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  1. Best Vogue Cover Competition

    Well, an honorable mention then . An honorable mention to Vogue Mexico September 2006 (Alessandra Ambrosio) as well .
  2. Best Vogue Cover Competition

    Gemma Vogue Japan September 2004 !!!
  3. European Models Tournament

    Rose Bertram
  4. European Models Tournament

  5. European Models Tournament

    Jenna Priscilla Evelyne Rose
  6. European Models Tournament

    Kristine Aasne Juliane
  7. European Models Tournament

  8. European Models Tournament

  9. Eye of the Beholder

    Cup of Nations - teams of models representing different countries with three or so per team (USA Team 1, Russia Team 3 ect.) Model's League - rating the individual features of models from hair down to legs to see who has the highest overall score.
  10. Eye of the Beholder

    Thanks for the amazing competition . Some of my favs did well (Alyssa Miller), some not so much (Dioni Tabbers, Danielle Herrington). I'm too out of touch to be surprised by much so many big names being low and its actually refreshing. My only surprises... 3. How the voters interpreted such a big difference between Allie Silv and Rose Bertram . 2. How Miranda Kerr finally managed to topple the other it girls of her era . 1. That I actually like so many in the top 15. I would have given 10s to Stella Trapsh, Josie Maran, Taylor Hill, Alina Kirchiu, Vika Bronova, Hanna Edwinson and Dasha Dereviankina. Lorena, Rose, Natali and Cameron are solid too. Model's League is probably my favorite BZ competition. Cup of Nations is great, but can get political when faced with the prospect of having to vote up your least favorite over your 5th favorite so that your favorite can advance . Model's League lets them stand on their own merits and lets the candidates shine for their best features too.
  11. Eye of the Beholder

    I predicted Charlotte McKinney as last place although she's not far off. I didn't see the votes, but imagined that the contrast of the the men's mag type style amidst a fashion template would at least subconsciously turn 5s to 3s, 6s to 4s, 3s to 1s ect. A 4.5 from me, but I like her because she's funny. I would have gone 8 or so for Ellen (those lips ), 9 or so for Mia and 4.5 for Christy, but Christy was still voted the least attractive famous woman either way .
  12. Eye of the Beholder

    I hate that I missed so much of it . Great job incorporating so many contestants. It was good to see so many that I like who I had never heard of from the time I started voting even to looking over this list from the very bottom. So many big names and unfamiliar (to me) beauties already makes this already one of the most interesting lists .
  13. I see that you like Tanya M. too, so surely you concede that her hair is always on point and that she has one of the sexiest names ever? :Angel:

    1. peroxideblonde


      i'm Tanya's biggest fan here! :rofl: and yes! :chicken:

  14. Eye of the Beholder

    I guess you come through when it counts . Tanya Mityushina - 9 Cora Emmanuel - 6 Rocky Barnes - 7 Daniela Braga - 9 Zhanna Brass - 7 Alannah Walton - 5 Robin Holzken - 7 Lais Navarro Oliveira - 5 --------------------------- Stella Trapsh - 10 Lada Kravchenko - 7 Natasha Barnard - 6.5 Danielle Knudson - 5 Karlie Kloss - 7 Gabby Westbrook - 5.5 Baskin Champion - 5.5 Elyse Taylor - 5.5
  15. Eye of the Beholder

    Taylor Hill - 10 Madison Headrick - 9 Genevieve Morton - 6 Olivia Pickren - 5 Zuri Tibby - 5 Bella Hadid - 5 Lauren de Graaf - 8.5 Yana Sotnikova - 6 -------------------------- Fei Fei Sun - 5 Michelle Vawer - 6 Christen Harper - 6 Marina Laswick - 6.5 Morgan Shelley - 5 Sui He - 9 Sima Jakuleviciute - 9 Christine Burke Kendull - 5