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  1. She looks prettier nowadays. Still don't know if her boobs are fake or not
  2. I think wearing a band shirt is more of a trend and has less to do with what they actually listen to.
  3. Alex (those tits) Doutzen Kroes or Candice Swanepoel?
  4. Lais def got her big boobs from her momma. Wow. Miss Ribeiro's look even bigger than Lais'. And Lais has 34DD
  5. Lais definitely got her boobs from her momma. Wow.
  6. Doutzen Kroes? Candice Swanepoel? Barbara Palvin?
  7. High waisted is so in with the young generation nowadays, if high waisted jeans, why not high waisted panties too, Elsa would be an advocate af.
  8. They often do outside workout in dogpound it seems
  9. Why do u upload these to such a shitty site with tons of pop ups and ads of adult content?
  10. Leave her be omg. She wants to be with her fam only lol She has no obligation to post anything. If she does not have any new jobs there is nothing to show off. Let her spend some months with her family my god! Are y'all always posting daily in this time?
  11. I like her, just not the way you do lol
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