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  1. so good isnt it. last half an hour iv been in a daze haha
  2. 43813980_181227509427927_484960008820228096_n.mp4
  3. 35579739_1695742833808111_1678652869691650125_n2.mp4 35579739_1695742833808111_1678652869691650125_n.mp4
  4. Yeah dman please. That would be great for a translation. Cant get over how good this shoot is. So much better than i was expexting.
  5. Exactly. I agree with you..my copy is on the way and if there is nudity its a big bonus. But im not expecting it. Her being on the cover is awesome enough. Mabey a little let down tho hahah
  6. Plenty of Rach mexican playboys up on Ebay for cheap if anyone dosnt have access to them in the shops.
  7. Yeah sorry about that. Was trying to figure out how not to do that. 😣
  8. Wow. I wonder if there is an unedited version. Thanks for posting
  9. I doubt it for me. Iv never seen a playboy mexico in ireland. I was thinking id have to order a copy. Definitely got to get one 😍
  10. any link to order a hardcopy of the magazine ?
  11. Shes 100% straight. Thank god. So thats one thing. But yeah she does keep most of her life private. And i too would love to the the pre enhancement look. Personally i dont think she needs enhancements but to me shes still perfect ☺
  12. NICE ONE, great job CandyArrow, thanks for putting that together. what i would give to see all the outtake photos from that shoot. 😛
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