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  1. Hot damn what a great shoot. She looks amazing! Thank you for posting @gedeon67
  2. Yeah being able to say whatever you want is nice and all, but I just wish people like her would stop and think about whether she should. That said I don't think it's unfortunate she's paying the price. Seriously, if you look through the crap she spews out to her gullible followers, she deserves all the hate she can get for that and honestly, I think it's mild, so far, from what I've read and seen in Dutch media.
  3. Women wear lingerie for most of the day, so comfort is arguably the most important attribute lingerie can have. Even if you're dressing up for a hookup, (or if you're in a committed relationship: to surprise your SO) you don't know exactly when everything will come off so not being stuck with itchy, uncomfortable lingerie digging into your skin and poking your body in uncomfortable places until then would be nice. Like, I have a few 'special occasion' sexy lingerie sets but the bulk of my buys are practical. Sexy lingerie doesn't look good under every piece of clothing either, so often aside f
  4. I like your optimism but I think that when the world is vaccinated (or well, the richer countries that can afford it...) Doutzen not having done so could be grounds to not book her. With her online antics I also don't think a Vogue NL cover is in the cards anytime soon. Highly doubt they want to associate with a model who posts such controversial (read: idiotic) opinions online. Of course only time will tell but my bet is that this stuff can really damage her already fading career.
  5. She is gorgeous, but I kinda wish she would try some more expressions on her face. She always looks...bored/indifferent. Gives her a kind of wax statue quality.
  6. Yeah they can't make people do it. Putting a law through that makes it mandatory would be very hard to accomplish, so Doutzen and her family will not be getting it. Alongside a whole bunch of other delusional people.
  7. I think it's because there's been a shift in lingerie branding towards comfort rather than sexiness. And in VS that resulted in super bland advertising. I think they could have a done a lot with the comfort angle to make beautiful photoshoots but they never did. So in a way I'm glad they're going back to sexy because at least those shoots aren't boring. Sidenote: I am really digging the short hair on Taylor. I have never been a fan of bob length hairstyles, but she rocks it in this shoot.
  8. I'm kinda surprised she doesn't have a ton of tan lines with all those strappy bikini's and dresses she's wearing.
  9. Well looks like we have our answer about whether she was able to drag Sunnery into this as well. He agrees with her (Translation of this screencap: nu.nl reported that every citizen of the county Lansingerland from the age of two and up is being called up to get a Coronatest. Sunnery replied: "Wow... cringe!" Doutzen said: "Horrible! Propaganda! Keep your hands off our children!!!!") Sidenote: even if you can't read what is written it's funny how you can always recognize a dumb person by their excessive use of exclamation points.
  10. Honestly she reminds me of my best friend. I don't know what quirk in personality they both have that makes them so susceptible to this BS but it's sad. I should have known Doutzen would go down this path the moment she posted about that dumb juice cleanse. People who believe in that stuff are gullible at the very least. Challenging her beliefs just made my friend dig in even more, so I think Sunnery, unless he's 100% on board with this shit too, might just not know how to get through to Doutzen when she's like this. She probably doesn't know anyone who is affected either, so it's easy to down
  11. I honestly don't mind masculine Doutzen with abs. She rocks that look imo, as much as she does a softer one. Also on one of the pictures of the editorial, she is riding the horse 😏 without the saddle. Anyway, most editorials don't really tell a story anyway; it's just about combining pretty things.
  12. Huh, never knew that. Shows how much bigger lips can change your face; she looks like a completely different person now. Still though, damn those parents for letting something like that get done on a girl that young. She's had the same face for years now, so if she's got something done, it was done when she was still a teenager. Anyway, whatever she did, it obviously worked out well in her case. She has one of the best faces in modeling right now.
  13. Couldn't find that exact pic but I did find a bigger one of the one already posted plus some others from that shoot.
  14. Right? I saw the youtube interview and people keep saying how Kaia is mature beyond her years and well, she's not. She's a media trained 18-year-old. Cindy left absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to her daughter's modeling career. It's baffling to me that so many people don't realize how much of a head start she got. She was born with great genes, rich parents and a supermodel mom. Anybody can succeed with that combination. It's better than winning the jackpot!
  15. I always find it ironic that when a model gains a bit of weight immediately the question arises whether they are pregnant, as if there is no way for a model to just fill out a bit over the years like the rest of us mortals. Also, if you look at Taylor throughout the years, her weight gain has been slowly progressing since the beginning. If you look at pics from back when she first started as a teenager, she was rail thin back then, barely any shape to her at all. This makes sense for a teenager, because their bodies are still catching up with all the changes. Then she started at V
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