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  1. Tough group . Most beautiful European blonde, most beautiful American blonde, Emily, Sui, Diane and someone with purple lipstick . 6. Emily Ratajkowski - 2nd-4th in looks, but still my favorite or the personality bonus. (most liked) 5. Dioni Tabbers 4. Hanna Edwinson 3. Daiane Sodre 2. Sui He 1. Irina Sharipova (least liked)
  2. 6. Cintia Dicker (most liked) 5. Laetitia Casta (most licked ) 4. Rachel Cook 3. Jessica Stam 2. Sanne Vloet 1. Erin Heatherton (least liked)
  3. @MauiKane @maddog107 @sarnic @DanniCullen Your'e it .
  4. Kerry (but good to see Britney looking like Britney again. That is even if she was apparently wearing the same atrocious dress at a totally unrelated event in a parallel universe ) Golnesa
  5. 1. Katarina Filipovic x3 I hate the overstatement, but I think one of the most beautiful models . 2. Carmella Rose x3 (LOL, 90s school popular girl hair) 3. Trew Mullen x3 - much prefer her lip shape and that's enough.
  6. USA x3 The Ukraine team is legit, but...Taylor and Hailey together ...
  7. Maja no ! One of the sexiest gap tooth models out there. Brazil x9
  8. I love the sig :smile: . She even has beautiful hands :rofl:  .

  9. I like her with the short hair, but am glad the wig is in her repertoire so that she can go back and forth .
  10. Russia Ukraine x9
  11. Israel 1 vs. USA 14 1. Alyssa Miller x3 2. Esti Ginzburg x2 vs. Lindsay Ellingson x1 3. Caroline Kelley x3
  12. Netherlands 4 vs. USA 15 1. Hannah Davis x3 2. Bregje Heinen x3 3. Michelle Vawer x3
  13. That's a great one and yeah, I would definitely give the 80s the win in the werewolf transformation area . Now that I've experienced it first hand, the stalker movies really scare me a lot . As for entertainment, I prefer the monsters/slashers ect. .
  14. Thanks, nice editorial . beautygalore