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  1. I’m done posting on this site. It was interesting when there was a measure of artistic respect for the fashion and the talent of the models. Unfortunately the culture has been diluted with disrespect. Too bad. Good luck to those who still enjoy the craft. 

  2. If this thread doesn’t clean up she’s going to request that it be removed. I’ve had five of my threads removed at a models request due to devolution of the comments. I quit posting new threads because of this.
  3. If this is a criticism of the the original post then you are way out of line. Please choose a different place to spend your time
  4. bebop2015


    It’s Beanie Boylston
  5. Harmony Abell, Ariarne lepine are two of them
  6. Too funny...I had this queued at the same moment you posted it....👍
  7. bebop2015

    dolls kill?

    Clarice Cormier
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