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  1. Thanks all for updating thread. Marinas family / dad did at one point have an account here and updated us in the beginning of this thread
  2. Hi. The model has asked me to remove her topic. Please remove @Michael* https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/64354-sophie-lempers/
  3. @Michael* Hey Michael, can you delete this please ASAP. Model requested 😊
  4. Hi. Please delete topic as model has messaged me to request this @sille
  5. New Face @ Elite NYC stunning eyes ❀️
  6. Dani is just doing great! @DaniLyou go girl! ❀️
  7. Her full name is Alice Kolesnikova πŸ’–
  8. She’s super gorgeous! Like a GUESS girl vibe!
  9. With IMG Models Development 5' 10" 34/24/34 9.5 U
  10. Please can this be deleted per model request
  11. New face Valeria @ One Mother Agency Ukraine Height: 5’8
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