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  1. Last few hours to apply or just vote: @jkjk @bump @COP11 I didn’t get if you want to participate or just vote @Stromboli1 I only need one or three more to have even numbers.
  2. They’re closed for now. Like I said in the rules, I open them once I know the final number of participants. If you want to be one, I’m gonna open a convo and you’ll give me your nominations when it’s time.
  3. Even 5G does that mean you join or you just vote?
  4. Maggie Rawlins. Isabelle Mathers. Gintare Sudziute. Bryanna Holly.
  5. Guess Who? - The Competition. This is it, guys: my new idea! Finally, after I tried all morning to go back to sleep, I came up with an idea for a new (kind of) competition! Inspired by the very famous "Guess Who?" game, the "Guess Who? - The Competition" will be about faceless models facing each other in elimination rounds. BUT! *drum rolls* Not only will there be one winner, BUT TWO! YES! Because we will have a model and a USER winning! How so? Once I post this, each one of you will have to tell me if you want to participate and be a possible winner or if
  6. Best Face; Sara Sampaio *** Sarah Snyder *** Sarah Stephens *** Sasha Luss *** Scarlett Leithold *** Shanina Shaik *** Sienna Raine *** Sima Jakuleviciute *** - Vote each face from 1 to 10 according to your liking. No decimals, only half points. - You can vote for any missed round. Sara Sampaio: Sarah Snyder: Sarah Stephens: Sasha Luss: Scarlett Leithold: Shanina Shaik: Sienna Raine: Sima Jakuleviciute:
  7. Romy Schonberger: 5 Rose Bertram: 7.5 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 9 Roosmarijn De Kok: 7 Ryann Murphy: 7 Sandra Kaczorovska: 6 Sandra Kubicka: 7.5 Sara Orrego: 4
  8. Kari Riley. Tanya Mityushina. Gintare Sudziute. Effy Harvard.
  9. Victoria Britt: 7 Elliana Gran: 5 Bella Tylen: 6 Emma Hoyt: 7
  10. Best Face; Romy Schonberger *** Rose Bertram *** Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley *** Roosmarijn De Kok *** Ryann Murphy *** Sandra Kaczorovska *** Sandra Kubicka *** Sara Orrego *** - Vote each face from 1 to 10 according to your liking. No decimals, only half points. - You can vote for any missed round. Romy Schonberger: Rose Bertram: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Roosmarijn De Kok: Ryann Murphy: Sandra Kaczorovska: Sandra Ku
  11. Reef Neeman: 7 Renata Calheiros: 5 Renee Herbert: 8.5 Renee Murden: 10 Riley Rasmussen: 9.5 Robin Holzken: 9 Romee Strijd: 8.5 Romi Frenkel: 6
  12. Barbara Rodiles. Kari Riley. Effy Harvard. Leonila Guz.
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