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  1. Bruna Lirio. Vika Bronova. Olivia Brower. Elizabeth Turner. Noor Schauten. I seriously don't get why Megan is getting so many votes when most of people here complain about her being so boring. I love Megan too and I'm mad she ended up against Olivia, but I still don't get all these votes. VOTING IS CLOSED. Match #1. Bruna Lirio; 10 votes (WINNER!) Celeste Desjardins; 9 votes. Match #2. Kim Cloutier; 6 votes. Vika Bronova; 13 votes (WINNER!) Match #3. Megan Williams; 9 votes. Olivia Brower; 10 votes (WINNER!) Match #4. Danielle Knudson; 7 votes. Elizabeth Turner; 12 votes (WINNER!) Match #5. McKenna Berkley; 10 votes (WINNER!) Noor Schauten; 9 votes.