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  1. I hope i don't get in trouble for this! I found this a little time ago and it gave me a very big laugh. I love Ygritte very much, the best GoT girl by far! Hope you can appreciate the humor It's impossible to read this not in her voice (if are from or have lived in the UK this is great!)
  2. You're welcome! Adding some extra social media for those who might not be familiar with her
  3. A nice collection of shots she has done with Nikolas Verano
  4. Small collection of her shoots with Nikolas Verano
  5. Thanks for the ads, much appreciated
  6. Oh look its a card from our grand daughter Emily, how nice she remembered us Opens envelope Well....ok, lets not put this one on the mantle
  7. For some reason i cant seem to shake the feeling she would make such a great weather or sports anchor rather than model, not that she isn't gorgeous but you can see from her videos she has that kind of personality to go along with the amazing looks.
  8. I did a small search and found a few posts here and there about this lovely model from Russia so i decided to go all in and make a topic just for her.
  9. Hi all, first topic ever started so i wanted to make it a great one. This is one of my favourite Instagram/VK models, i will post a small collection now and then update every two weeks or more if there is interest.
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