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  1. Emily turned eighteen today y'all! She needs to sign with a proper agency now!
  2. ^Thanks! Could you get rest of her GUESS stills in high resolution as well?
  3. She needs to keep doing this at least once every quarter!
  4. I on the other hand feel she got hooked up with a really bad shrink.
  5. Monday Swimwear Fashion Show_1080p.mp4
  6. record MIAMI SWIM WEEK Part 3 _1080p.mp4-.mp4 record MIAMI SWIM WEEK Part 3 _1080p.mp4-.mp4
  7. record Abruzzo Swimwear Fashion Show SS2020 1080p.mp4-.mp4 record ABRUZZO 4K UNCUT 2020 Swimwear.mp4
  8. Along with nice amounts of baby fat in her face.. and other places
  9. record-MAHELI HELI 4K.mp4-.mp4
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