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  1. Amazing Gigi, thx @Ramses2
  2. IG Story 03-22-17 16777629_1017099021754183_5904812499869368320_n.mp4
  3. Sorry to tell you but she is not our GIGI @Ramses2 But thanks a lot for this post, I did not know that she had campaigned in lingerie
  4. I am amazed! thanks @Ramses2 I share your anxiety @Stranger50
  5. IG kailaniswimwear
  6. IG Story from her and jaredthomaskocka 14822231_762321190589395_3473186575913844736_n.mp4 15186139_1890565661228529_4506008150540812288_n.mp4
  7. IG Story 03-22-17
  8. In Your Arms Desert Hues Collection Photos by Dana Trippe @trippydana Source:
  9. IG Story 03-21-17
  10. IG Story 03-21-17
  11. Thanls @Garrison Tweed! She impact me with this photo
  12. 17454009_654671631399947_5019012728140857344_n.mp4