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    Models: Gisele Bundchen. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Clara Alonso. Megan Williams. Elsa Hosk. Emily Didonato. Marloes Horst. Sandra Kubicka. Frida Aasen. Jessica Lee Buchanan. Kassi Smith. Brooke Perry. Erin Heatherton. Lindsay Ellingson. Bar Refaeli. Camilla Christensen. Barbara Palvin. Shiloh Malka. Andreea Diaconu. McKenna Berkley. Hailey Outland. Elyse Knowles. Cameron Rorrison. Olivia Brower. Stephanie Claire Smith. Ellie Sharp. Ellie Ottaway. Natalie Roser. Anastasiya Shcheglova. Roxy Horner. Maggie Rawlins. Gigi Midgley. Marina Laswick. Juli Mery. Scarlett Leithold. Natalie Morris. Lorena Rae. Brooke Buchanan. Megan Irwin. Brooke Hogan. Georgia Gibbs. Riley Rasmussen. Amber Davis. Josefine Forsberg. Noor Schauten. Barbara Rodiles. Zorana Kuzmanovic. Baskin Champion. Abby Champion. Talia Richman. Lily Easton.

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  1. Best Runway Walk

    Izabel QUEEN OF HAIRFLIP Goulart. Elsa Hosk. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Too bad I can't nominate Gaga
  2. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Elsa Hosk. Candice Swanepoel. Edita Vilkeviciute. Josephine Skriver. Alessandra Ambrosio.
  3. Elisabeth Giolito [0] Gabrielle Caunesil [1]
  4. And you're not French for eating pasta instead of one of your typical dishes

    Cintia Dicker vs. Irina Shayk - 3x0Simone Villas Boas vs. Anna Selezneva - 1x2Flavia de Oliveira vs. Vika Falileeva - 3x0

    All fixed - So much scuff
  7. Best VSFS Outfit (so far);

    Round #31; Alessandra Ambrosio; Coquettish Fetish vs Alessandra Ambrosio; Sexy Santa Helpers. ----- Round #32; Shanina Shaik; Angels in Bloom vs Candice Swanepoel; Glamour Goddess. Vote your favourite outfit in each round. PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH ALE OUTFIT YOU PREFER OR I WON'T COUNT YOUR VOTES.
  8. Best VSFS Outfit (so far);

    Candice Swanepoel. Alessandra Ambrosio. Candice Swanepoel. VOTING IS CLOSED. Round #28 is over! Alessandra Ambrosio; Rome Antique - 10 votes. Candice Swanepoel; Circus - 16 votes (WINNER!) Round #29 is over! Doutzen Kroes; Sexy Santa Helpers - 14 votes (WINNER!) Alessandra Ambrosio; Passion - 12 votes. Round #30 is over! Caroline Trentini; Highland Romance - 8 votes. Candice Swanepoel; Calendar Girls - 18 votes (WINNER!)
  9. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Yes, promise that and I promise I won't even help anyone in making templates in all the comps that are not mine, since my help apparently is not appreciated.
  10. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Well at first I wanted to be helpful and thought that you put thumbnails as mistake or such so I just let you know that, but then you answered that way and of course I replied rudely, your comment came out rude as well. If you prefer thumbnails then don't make people decide on what they prefer. It's your competition, you decide. But like I said, I will mind my own businness from now on.
  11. Best Eyes Competition

    MODEL 1 - Color: 7.5 - Shape: 8.5 - Overall: 8 MODEL 2 - Color: 7 - Shape: 8.5 - Overall: 8 MODEL 3 - Color: 6 - Shape: 5 - Overall: 6 MODEL 4 - Color: 8.5 - Shape: 8.5 - Overall: 8
  12. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    These ones are not bigger than the ones you put yesterday, actually. I saw your last rounds' temps in their original sizes, that's why I said in my post that I'm confused since we're back with the small sizes after many said they liked the bigger temps. Then I told you about imgur that gives you the chance to copy paste pictures in their original sizes, but if my comment is taken ONLY as a complaint, it's not my problem. From now on, I will keep my mouth shut and I will avoid to even try to be helpful in any way.
  13. Of course! I’ll work on them after I finish dinner!
  14. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    No it’s just that the ones who answered to your request said they preferred the bigger thumbnail and you put again the small ones. But I don’t know, I use imgur and I just do copy paste of the image and it pastes it in original size, if that helps, but I think it depends on the browser you use.