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  1. Cool life expresso, I knew a few girls that wanted to be models and its just really hard to be away from family and friends while being in other countries to make money, sometimes staying at home is best and local modelling is the best way to go.
  2. Hi model knowledge Mandy is married and is probably busy with her husband because he is a musician too,
  3. how does her album sound? is it all pop or punk or rock?
  4. i tape the show early in the morning. its on episode 27, what is that early season 2
  5. i seen almost every episode of the duggars, and i quit watching them this year
  6. when laetitia was 19 she said she never wanted to get married and still she is not married, hmmm i guess shes the boss in that relationship
  7. shes back in the press again. talking about the fights on the reality show were made up. i never watched the show so.....
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