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  1. She is moving to Israel and is now signed with itm Model MGMT Israel
  2. not this again...
  3. Woah, holy moly. Thanks @kissmonserrat
  4. Behind the scenes of Nohow campaign in Mykonos ⇩ 1080p mkv
  5. Than you for sharing your images with us, very much appreciated
  6. Romee's 2nd Vlog - New York ⇩ 720p mp4
  7. She said she got accepted to a college/university in Southern California, so I think she will move at least for the time she studies there, to the US.
  8. Anastasiyas Instagram Live Stream July 18th 2017 Resolution: 504x896 Duration: 00h44m01s Size: 383.2MB ⇩ live stream preview ⇩ live stream mp4
  9. BUMBUM BLACK & WHITE EDITION (the images @Stromboli1 posted uncropped and full size 2048 × 1366)