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  1. Why are all the models blasting over insta that the show is “officially” in NYC this year? Didn’t we know this months ago lol
  2. How much do you guys think the FB will be worth this year? And what color(s)? Im thinking a little more than past years maybe 3-5million, and I think it will be a pastel color this year. And of course, worn by Elsa
  3. Josephine’s instagram is the WORST. Alexina’s isn’t that bad, although I do find it annoying that she #redhead on every photo 🙄
  4. Sexy Russian Babes & Highland Romance are so iconic 😍 I would love to see both of them redone ♥️
  5. Sooo Sadie is the new Megan Puleri 🤣
  6. Am I the only one hoping for a wintery segment? Tbh I think VS can never go wrong with them, they always end up looking beautiful!
  7. I think the FB will go to Elsa. With a strong possibility of it being either Stella, Jo, or Candice.
  8. I wonder if the Hadids walk, and Hailey is rumoured.. will Kendull show up? I pray not.
  9. The lineup is actually looking pretty good!
  10. It’s on her insta! I just opened and saw lol
  11. Maggie was 17 the first time she walked??! 🤔🤔
  12. I really hope Hannah F made it!!