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  1. man, this thread really died. Is she not getting any work?
  2. It's very annoying how that now Lounge has been around and no longer a new company they have their models wearing the protective shields under their bras and panties. It was such a rare pleasure before when they went natural.
  3. she's so sexy and still so cute. would love to see her do some nude work.
  4. I would love to see the one of her lying down with less shadows. thanks for these updates, she looks so beautiful and timeless.
  5. does anyone know if he has finished any new books/shoots lately? I get excited whenever he starts posting random KG pics.
  6. Very beautiful. Love her body.
  7. Go figure. Lounge drops all the sexy Aussie's and replaces them with whomever Ahab has harpooned recently. At least Sofia is here to save the day, or what is left of it.
  8. No, but I will keep it on my radar. She is gorgeous.
  9. can this sexpot get back in Lounge Underwear/Gooseberry campaigns please !
  10. that's what i've been waiting for!
  11. {name}


    agreed. poor girl deserves a cheeseburger and some fries.
  12. any nudity in this series?
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