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  1. Best Eyes Competition

  2. Best Brazilian Model;

    That was a joke. Lisalla Montenegro Beauty: (face or as a whole) 6 Body: 6 Boobs: 6 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 7 Kamila Hansen Beauty: (face or as a whole) 7 Body: 6 Boobs: 5 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 8 Emanuela De Paula Beauty: (face or as a whole) 6 Body: 7 Boobs: 7 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 7 Anna Avila Beauty: (face or as a whole) 7 Body: 6 Boobs: 5 Butt: 6 Sexiness: 4
  3. Nathalie Sinkvist

    Eyes, lips and hips. Nice variety of poses too.
  4. Best Brazilian Model;

    Of course you know Nathaniele. Per the search, her thread was deleted though. Fernanda Prada is a much bigger name being the heiress to the Prada empire, but I had to look her up to know what she looked like.
  5. Best Brazilian Model;

    I nominate Uiliana Lima and Diana Villas Boas then.
  6. Best Eyes Competition

    4 3 5
  7. Best Brazilian Model;

    @Enrico_sw This post is just too good to be true.
  8. Uiliana Lima

    Beautiful woman and nice name.
  9. Margarita Masliakova

    Good to see her working. Thanks to everyone.
  10. Best Brazilian Model;

    "Favorite Brazilian Model," because everyone knows Gisele is the best. Seriously, I just wanted to make sure Cintia's Brazilianness wasn't forgotten.
  11. Dasha Vasilishina

    Really lovely woman.
  12. Best Eyes Competition

    Model 6 - 70 Model 5 - 30
  13. Best Eyes Competition

  14. Best Eyes Competition

    1 3 *flips coin* 5
  15. Bellazon's Top 100 Sexiest Women of 2017

    Her instagram is amazing! I just looked through it and now can't think of an actress with a better one. I can easily see how she has so many followers. Actually if you factor in followers per post, she has more followers per posts than even the Kardashians. I think Natasha Berdard's instagram is underrated though. She posts all kinds of amazing South African animals and scenery.