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  1. Did you manage to contact Vika, perhaps?
  2. If you keep posting Patreon images here, the Patreon owners might stop publishing the photoshoots. It already happened before. Just saying.
  3. Ana Dias' photoshoots for Playboy tend to be repetitive, but they're very sensual too, so I won't complain. And Alina is such a beauty here
  4. Honestly, I didn't think it was even possible to create a issue worse than last year's one. Then I've seen the photos taken by Ruven Afanador. To think that he had the opportunity to shoot one of the most beautiful women in this world like Emily DiDonato and ended up like this, it makes me so sad.
  5. No problems at the moment for me. If the problem will ever surface again, I'll notify you.
  6. Thank you for your concern :)
  7. Happy birthday to this wonderful creature.
  8. Amazing natural beauty and her green eyes are mesmerizing. She really is a Joy.
  9. Is Nicola "much successful" though? She might have half million followers, but I don't see her getting to work for the most famous brands/photographers (I wish she did, obviously ^^). Am I wrong?
  10. Yeah, the photos are home-made but with that smile, so spontaneous, she managed to create a cover that is more inviting than most of the professional ones. Nice job Sara 😊
  11. Various photoshoots by Pier Alexandre Gagné source
  12. (weird) photoshoot by Conor Cunningham source
  13. The heavily-photoshopped photos are ridicolous, but the unretouched ones are vibrating. Just one glance at the camera made this result, Kate really has it even when she's not showing much skin.
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