2. i would really appreciate if any of you would help me find straightforward advanced test.. i find them but then i have to be registered in the website and after i do the procedure i have to pay.. is there anyone that can help me?
  3. wow, me is the one who last commented here haha.

    Happy Birthday :)

  4. Hi Genta's friend :p

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  5. because you're my best friend and it's going to be a surprise
  6. here is something i did these days, im going to take part in an exhibiton
  7. {name}


    it depends sometimes i like wearing earrings, rings, necklaces but not all of them in the same time. i like more to buy myself jewellery because i don't like a lot of things. next week im going to buy a bracelet
  8. Yeah, I was surprised to see you back here! And in Jewellery thread, thanks for posting there :P

  9. ohhh i miss the snow, it looked so great, i think it will snow again, soon thanks genta for posting my pics that was taken by you :%
  10. thank you for wishing my bday to me. i haven't oppend BZ for a long time these days i saw it

  11. thanks for wishing me my bday (K)(K)

  12. {name}


    hahahahhaha we have to buy to you babies rings so they can fit to you Genta (just kidding you know me)
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