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  1. Isabelle Mathers

    She's becoming a new favorite
  2. 1. Taylor Hill 2. Barbara Palvin 3. Isabelle Mathers 4.Frida Aasen 5.Romee Strijd 6.Robin Holzken 7.Vika Bronova 8.Kate Li 9.Josephine Skriver 10.Sofia Jamora 11.Candice Swanepoel 12.Vanessa Moe 13.Hanna Edwinson 14.Lorena Rae 15.Sara Sampaio 16.Gizele Oliveira 17.Grace Elizabeth 18.Cindy Mello 19.Dasha Khlystun 20.Meredith Mickelson
  3. Romee Strijd

    I really like Romee's style. She looked incredible at the show this year
  4. Alexina Graham

    She surprised me. I wasn't expecting to like her all that much, but she looks so good!
  5. Candice Swanepoel

    She looks stunning opening!
  6. Georgia Fowler

    She looks good this year. Glad she doesn't have the bangs. credit Prettyphile and Phenobarbie
  7. Taylor Marie Hill

    She really looks gorgeous this year! She's stunning in Goddesses
  8. Frida Aasen

    She got a good look Credit Prettyphile and Phenobarbie
  9. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    I love Taylor's look in Goddesses! It's my favorite look she has had Poor Ming, but Gizele was so sweet about it. I don't like Sara's outfits at all, kinda how I felt about Taylor's last year. Frida looks stunning in her first show! So happy she got a good outfit. I don't like Candice looks as bad as everyone is saying and I'm happy she opened. Really is a little sad Alessandra is leaving. Romee and Lais look amazing
  10. Frida Aasen

    Can't wait to see what she's wearing for the show
  11. Myrtille Revêmont

    She's gorgeous Noticed her thanks to toodarnhot 's set
  12. Frida Aasen

    So ready to see her in the show!
  13. Taylor Marie Hill

    Love my two favorite angels doing an event together. Taylor looks better than ever