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  1. sarnic

    Lies Kocken

    Beauty with Elite Amsterdam. I'll post stats when they're available.
  2. sarnic

    Changing the name of a topic

    Can Shiloh Malka be changed to Shlomit Malka please? It was requested and this is the name she goes by now. Thanks Done. (J > A)
  3. sarnic

    Lexi Wood

  4. sarnic

    Instagram Beauties

  5. sarnic

    Kristina Grikaite

    She's so pretty! Love her look at Fendi and Max Mara
  6. sarnic

    Meghan Roche

    It's crazy how stunning she is Max Mara Fall 2018 - Milan
  7. sarnic

    Meghan Roche

    Carolina Herrera F/W 2018 New York
  8. sarnic

    Meghan Roche

    Ralph Lauren 2018 New York
  9. sarnic

    Daria Ivanova

    She has really stunning eyes
  10. sarnic

    Sofia Jamora

    She's such an angel in the Bronco Babes lookbook a few pages back
  11. sarnic

    Mies Magrijn

    De Boekers
  12. sarnic

    Maura Maurer

    I can see her being really successful. She's gorgeous