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  1. I on the other hand feel she got hooked up with a really bad shrink.
  2. Monday Swimwear Fashion Show_1080p.mp4
  3. record MIAMI SWIM WEEK Part 3 _1080p.mp4-.mp4 record MIAMI SWIM WEEK Part 3 _1080p.mp4-.mp4
  4. record Abruzzo Swimwear Fashion Show SS2020 1080p.mp4-.mp4 record ABRUZZO 4K UNCUT 2020 Swimwear.mp4
  5. Along with nice amounts of baby fat in her face.. and other places
  6. Miami Swim Week 2019 record_1080p.mp4-.mp4
  7. New threads are no longer automatically listed in the relevant sub forum. https://www.bellazon.com/main/forum/46-female-fashion-models/
  8. Not really! She looked even thinner in some the fashion shows she did in Miami before the pandemic.
  9. Taylor Morland STATS Height 173 Bust 81 Waist 64.5 Hips 94 Shoe 40.5 Hair Light brown Eyes Green IG: https://www.instagram.com/taylor.morland/ Winner Miss Palm Coast Teen USA 2021 Wilhelmina Miami Portfolio
  10. Its funny that Emily aced this comp even though there wasnt a decent enough body shot in her picture template.
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