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    Alexis Ren

    'Dancing With The Stars' Season 27 Finale - November 19, 2018
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    Diletta Leotta

    Diletta Leotta, 27, is a TV presenter and reporter for DAZN (formerly for Sky Sports Italy).
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    Josie Canseco

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    Samantha Hoopes

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    Lais Ribeiro

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    Vale Genta

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    Valentina Fradegrada

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  9. Hey Ferron I can see you admire hot sexy and beauty models but can you find this model ID she is so beauty lol I admire as my role model she is stunning and so tall also I think she is around 5 foot 9-5 foot 9.5 you should see her with her stelisto shoes 12 cm you should see like a giant wonder woman a female power  lol she l will made her like 6 foot 1 that is about 187-188 cm wow and that is many of the reason I put her image one of many on my windows screen and on Bellazon page as well plese find that queen my model ID Okay ....Here one of the best images of her 🙏☺️❤️



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    Valentina Fradegrada

    Almost another girl!